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stress at the office

The Hidden Costs of Stress in the Workplace

The signs and effects of stress present differently in everyone. While some express stress with more physical signs, such as inability to focus, high blood pressure, digestive issues,... Read More

young boy grieving over pet

Why the Death of a Pet Matters (and Why Your Sympathy Does, Too)

Death is a part of life. Loss is all around us, but people struggle to know how to show sympathy and empathy, especially when it pertains to the death of a pet. I opened my private... Read More

Female Student Being Bullied By Classmates

Five Ways Prejudice Affects Well-Being

The ongoing dispute in Congress over a recent pay equality bill has reignited discussions about discrimination in the workplace. As political pundits debate the causes of discrimination,... Read More

Boy with teddy bear and parents fighting

Divorce, Separation, and Parenting: a Primer

Getting divorced or ending a long-term relationship is considered one of life’s biggest stressors. Even when it feels like the right or necessary choice for both partners, most... Read More

sad asian woman

Coming to Terms with Parents’ Feelings of Being Dishonored

In many families, the belief that children must honor their parents is a given. It may be seen as a tenet of the family’s culture, religion, or may be so fundamental that it is experienced... Read More

unhappy couple

What to Do When Your Partner Won’t Go to Therapy with You

At least once a week, we get a call from someone who says, “I know our relationship needs work, but my partner won’t go to therapy with me. What can I do?” More often than not,... Read More

young african american couple flirting

Rejuvenating Your Sex Life After the Baby Is Born

A common problem you may face after the birth of a child is how to rebuild your sex life after having a new baby. Couples across the board report higher rates of sexual dissatisfaction... Read More

asian woman

Five Ways to Instantly Boost Self-Esteem

Self-esteem may ebb and flow from day to day and month to month, but there are things we can do to bring our spirits back up—and fairly easily. The following is a short list that... Read More

ferris wheel

How to Make Going to Work Feel Like Going to Disney World

Out the door he flew on this beautiful and bright spring morning, running at a full gallop as only a 4-year-old boy can achieve. Arms waving wildly, with smiles dancing across his face,... Read More

Plant in palm of hand

When the Protector Needs Protecting: The Trauma of Protecting Others

Editor’s note: This story contains sensitive material and descriptions of childhood abuse and trauma that may be triggering to some readers. My story focuses on two areas of trauma:... Read More

Statue of Sigmund Freud

Six Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Sigmund Freud

Ask a random stranger to picture a famous psychotherapist, and the odds are good that they envision Sigmund Freud. The father of modern psychotherapy has made his way into the minds... Read More

Patricia McGuire

When Zero Tolerance Makes Zero Sense: Kids Caught in the Middle

Editor’s note: Patricia McGuire, MD, FAAP, is a developmental and behavioral pediatrician and published author. Her continuing education presentation for GoodTherapy.org, titled... Read More

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Therapy News Headlines

New American Association of Suicidology Help for Suicide Survivors

April 23, 2014   .   1 Comment

The horrific story of Andre Johnson, a Wu Tang Clan-affiliated rapper who survived a jump from a second-story building after severing his own penis, is calling attention to the challenges... Read More

Brain Imaging Could Predict Recovery from a Vegetative State

April 22, 2014   .   4 Comments

Nearly a decade ago, the case of Terri Schiavo, a Florida woman in a vegetative state, sparked a national debate. Schiavo’s husband believed that she would never recover consciousness... Read More

SSRI Use Linked to Autism (and Other News)

April 18, 2014   .   5 Comments

SSRI use during pregnancy linked to autism and developmental delays in boys Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) are typically the first line of defense for treating depression,... Read More

New Study Suggests Autism Begins in Pregnancy

April 14, 2014   .   8 Comments

Parents of children on the autism spectrum often notice the condition slowly over time, as a child’s development unfolds and seems unusual. But a new study suggests that the path... Read More

New Drug Promises to Reverse Opioid Overdoses (and Other News)

April 11, 2014   .   7 Comments

Nearly 75% of drug overdoses are caused by prescription opioid medications; these drugs led to 14,800 fatal overdoses in 2008. The powerfully addictive nature of opioids can make quitting... Read More

Latest Fort Hood Shooting Puts Military Mental Health in Spotlight

April 10, 2014   .   3 Comments

For the second time in five years, Texas’ Fort Hood is mourning a mass shooting. The alleged gunman, Spc. Ivan Lopez, was an Iraq war veteran undergoing treatment for posttraumatic... Read More

Can Your Anti-Anxiety Medication Kill You?

April 4, 2014   .   8 Comments

Many people have heard that anxiety medications can have some serious side effects, such as addiction, memory problems, impaired driving, and sleepiness. But a provocative new study... Read More

Mental Health Services Set to Improve Across the U.S.

March 28, 2014   .   15 Comments

This week, as part of the Excellence in Mental Health Act, the House of Representatives passed a demonstration project that aims to reinforce quality care for individuals who have mental... Read More

News Roundup: ACA Enrollment Deadline, a Backpack Inspires Change

March 21, 2014   .   12 Comments

It’s been in the news for months: Obamacare is here; it’s more affordable for many people than the alternatives; and you will be penalized if you are currently uninsured and do... Read More

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Therapy groups are formed around a common interest to promote cohesiveness, a central factor in the strength of the group. ... Read more »

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Honestly, my immediate reaction to your question is run—don't walk—away from this therapist and find someone new. This is 100% unethical and a complete Read more »

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Help! My Husband's Teenage Daughter Says She Hates My Young Sons

Thanks for writing. The first thing I am going to strongly urge you to do is get your family in to work with a family therapist who specializes in Read more »

Is It Right to Expect More Affection from My Boyfriend?

First of all, I want to commend you on the great job you have done reflecting on and understanding your feelings around this issue, and on sharing them with your partner. It sounds like you ... Read more »

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