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Newport Beach is located in Orange County, California. This affluent town is home to over 86,000 residents1 who enjoy the nearby cities of Costa Mesa and Santa Ana. The Newport Harbor is one of many tourist attractions in Newport Beach and the annual Christmas Boat Parade has been deemed one of the best in the country. An avid water community, Newport Beach also hosts the Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race annually.

Mental Health Statistics
Orange County data from the California Health and Human Services Agency reported the prevalence of serious mental illness in adults to have been 5.9% and serious emotional disturbances in youth to have been 7.2%2 in the year 2000. During 2008 and 2009, more than 8,000 Orange County residents were admitted to hospitals or psychiatric facilities for 72-hour mental health evaluations3.

Excellence in Behavioral Health
The Center of Excellence (COE)4 in Orange County is designed to provide training, advocacy, and education to all residents and mental health professionals. Using the internet and technology to its advantage, the COE offers numerous online tools for those living with mental health challenges. The latest in neurobiological testing is an integral part of the COE's initiative, and the goal of the COE is to provide the earliest and most accessible treatment to those with mental health needs in Orange County.

General services that are provided under the Behavioral Health Department of Orange County are separated by demographic and further divided based on specific needs. For example, services for adults address homelessness, alcohol and drug abuse, mental illness, pre- and postpartum issues, older adult concerns, and hoarding. Prevention is a major goal of the department, and programs designed to prevent suicide and alcohol abuse are offered through the county and via community outreach efforts. In times of crisis, Newport Beach residents can access crisis hotlines and also speak with specialists to address non-crisis issues. Suicide survivors can receive help through a group designed to offer support.

The Children and Youth Services Division (CYS)5 also provides extensive mental health care to children in need. Services are available at various locations, including schools and clinics, and staff members provide therapy, social services, family counseling, and nursing. Children can also receive medication, evaluation, crisis care, and referrals to hospitals, facilities, or other medical professionals in partnership with the county. The division provides assessment and support for children who may be at risk of abuse, and families in need can benefit from evaluations and programs designed to prevent abuse and strengthen the family unit.


Newport Beach extends its mission of excellence by providing city residents full access to Orange County's Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services (ADAS)6 division. Focused solely on addressing the physical, emotional, mental, and behavioral issues that affect those with addiction, ADAS works with individuals and professionals to identify those in crisis and intervene when necessary. ADAS provides Orange County residents with evaluations, interventions, HIV testing and education, community and school outreach, referrals, and family, group, and individual counseling. ADAS also recognizes the sensitive care required for mothers, pregnant women, adolescents, and those with comorbid mental health issues and works hard to accommodate their needs. The overreaching goal of ADAS is to eradicate or reduce substance abuse throughout Orange County.

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