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Family of three

How to Keep Intimacy Alive After the Children Arrive

One of the primary obstacles couples attempt to overcome in therapy is feeling emotionally disconnected. Life tends to get in the way, with careers, kids, home upkeep, and family activities... Read More

Woman with eyes closed

Attunement in Hakomi Therapy: Bringing ‘Self’ to the Surface

We are not our thoughts. Many arrive at psychotherapy with a limited or unstable sense of Self. They feel unsure, conflicted, or “blank,” sometimes acting out in ways that seem... Read More

Portrait of a sad woman

Parenting While Depressed: 10 Things to Remember

Parenting is difficult enough when you feel fantastic, but when you’re struggling with depression, it can seem downright impossible. It need not be so, though. Experiencing depression... Read More

Man walking on sidewalk

Idealize, Devalue, Discard: The Dizzying Cycle of Narcissism

The relationship cycle typical of extreme narcissistic abuse generally follows a pattern. Individuals in emotionally abusive relationships experience a dizzying whirlwind that includes... Read More

close-up of two men hugging with a woman standing behind them

4 Ways a Breakup or Divorce Can Affect a Couple’s Friends

Most breakups are painful—not just for the couple, but also for those standing in the surrounding blast zone. We often hear about how divorce can affect the immediate family, but... Read More

Depressed Young Woman Talking To Counselor

Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Not Just for Borderline Personality

Marsha Linehan’s groundbreaking introduction of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) through her 1993 treatment and skills training manuals has brought effective therapy to many people... Read More

Crowd of people

Insidious Oppression: 10 Common Racial Microaggressions

As we covered in last month’s article on microaggressions, they are often subtle, racial insults by well-intentioned people. And they’re experienced by people of color on a regular,... Read More


Dual Diagnosis: The Importance of Simultaneous Treatment

Editor’s Note: Kim Dennis, MD, CEDS is the CEO and medical director for Timberline Knolls, a residential treatment center that specializes in the treatment of addictions, eating... Read More

father and daughter silhouette

Loving Myself: the Last and Best Lesson from My Dad

Here I am, three-and-a-half years after suddenly losing my dad when he was only 52 years old. Here I am. Here is this person, this woman, this wife, mother, daughter, granddaughter,... Read More

Basket of fresh organic fruits in the garden

Good Mood Foods to Help Fight Depression, Stress, and More

Stress, depression, and anxiety are complex experiences caused by a variety of factors, including lifestyle, brain chemistry, a history of trauma, and health. Research increasingly... Read More

 teenage girl in hat outdoors

The Shameful Fallout of Parental Rejection for LGBT Kids

The foster care system has a disproportionate number of LGBT youth in its care—the result of so many being abandoned by their parents. This often happens at a time when children most... Read More

Couple annoyed with each other

When ADHD Threatens Your Relationship: 4 Fix-It Strategies

Attention-deficit hyperactivity (ADHD) among children and teens, and the conflicts with parents that often result, are focused on often. When children and teens with ADHD grow up,... Read More

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Therapy News Headlines

Do Breastfed Children Become Smarter and Wealthier Adults?

March 25, 2015   .   4 Comments

Despite ongoing public outreach campaigns and an increased willingness on the part of American mothers to try it, breastfeeding rates aren’t what they should be. Organizations... Read More

Study Finds Seniors Increasingly Happy with Their Sex Lives

March 24, 2015   .   3 Comments

By 2030, seniors are expected to account for almost 20% of the U.S. population. Many of today’s seniors are living active, enriching lives, getting married and remarried, and... Read More

Can a Drug Boost Compassion? Research Suggests So

March 23, 2015   .   3 Comments

A complex cocktail of early life experiences, religious beliefs, and political leanings, among many other factors, determines how compassionate a person is. Not only does compassion... Read More

How Does Mass Surveillance Affect Our Health? And Other News

March 20, 2015   .   8 Comments

It’s been more than a decade since the Patriot Act increased concerns about the government spying on its citizens, and nearly two years since Edward Snowden revealed that many... Read More

Are Conservatives Happier Than Liberals? Study Casts Doubt

March 19, 2015   .   4 Comments

As if endless debates about social and cultural issues aren’t enough to perpetually divide conservatives and liberals, the two groups are locked in another dispute—this one... Read More

Could Loneliness Kill You? New Study Suggests So

March 18, 2015   .   6 Comments

Health workers frequently endeavor to help their patients tackle lifestyle concerns, such as smoking or a poor diet, that can lead to an early death. But a new study from Brigham Young... Read More

Study Finds Ultrasound May Reverse Alzheimer’s Symptoms

March 17, 2015   .   4 Comments

Alzheimer’s disease affects five million Americans and one in six women. Current treatments address individual symptoms and may slightly slow the progression of Alzheimer’s,... Read More

New Algorithm Identifies 800-Plus Risk Factors for PTSD

March 16, 2015   .   4 Comments

About 8% of the population will experience posttraumatic stress (PTSD) at some point. Though intensely stressful events cause PTSD, not everyone who experiences trauma will develop... Read More

Could a Hole in Privacy Laws Harm College Students?

March 13, 2015   .   5 Comments

With nearly half of college students experiencing anxiety and more than a third experiencing depression, college counseling centers are more important than ever. But a hole in medical... Read More

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Help! I Believe My Father-in-Law Is Abusing My Daughter

Of course you are concerned! Anytime we see a behavior like that in a child and she or he is unable or unwilling to explain the change, we Read more »

Should My Son Play Football? My Husband and I Disagree!

Thanks for your question. An excellent one indeed and one which I know many parents can relate to. Even though I’m a football fan myself (from Pittsburgh!), I understand your concerns and share ... Read more »

How Can I Avoid Being Dragged Down by a Depressing World?

Let me start off by saying, I hear you! I actually recently noticed that watching too much news was getting me down a bit, too. I cut back and shifted my focus to other, more uplifting things and I ... Read more »

Is It Friendship If You Have Nothing in Common Anymore?

Thanks for your question. I guess the simple and perhaps even smart-alecky answer would be, “Don’t talk about politics and stick to sports!” I have very good friends who disagree with me ... Read more »

Mom's Leaving Me with Hurt, Guilt, Resentment, and Anger

First, I want to tell you that you are absolutely entitled to all of your feelings—even the ones that seem to contradict each other. Relationships are very complex; there is room for many ... Read more »

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