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Best of 2014: GoodTherapy.org’s Top 10 Websites for Body Image Issues

Body image, your internalized sense of your physical shape and appearance, isn’t just about confidence, nor is it an issue reserved exclusively for teenagers. Negative body image... Read More

Sad Snowman

Amputated Relationships and Attachment: How to Let Go

Herman hates November and December. He and his wife got divorced, and his life feels really empty this time of the year. After many years of joyful celebrations, Julia’s family split... Read More

2014 top ten websites for s

Best of 2014: GoodTherapy.org’s Top 10 Websites for Help with Stress

Stress affects us all. From minor instances, such as experiencing a poor night of sleep or arriving a few minutes late to work, to major instances, such as divorce, severe illness,... Read More

Home for the holidays

How to Make Going Home for the Holidays More Tolerable

Holidays with our loved ones do not always conjure joyous feelings. Many of us experience anxiety and even dread when we think about visiting our families. We worry about falling into... Read More

Woman holding cup of coffee

Helping Others Understand Your Chronic Illness at the Holidays

For many people, the holidays can be stressful. Between parties, financial expenses, travel, and family time, anyone can become physically and mentally exhausted. If you’re dealing... Read More

Meeting the morning

Relationships and Work Demands: Welcoming a Generous Spirit

Editor’s note: How do egalitarian couples with a shared goal of equal partnership navigate differing work demands? This series considers common power struggles in such relationships,... Read More

Woman in the woods

Self-Hypnosis: The Secret to Staving Off Holiday Stress

Unless you planned well ahead, managed to avoid the malls, and don’t intend to travel or host, you are probably feeling pressured, stressed out, and overwhelmed with all of the... Read More


How to Overcome Fear of Rejection

Historically, if a human being did not belong to a social group, he or she would more than likely die due to harsh conditions. It took a village to survive and you needed to be a part... Read More

sad woman in front of christmas tree

When Sadness and Grief Take the Joy Out of the Holidays

This time of year is overflowing with bright lights, holiday parties, and a lot of hustle and bustle. Not everyone is joyous or excited about the season, however. Whether it is due... Read More


Best of 2014: GoodTherapy.org’s Top 10 Websites for Aging

In order to address the opportunities and challenges of a diverse aging population, the U.S. Congress passed the Older Americans Act (OAA) in 1965. Noting a lack of community social... Read More

Father and child painting a picture

Social Skills Deficits and Asperger’s: How Parents Can Help

Deficits in social skills and communication are hallmarks of Asperger’s syndrome, a mental health issue on the autism spectrum. For children with Asperger’s, typical manners that... Read More

Lonely tree

The Only Divorce Coping Tool You’ll Need for the Holidays

For many people reading this, this is their first holiday season post-divorce. Getting through the holidays can compound an already stressful life transition. Managing the loss and... Read More

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Therapy News Headlines

Researchers Reverse Parkinson’s Disease in Rats

December 26, 2014   .   3 Comments

Parkinson’s disease, which produces changes in mental health while steadily robbing people of their motor skills, affects about a million adults. Every year, doctors diagnose... Read More

Fear of Police May Stop Latinos From Seeking Emergency Medical Care

December 23, 2014   .   6 Comments

Every year, nearly 600,000 people in the United States experience cardiac arrest—a sudden disruption in the heart’s electrical system that can cause the heart to stop beating.... Read More

Preterm Birth Can Cause Subtle Memory Problems, Study Finds

December 22, 2014   .   6 Comments

Preterm birth rates are steadily rising. The CDC reports that 450,000 babies—one out of every nine births—were born prematurely in 2012. Prematurity is a major health risk factor,... Read More

Reduce Prejudice One Conversation at a Time, and Other News

December 19, 2014   .   12 Comments

Fear of the unknown can lead people to vilify strangers for their unfamiliar race, religion, sexual orientation, or any number of other personal characteristics. Adverse opinions or... Read More

Study Finds Punishing Children for Lying Doesn’t Work

December 18, 2014   .   7 Comments

Adults who spend time with children are sometimes surprised by kids’ willingness to lie, even when they’re caught red-handed. Children have to learn to be honest, and the... Read More

When Mental Health Issues Are Biological, Empathy Diminishes

December 17, 2014   .   5 Comments

Mental health advocates have long pointed to the biological mechanisms that contribute to the development of mental health problems. If people aren’t to blame for their mental... Read More

Obese Children’s Brains May Respond Differently to Sugar

December 16, 2014   .   6 Comments

In the United States, 18% of children between the ages of 6 and 11, and 21% of children ages 12 to 19 are medically classified as obese. A 2007 study found that 70% of obese children... Read More

Does Jealousy Mean More Sex for Heterosexual Couples?

December 13, 2014   .   5 Comments

Jealousy can be a painful and even fatal emotion, but according to one new study, it may also help spice things up in the bedroom. According to research published in the Journal of... Read More

Helping Ferguson Residents Overcome Trauma, and Other News

December 12, 2014   .   7 Comments

Ferguson, Missouri has turned into ground zero for protests of police behavior after the shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old. Since the shooting, Ferguson residents have... Read More

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I Was Once My Husband's Mistress. Now I Can't Trust Him!

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How Do I Tell My Girlfriend That Her Teenage Daughter Is an Issue?

It sounds like there are two main issues for you right now: managing your feelings and hesitation about dating someone with a teenage daughter, and dealing with your Read more »

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