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checklist of things to do

Don’t Underestimate the Value of a Checklist as an ADHD Aid

In helping children, adolescents, and even adults with attention-deficit hyperactivity (ADHD), a checklist is a basic but extremely effective tool if used properly. Checklists are helpful... Read More

dice bouncing

Is It Simply a Betting Hobby or a Gambling Addiction?

When your gambling gets out of control, it can be extremely destructive and devastating to you and to those with whom you associate. Because a gambling addiction develops over time,... Read More

frustrated man sitting on concrete bench

When Is Irritability a Symptom of a Mental Health Issue?

When tasked to write this article, I started looking at what, exactly, it means to feel “irked.” I was instantly struck by how many synonyms exist that express this feeling—irritated,... Read More

child playing with toy car

Pay Attention, Parents! ADHD Answers You’ve Waited For

“If he would only listen!” This phrase has been spoken by more parents of children with ADHD than any other. Although all children have behavior issues that exasperate their parents,... Read More

couple having problems in bed

When She Wants Sex but He’s Not Having It

Many of the couples I work with are dealing with disparate desire levels—in fact, I’d say the majority of my sex therapy conjoint work is for just this issue. Most people might... Read More

Girl Alone and Sad

Understanding Suicide: 5 Myths about Suicide

It is time that we as a society openly talk about the serious impact of suicide and mental health challenges. Suicide is a difficult topic for many people to discuss, although with... Read More

multicultural lesbian couple

Fitting In, Standing Out: Bigotry in the LGBT Community

If someone asked you to define who you are in just a few words, what would you say? What words would you include, and what would you choose to leave out? Would “gay” always be a... Read More

child sleeping

5 Solutions to Your Child’s Sleep Problems

Sleep is not only important for your child’s rest and rejuvenation, good sleep is essential to healthy development. Sleep problems affect a child’s mood, ability to cope, and academic... Read More

A family walks away through a field

4 Steps Vital to Releasing Old Family Patterns

Editor’s note: Claudia Black, PhD is a renowned addiction specialist and the author of several books addressing family systems and addiction issues. Her continuing education presentation... Read More

couple having communication issues

Anxiety in the Asperger’s/Autism Marriage: It Cuts Both Ways

If you are what is commonly referred to as a “neurotypical” spouse of a person who is diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum, you are probably accustomed to anxiety. I don’t... Read More

child jumping into arms of dad

The Wise Parent’s Message: Do It, Even If You’re Scared

Fear is a pretty ordinary human emotion. When we experience it, though, it feels anything but ordinary. How we respond to our fears can shape the way we live our lives and the people... Read More

Male University Student Sitting at a Desk Using a Laptop Computer

The Big Pond: How to Make the Transition to College

From navigating the financial challenges of life away from home to integrating into new friendship circles, many college students find that they need some help to adjust to their new... Read More

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Therapy News Headlines

How Technology Is Helping People with Alzheimer’s

August 30, 2014   .   3 Comments

Long before Alzheimer’s compromises a senior’s ability to care for him or herself, it makes lifestyle changes challenging. The adjustment to a new home can be overwhelming... Read More

Mental Health First Aid Programs on the Rise, and Other News

August 29, 2014   .   4 Comments

Whether it’s media coverage of a celebrity battling a mental health challenge, the increasing number of veterans seeking mental health services, or a recent mass shooting, mental... Read More

Can Racial Inequality Awareness Increase Discriminatory Feelings?

August 28, 2014   .   5 Comments

The United States has the highest prison population in the world, and African-Americans make up 40% of the prison population, though they account for only 12% of the U.S. population.... Read More

Study Finds Aging Process May Not Affect Spatial Reasoning

August 27, 2014   .   5 Comments

The aging process can be scary for people concerned about losing their cognitive abilities, and some people take it for granted that aging necessarily slows down brain function. According... Read More

Objectification and Internalized Shame in Romantic Relationships

August 26, 2014   .   5 Comments

For generations, women have raised concerns about how objectification contributes to street harassment, unwanted workplace sexual attention, and sexual violence. The practice of treating... Read More

GoodTherapy.org Supports Love Our Local Fest for Second Year

August 25, 2014   .   3 Comments

On Sunday, August 24, 2014, GoodTherapy.org was a sponsor for the Love Our Local Fest to support the community around its regional office in Olympia, Washington. It was a beautiful... Read More

Trying to Learn Something New? Stop Focusing on It (and Other News)

August 22, 2014   .   11 Comments

According to Barbara Oakley, author of A Mind for Numbers: How to Excel at Math and Science (Even if You Flunked Algebra), downtime during the day helps your brain process more information... Read More

Everything You Need to Know about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

August 21, 2014   .   6 Comments

Unless you completely avoid all social media, you’ve probably seen dozens of friends, family, and celebrities dumping buckets of ice water on their heads, often while talking... Read More

Physical Neglect May Lead to Violent Behavior in Young Men

August 21, 2014   .   5 Comments

Prisons are filled with people facing mental health challenges, struggles with addiction, a history of trauma, or memories of childhood abuse. The rate of such challenges among prisoners... Read More

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Thanks for your question. I can only imagine your bewilderment and confusion; things are humming along fine and suddenly, out of nowhere, your wife is asking you to play the “keys in the bowl” ... Read more »

My Husband Can Watch Porn, but Can't Apply for a Job? Help!

Thanks for your question. I think the first key point can be found in your last statement, as far as “how to fix this.” To cut to the chase: you cannot. You can only help your husband “fix” ... Read more »

I'm a Gay College Basketball Player. Should I Come Out?

It sounds like you’re caught between powerful opposing forces. If you come out, you fear you will be persecuted by ... Read more »

If My Wife Won't Lose Weight, Am I Justified in Leaving Her?

I really appreciate the authenticity with which you present your situation. The guilt you are feeling for writing in—and even for having the thoughts feelings you have—is palpable. It is clear ... Read more »

How Serious Is Paranoia? Am I Crazy? Do I Need Meds?

Having paranoid thoughts does not mean you are crazy. Some people have these thoughts as a result of feeling Read more »

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