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What Folks Are Saying

"It is a true joy to discover this wonderful counseling website and means of describing the precious encounter we have with people in therapy."
"Your explanation of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, (and the disclaimer) as well as the "Elements of Good Therapy" document were impressive to me and consistent with my own philosophy. As someone who both practices and teaches CB Therapy I am often surprised at the profound misunderstanding of this theory and application. I believe you hit it right on and the "Elements" document echoed the philosophy from a non-theoretical point of view. Thank you."
"I am very impressed with your mission statement about therapy. The world needs more of this full-on belief that each person carries an inner wisdom that is always ready to help them in their healing, change and growth."
"I just wanted to say that I love the counseling philosophy of your website. Thank you for putting the energy in taking action to make a positive difference. Your description of good therapy and counseling is right on target with my views."

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