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College Student Pausing from Busy Schedule

Is It Introversion or Social Anxiety?

Is it introversion or social anxiety? Yes! And no, not at all! Often when people come in for counseling for the first time, after talking about how they’ve managed life so far, they... Read More

Enjoying the view together

Relationship Problems? 10 Steps to Creating More Intimacy

Relationships can be very challenging at times. Although we may care deeply for our partner, we sometimes struggle with communicating our needs in a healthy and assertive way. Because... Read More

A man smiles during a video conference

Technology and Therapy, Part I: Essential Tips for Therapists

Since the inception of psychoanalysis, the one-on-one meeting of therapist and client has remained largely unchanged. The practice of therapy is rooted in interpersonal communication,... Read More

Pregnant Belly

The Truth about Psychotropic Medications in Pregnancy

The debate rages on over the safety of psychotropic medications during pregnancy. Those who oppose the use of antidepressants can produce scores of articles and scattered studies illuminating... Read More

Autumnal maple trees in a forest, Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA

Does Your Mood Change with the Seasons?

Fall is finally here, bringing with it cooler nights and darker mornings. Along with the temperature and light changes, many people are also dealing with back-to-school changes for... Read More

sad woman sitting alone

Suicide Prevention: How to Help Someone with Suicidal Thoughts

When it was revealed that actor/comedian Robin Williams took his own life in early August, millions of people were in shock. For Williams’ family, friends, and fans alike, the... Read More

woman sit on stairs

3 Steps to Healing Trauma that Everyone Should Know

Most people have had a traumatic experience of some kind. While many of us learn to cope and be resilient in the face of trauma, others may become overwhelmed. Trauma is an overwhelming... Read More

Silhouette of man sitting on a park bench at sunset

Happy in Solitude: The Joy of Being an Introvert

I am primarily an introvert. Growing up, I didn’t give it much thought. I just remember that I enjoyed my alone time and would get annoyed if my mother pressured me to go out and... Read More

Teddy bear with flowers and a sorry note

3 Simple Tips on How to Apologize Effectively

Conflict is an unavoidable part of life. While many scientists believe natural selection has influenced numerous species to seek victory in the face of conflict, other organisms, including... Read More

yoga outdoors. silhouette of a woman sitting in  lotus position

5 Facts about Stress (and 17 Ways to Deal with It)

Americans are famous for being a hard-working bunch, taking the fewest paid vacation days off. I, for one, spent the summer studying advanced yoga therapy techniques on weekends, and... Read More

Close-up of a young businessman holding the bridge of his nose

Getting Off the Merry-Go-Round: Managing Obsessive Thoughts

It usually comes at the end of a long day, when you are most in need of rest and settling into the comfort of a warm bed, eager for respite. It is the arrival of “busy brain,” or... Read More

Young woman sitting in darkness

Treating Trauma: Why EMDR Might Be Right for You

The first question a person who is seeking help for trauma often asks is, “Will I ever get better?” It is common to feel hopeless after experiencing a traumatic event. Trauma affects... Read More

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Therapy News Headlines

Bullying by Siblings Linked to Self-Harm, Depression

September 29, 2014   .   1 Comment

Most parents are concerned about bullying at school and online, but they may not notice the bullying that takes place right in front of them: bullying between siblings. According to... Read More

Kids’ Mental Health Impacted by Strict, “Tiger Mom” Parenting

September 27, 2014   .   5 Comments

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, Amy Chua’s controversial 2011 book, advocates a highly controlling and often punitive style of parenting. A new study that looked specifically... Read More

A GoodTherapy.org Review of ‘A Secret Safe to Tell’

September 26, 2014   .   3 Comments

A new children’s book, A Secret Safe to Tell, was written to help children understand that it’s okay to tell someone when they have been hurt or inappropriately touched by someone... Read More

Transforming Gender Norms to Prevent Violence, and Other News

September 26, 2014   .   5 Comments

Georgetown University’s Safe Passages study endeavors to understand and root out the causes of gender-based violence. Building upon previous research showing that unequal gender... Read More

Simple Test May Detect Alzheimer’s Before Symptoms Appear

September 25, 2014   .   4 Comments

Researchers at York University have found that a thinking and movement test could help diagnose Alzheimer’s before symptoms appear. Doctors typically diagnose Alzheimer’s... Read More

Stress, Stigma Increase Domestic Violence in Same-Sex Couples

September 24, 2014   .   3 Comments

Studies revealing the prevalence of domestic violence in intimate partnerships have traditionally focused on opposite-sex relationships while domestic violence issues among same-sex... Read More

How Many Hate Crime Victims Know Their Perpetrators?

September 23, 2014   .   6 Comments

While any form of victimization can be traumatic, hate crimes are particularly challenging for victims. Unlike random acts of violence, hate crimes are based on an individual’s... Read More

Yogic Breathing May Reduce Symptoms of PTSD, Study Finds

September 22, 2014   .   6 Comments

Posttraumatic stress (PTSD), which often results in depression, intrusive memories, anxiety, and fear after a traumatic event, poses serious public health concerns. About 20% of veterans... Read More

Do Sexualized Images of Women Make Men Less Charitable?

September 20, 2014   .   5 Comments

For decades, women’s advocates have argued that sexualized advertisements of women harm women’s self-esteem and increase gender disparities. According to new research, though,... Read More

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Am I Depressed?

Determining whether you meet the criteria for diagnosis of a depressive issue would require a face-to-face session ... Read more »

Am I Having Flashbacks of Childhood Sexual Abuse?

It can be hard to know for certain whether what you have been experiencing is, in fact, a series of previously repressed Read more »

Will I Ever Find Love?

You rate yourself a 6 out of 10 on the looks scale and write that you are caring and compassionate. You say you cook well, and I take that to mean that you are good at taking care of others. ... Read more »

Help! I'm in Love with My Best Friend's Ex!

Your friend is going to be hurt. There is no way around that. When you made the choice to start hanging out with your best friend's ex without telling her, that's when you made the decision to hide ... Read more »

My Wife Wants an Open Marriage. I Don't. Now What?

Thanks for your question. I can only imagine your bewilderment and confusion; things are humming along fine and suddenly, out of nowhere, your wife is asking you to play the “keys in the bowl” ... Read more »

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