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Mother and daughter (8-9) doing arts and crafts

6 of Our Favorite Autism Spectrum Parenting Blogs

Navigating the world of parenting children who have mental health issues can have an alienating effect on parents. Some issues are backed by so little research that it can be extremely... Read More

child psychologist counseling young girl

4 Keys to Better Communication with ADHD Clinicians

When your child receives psychological treatment for attention-deficit hyperactivity (ADHD) or other issues, it is important to work collaboratively with the provider to ensure the... Read More

envious girl with mom and sibling in the background

How to Help Children Cope with a Sibling’s Chronic Illness

When a family member is diagnosed with a chronic illness, he or she is not the only person who has to deal with the diagnosis—the entire family is affected by it. Think of a car:... Read More

angry man leaning against wall

Being in Touch with Your Feelings Means Living Them

“Why,” you ask, “should I be in touch with my feelings?” The phrase about being in touch with our feelings has been around as long as psychotherapy. But what does it mean, exactly?... Read More

flustered parent with children

Are We Too Busy Blaming Parents?

Parents are often blamed for the misdeeds of their children. Parents often feel overwhelmed by the “experts” who, from a parent’s perspective, do not seem to get that they face... Read More

woman and little girl eating carrots

Tune In and Eat: Mindfulness in Your Health Habits

“You need to eat like a caveman” … “No, get rid of sugar and gluten only” … “No, go vegan!” Every week there is a new expert out there telling everyone... Read More

boy watching his father shave

Asperger’s and Hygiene: Solutions for an Overlooked Issue

Children and teens with Asperger’s syndrome (AS) often miss basic social cues, impeding their ability to interact successfully with others. Included in the missed social cues are... Read More

dejected looking young woman

Feeling Unworthy or Undeserving? Let’s Undo That

Being deserving means having an expectation of goodness in your life. It is the goodness of people, relationships, and situations that we all want and deserve in our lifetime. We are... Read More

woman gardening

30 Ways to Play Well with Others

I belong to a cooperative vacation community where we share expenses, a pool, tennis and basketball courts, plentiful frogs, children’s play spaces, a social hall, beautiful woody... Read More

Man offers medication to an unhappy woman

6 Things Not to Say to Someone Who Has Depression

Depression affects nearly 15 million adults—about 6.7% of the U.S. population—every year. The severity of depression varies from person to person, with some people experiencing... Read More

affirmation talents and gifts

9 Affirmations to Repeat Every Day

What if we told you that with a single simple phrase, you could turn a bad day into a great one and turn pessimism into an instantly brightened attitude? You could write “I am... Read More

sad looking boy

Dealing with Bullies: The Support Your LGBTQ Child Needs

Even with all of the advances that have been made, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) children and teenagers still experience high rates of bullying and discrimination.... Read More

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Therapy News Headlines

Spanking Affects Kids’ Brains and Behaviors

July 31, 2014   .   No Comments

Two-thirds of parents admit to spanking their children, and 81% of parents say that it’s sometimes acceptable to spank children. Yet study after study has shown the deleterious... Read More

Study Uncovers Emotions behind Suicide Attempts

July 30, 2014   .   3 Comments

Suicide can leave bereaved loved ones agonizing over what they could have done differently and angry that a person they loved didn’t care enough about them to stay alive. Popular... Read More

Abuse and Neglect Changes Behavior of Children’s Genes

July 29, 2014   .   3 Comments

Most people have heard of—and perhaps even participated in—the nature-versus-nurture debate, but an increasing body of research suggests that the dichotomy between nature and nurture... Read More

Low-Strength Brain Stimulation Could Offer Immediate Depression Relief

July 26, 2014   .   4 Comments

Brain stimulation such as electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) can be highly effective at treating depression, with ECT boasting an improvement... Read More

Study Uncovers Unhappiest Cities, and Other News

July 25, 2014   .   8 Comments

The place you choose to live may have a bigger impact on your happiness than you might think. A study released by the National Bureau of Economic Research asked Americans to respond... Read More

Soldiers’ Use of Mental Health Care Up as VA Struggles to Provide

July 24, 2014   .   5 Comments

In the wake of a Veterans Administration (VA) scandal that paints a grim portrait of health care for veterans, the results of a recent study suggest that struggling veterans are increasingly... Read More

GoodTherapy.org Adds GoodCause: Intermountain Therapy Animals

July 23, 2014   .   3 Comments

The GoodTherapy.org GoodCause program honors and supports nonprofit organizations in the field of mental health or therapy that align with our mission and vision. It is our pleasure... Read More

Traumatic Brain Injuries Common among Female Prisoners

July 23, 2014   .   4 Comments

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 2 million people visit the emergency room with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) every year. Traumatic brain... Read More

Fish Oil May Help Reduce Effects of Alcohol Abuse

July 22, 2014   .   5 Comments

Alcohol abuse carries many risks, and chronic alcohol abuse can lead to a heightened risk of dementia and brain damage. For those struggling to kick the habit, brain damage can be a... Read More

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Thanks for your question. Boy, that is a doozy of a choice: bankruptcy or divorce. Would you rather lose the arm or ... Read more »

Help! My Child Envies Other Kids and Refuses to Share

Thanks for your question. First of all, it is a very long way from a self-focused 7-year-old to the tragedy that occurred in California. The commonality you mention does not mean your son will follow ... Read more »

Are a Therapist's Religious and Social Views Off Limits?

Thanks for your thoughtful question. I’m going to do my best to answer it and to alleviate some of the concerns you have expressed. The most important thing to address here is your statement ... Read more »

Help! What If My Therapist Goes on Maternity Leave Again?

This is a gut-wrenching position you find yourself in. On the one hand, you've done some great work with this therapist and built a strong relationship with her; on the other hand, the work seems to ... Read more »

How Do I Shake the Anger I Feel after My Husband's Affair?

Feeling angry is an incredibly natural response to the feelings of betrayal that come from Read more »

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  • FG: I don’t think that for most of us it is about blaming the parents but it is about trying to understand where so many of us are going...
  • Batson: The only thing that we should be ashamed of is if we contiually hurt others because of keeping these feelings under wraps. If you know that...
  • Parker c: Your brothers and sisters are your closest frineds ever. To think of losing one would be a terrible feeling especially for one so young...
  • sadie: Why withhold information from the provider or clinician? There is not way that he can help your child if you are keeping critical...
  • Jolie: awww I bet these are so sweet! So many times all we hear about are the hardships faced by parents with kind son the spectrum, and I know...