Becoming Your Own Hero: 4 Elements of Inner Strength

Becoming Your Own Hero

by Nancy Bortz, Psychotherapist

Become Your Own Hero

We all have ideas about our personal heroes, but have you ever thought about how you can be your own hero? Ask yourself: what is a hero?

I have had a handful of heroes in my life. These heroes have been people that loved me unconditionally and took care of me. With them, I was free to experience life as magical, full of wonder, and laughter. My heroes were primarily people that lived in my heart and soul. My heroes protected me from evil and pulled me through the darkness when a cloud would follow me from above.

Growing Up

As my life continued to unfold, my heroes were not so present in my life. They remained in my heart. My heroes shaped me to be a loving, kind, and respectful person. I learned how to value myself and others through the lens of my heroes.

A shift occurred in my life where I was challenged to find my own way. That was a very scary period in my life. My life became very dark, and I had to find my way. I remember living in internal darkness and believing that I would find the light as though there were light switches down in the depths of deep sorrow. I grew stronger as a person – I had to become my own hero as I traveled these new paths.

4 Elements of Inner Strength

1. Finding Light Along Your Path

I learned that there is always light in darkness if you allow yourself to be patient. It comes in many forms. It’s as though these magical hands came to grab mine and lead me in a direction that provided me hope, strength, and new promise.

It’s really important to know there is a path that leads us out of the darkness into the light. We must understand that correcting life patterns take time and patience. There is no quick fix when we desire true change in ourselves. I am referring to sustainable change. The outcome is never as important as the journey.

2. Trusting Yourself

I became my own hero when I began to trust myself. I knew I could take myself anywhere and that I had my own back. I had developed a true sense of self, an authentic self where I was able to use my voice. I now trust my judgment, and I am very comfortable in my own skin.

3. Loving Yourself

I think the most important element of becoming my own hero is self-love. Anything is possible with self-love. Self-love has brought back two of my heroes in my life. There is no greater gift for me than love.

4. Being Yourself

I want you to become your own hero so that you can learn to express yourself fully from your heart and soul. I want you to become an integrated person where you connect your head with your heart. Speaking your truth, honoring your voice, and becoming one with yourself is heroic.

Why Does This Matter?

I have learned how to rise up, become more conscious, and live in my true essence. If I can do it, so can you. Focusing on you is heroic. Discovering the sweetness in life is absolutely possible. Let me know how you want to be your own hero. What does that look like for you?

Isn’t that the legacy we want to pass down in our life? I believe the hero lives in all of us. Find yours.

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© Copyright 2020 All rights reserved. Permission to publish granted by Nancy Bortz, Psychotherapist

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  • Hellen

    October 11th, 2020 at 9:46 AM

    This was good therapy for sure. Changing lives

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