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Father carrying baby daughter (15-18 months) outdoors, close-up

Figuring Out Fatherhood: What Kind of Dad Do You Want to Be?

Parenting is a strange deal. It’s one role in life where there is a strong blueprint—we were all children once, and someone got us through those years—but there’s no easing... Read More


Ethical Decision-Making in Therapy: The Power Spiral Process

The power spiral is a guide to using role power wisely and well, and is of particular use to therapists. There are four aspects to the power spiral for use with ethical decision-making:... Read More

A family eating together

Avoiding the (All Too Easy) ‘Wrong Turns’ in Stepfamilies

Editor’s note: Dr. Patricia Papernow is a psychologist, an internationally recognized expert on stepfamilies and the author of Surviving and Thriving in Stepfamily Relationships:... Read More

Couple not talking after a dispute on the sofa

10 Effective Time-Out Strategies for Managing Your Anger

Relationships can be challenging at times. There will always be periods when we get upset, when we feel that our needs and wants are not being met. Intimate relationships are particularly... Read More

Pregnant woman, mid section

Perinatal Depression: What It Is and What It Probably Isn’t

Most estimates fall somewhere in the middle, but it is widely accepted that between 8% and 23% of all childbearing women will develop depression and/or anxiety during their pregnancies... Read More

Abstract painting.

From Trauma to Triumph: Transforming Pain into Art

“The real voyage of discovery consists not of seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes.” —Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past  While we cannot go back and change... Read More

residential treatment center

6 Things to Look for in a Residential Treatment Center

When finding a residential treatment center (RTC) for a loved one (or for yourself), there are crucial questions that need answers. You worry about and care for your loved one and don’t... Read More

Father and son sitting on a park bench

Parenting with Discipline: What Type of Parent Are You?

Father and son sitting on a park bench As parents, we frequently focus on learning how best to “discipline” our children. Yet I find the greatest challenge in learning how to be,... Read More

Young Girl Staring out Window

EMDR for Children: How Safe and Effective Is It?

As a therapist, I’ve used eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy to treat many adults with mental health issues resulting from trauma. This method of therapy... Read More

Two women sit on the beach talking

LGBT Coming-Out Considerations: How Siblings Factor In

Discussions about coming out typically deal with telling the parents. That makes sense, especially for young people still living at home. However, siblings play a role in the process... Read More

Concept with human head

The Brain in Defense Mode: How Dissociation Helps Us Survive

According to Ross and Halpern (2011), there are several definitions of dissociation. One of them (referred to as “the general systems meaning of dissociation”) is “the opposite... Read More

Woman practicing yoga

In Review: ‘Understanding and Healing Emotional Trauma’

As our understanding of the function and treatment of psychological trauma develops, we as trauma therapists find ourselves pulling information from an increasingly wide scope of professional... Read More

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Therapy News Headlines

Can the Price of Wine Change the Way You Think About It?

May 6, 2015   .   1 Comment

Anyone who’s ever marketed—or purchased—an overly hyped product knows that price can drive demand. Pricing a product too cheaply can change the way consumers feel about it.... Read More

Study Explores How 80 Years Have Changed Views on Happiness

May 5, 2015   .   2 Comments

What is happiness? The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think, and is heavily influenced by cultural norms. How you answer questions about happiness today may be very... Read More

Study Finds Girls Diagnosed with Asperger’s Later Than Boys

May 4, 2015   .   2 Comments

Early autism interventions can make life easier for children with autism and their families, and may even help children develop skills they otherwise might never gain. One in 68 children... Read More

Does Psychology Have a Reproducibility Problem? Study Says Yes

May 1, 2015   .   2 Comments

The hallmark of sound scientific research is replicability—the ability of subsequent researchers to reproduce a study’s results. When research results can’t be replicated,... Read More

Bruce Jenner Comes Out as Transgender, and Other News

May 1, 2015   .   2 Comments

In an interview with Diane Sawyer, former Olympic gold medalist and Kardashian family patriarch Bruce Jenner revealed he is transgender. “For all intents and purposes, I am a woman,”... Read More

Study Finds Bullying More Damaging Than Abuse, Neglect

May 1, 2015   .   1 Comment

According to a 2014 report by the CDC, between one in three and one in four students has experienced bullying. This bullying epidemic isn’t just a normal part of childhood development,... Read More

Mental Health Awareness Month Blogging Event 2015

April 30, 2015   .   4 Comments

GoodTherapy.org works to advocate for ethical mental health treatment and reduce the stigma that surrounds mental health every month of the year; however, May has specifically been... Read More

Could a Challenging Job Buy Time for Those with Dementia?

April 30, 2015   .   2 Comments

Frontotemporal dementia, which accounts for between 140,000 and 350,000 cases of dementia, often strikes the young and healthy. A majority of cases occur among people younger than 65,... Read More

Joint Custody Is Better for Kids’ Health, Study Suggests

April 29, 2015   .   5 Comments

Every year, 1.5 million children are forced to grapple with the challenges of divorcing parents. For many of these children, divorce means an ugly custody battle that may end with dramatically... Read More

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I've Stolen, I've Lied, and I Want My Wife Back. Help!

You write that you have lied, stolen, and pawned jewelry from family, and used that money to buy alcohol. You were seemingly out of control, but you weren’t really—you made choices, choices that ... Read more »

Help! My Husband Won't Let Me Discipline His Children

You have put your finger on one of the biggest challenges in blended families—the role of stepparents in discipline. ... Read more »

My Husband Cheated! So Why Is Our Sex Life Hotter Than Ever?

Thank you for your letter. Let me start by saying this pattern is more common than many people realize. There are varying opinions on why feelings and reactions evolve this way, but there are a ... Read more »

Help! I'm Finally Clean, but My Boyfriend Still Uses Drugs

Thank you for your question, and congratulations on your sobriety! Fifteen months is great; clearly, in spite of your current woes, you’re doing something right. I think the answer to your ... Read more »

Help! My Insensitive Family Won't Shut Up about My Weight

Of course you're not laughing! This all sounds incredibly painful. Ideally, family provide a place of warmth, comfort, and support. It sounds like you feel like you are getting Read more »

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