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Teenage girl writing in notebook

Our Favorite Depression Blogs from Around the Web

While stigma still surrounds nearly every mental health issue imaginable, some are plagued more than others. Depression continues to be one of the least discussed mental health issues,... Read More

sad child standing by fence

Scars of Addiction: How to Help Children of Addicted Parents

For anyone facing the demon of substance abuse, one of the most difficult challenges is understanding how their addiction is affecting the people around them, including family and friends.... Read More

Nervous system

The Key Role Your Nervous System Plays in Trauma Recovery

If you were to attend a professional training on trauma, the instructor would likely reference the nervous system and its window of tolerance. In recent years, trauma researchers and... Read More

Couple Hugging

‘Bonus Sex’ with an Ex: Frisky Business or Risky Business?

Picture this: You’re attending a rather wild party by yourself, without your current partner, and you’ve had quite a bit to drink. And then he or she walks in; your former lover... Read More

Ebola Virus

Ebola Fears: Are You Thinking or Are You Over-Thinking?

During a season where fear plays a major role, a time when the demons are exorcised on All Hallows’ Eve, there’s some spooky stuff creeping up around the country. It’s... Read More

Vintage photo of relaxing young woman in nature

9 Self-Care Strategies to Reduce Stress

Stress is a normal part of our lives that can motivate us to accomplish projects that we might not otherwise pursue. Reacting to stress in a healthy way can give us the jump-start that... Read More

Two Office Workers Gossiping About Colleague

Rumors and Bad Vibes: The Problem with Office Gossip

Juicy tidbits about who is in bed with who are hard to resist, and sometimes people just tell you things that are really hard to keep to yourself. Everyone loves a good story, but when... Read More


When You Feel Like the Only Living Person in the Room

Ever go into a room where people are chatting, kind of to themselves, everybody is making noise but nobody is listening to anybody, and you feel a bit odd but decide to approach the... Read More


Shifting Your Reality: Are You Pulling Your Own Strings?

Your body is a storehouse of emotions that control your daily experience in ways that are nearly impossible to detect. Only after validating these emotions can they be subject to change.... Read More

An unhappy boy worries

Bullying, Shaming, Harassment: Mental Health Effects Linger

Last spring, a 9-year-old boy in North Carolina who was being bullied by peers was instructed not to wear his My Little Pony backpack to school because the backpack had become... Read More

Robin Williams

Brilliance Darkened: Have We Learned from Robin Williams?

The world recently lost a brilliant entertainer. A family lost someone they loved and cherished. A lot has been said and written about the tragic death of Robin Williams. In the days... Read More

 rose petal on asphalt

Domestic Violence and Relationships: Is Love Enough?

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and with the recent spotlight on incidents involving football stars Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, there has been a lot of discussion... Read More

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Therapy News Headlines

GoodTherapy.org Makes Joining Forces Pledge to NBCC

October 31, 2014   .   2 Comments

The National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) recently assembled a list of Approved Continuing Education Providers (ACEP) that are dedicated to specifically provide courses related... Read More

Mental Health Training Improves Prison Safety, and Other News

October 31, 2014   .   3 Comments

Prisons are notoriously dangerous places, for both guards and inmates. Many inmates are imprisoned for non-violent drug offenses, and most inmates eventually leave prison, so keeping... Read More

Potential Cause of Seasonal Affective Disorder Revealed

October 30, 2014   .   3 Comments

As the warm weather and long days of summer steadily give way to the long, cold nights of fall and winter, many people find themselves falling into depression. About 5% of the population... Read More

Study Uncovers How Children Affect Parental Happiness

October 29, 2014   .   4 Comments

Few parents will ever confess to regretting having children, but children don’t always affect happiness the way their parents might hope. Previous research, for example, has found... Read More

Chemical in Chocolate Could Reverse Age-Related Memory Loss

October 28, 2014   .   3 Comments

If you think you need to cut out chocolate to be healthy, think again. Chocolate might be high in calories, but it’s also high in something else: flavanols. According to a new... Read More

Study Finds Therapy Can Heal Trauma-Related DNA Damage

October 28, 2014   .   3 Comments

In debates over the relative roles of nature and nurture in human behavior, debaters frequently forget that nature and nurture act directly on one another. This means separating nature... Read More

Exercise Can Counteract Gene for Alzheimer’s, and Other News

October 24, 2014   .   11 Comments

Alzheimer’s is caused by a number of genes, and many people who don’t have a genetic variant associated with the condition still contract the disease. A gene called APOE... Read More

Mitigating Sexism in Male-Dominated Fields for Attractive Women

October 23, 2014   .   6 Comments

Research into sexism in hiring has repeatedly shown that women experience discrimination when they apply for what are often considered stereotypically male jobs. Among women viewed... Read More

Myths About the Brain Common among Teachers

October 22, 2014   .   6 Comments

The just-so stories of pop psychology can make for interesting dinner debates and speculative discussions, but when these stories are treated as fact in educational settings, they can... Read More

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At 37, I Want to Stay a Virgin—but I Want a Relationship, Too

Thank you for sharing so much of yourself in your question. Though you didn't use the term, it sounds like you could be describing yourself as Read more »

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You are in a tough spot. You have been married for 16 years, and of course there’s a part of you that would love to see him change and spare all of you the challenges that come with restructuring ... Read more »

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It Took a Mere 35 Minutes to Diagnose Me with Bipolar!

I am assuming that you consulted with either a psychiatrist or Read more »

How Can I Trust after My Girlfriend and Friend Betrayed Me?

Thanks for writing in. Gosh, I’m sorry you’ve been through such an emotionally brutal experience. I can’t imagine the blow of losing a girlfriend and an allegedly good friend at once, ... Read more »

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