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People at funeral consoling each other

How We Integrate Loss: The Palpable Phenomena of Bereavement

Bereavement, the grief we feel in response to the death of a loved one, is part of our being in the world. It includes different categories of loss. There is the literal loss of the... Read More

girl skateboarding

Risky Doesn’t Mean Reckless: The Upside of Teen Risk-Taking

The image of a reckless, impulsive teenager making terrible, dangerous decisions has become so embedded in our culture that we tend to take it as a given. Parents approach the teen... Read More

Man with Finger on Lips

The Top 10 Myths and Misconceptions About Depression

These days, it seems like depression is all over the news. It usually gets publicity when a high-profile tragedy occurs. You don’t hear people talking about how great they feel now... Read More

Mature woman in love

Cultivating Connection: Reviving the Lost Art of Eye Contact

A couple is out to dinner. Instead of gazing into each other’s eyes, both partners are looking at their smartphones, checking email or texting someone else. This is their date night,... Read More

Girl Inside Car

Hear Me, Love Me: Explosive and Withdrawn Behavior in Kids

During healthy development, children learn that the people around them are mostly safe and trustworthy. Even when they do not get what they want, they eventually learn to self-soothe... Read More

A man and woman embracing and laughing

Is the MBTI a Good Indicator of Relationship Compatibility?

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality type classification questionnaire based on Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types. For the past several decades, it has... Read More

Mother and son work on homework together

How Students with ADHD Can Improve Their Study Habits

For many individuals with attention-deficit hyperactivity (ADHD), and even for many people without it, the idea of sitting down to study can seem daunting. A lot of people don’t exactly... Read More

Two women speak intimately

The Truth May Not Set You Free, but Shame Definitely Won’t

Many families have secrets of one sort or another. When she was 80, my mom shared with her eight children, on an individual basis, a secret she had carried for over 60 years. She wanted... Read More

bench in a park

Suicide in the Spring: Practice Prevention as Seasons Change

Spring has sprung. The days are longer, the trees fuller, and the flowers are in full bloom. While spring may be a warm welcome after a cold and dark winter, for some it can be a time... Read More

Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner Has the Headlines, but Transgender Is Old News

Bruce Jenner, former Olympic athlete and reality star, has made recent headlines. After months (or longer) of tabloid and entertainment news speculation, Jenner publicly came out in... Read More

Mid adult woman with hand on chin,looking away,close-up

What Makes Some People More Resilient to Trauma Than Others?

Why do some people suffer after a traumatic event while others do not? This is an important question in the world of trauma psychology, one that is being extensively researched. We... Read More

Sleeping Family

Is Co-Sleeping or Bed Sharing with Your Child a Good Idea?

Is it OK to allow a child to sleep with his or her parents? This is a hot-button and controversial topic. Some believe there is nothing wrong with parents sharing a bed with their child... Read More

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Therapy News Headlines

Mental Health Treatment Increases Among Children, Study Finds

May 29, 2015   .   1 Comment

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), about 13% of children ages 8 to 15 experience a diagnosable mental health issue each year. ADHD is the most common diagnosis, with... Read More

FAA Plans to Review Mental Health of Pilots, and Other News

May 29, 2015   .   1 Comment

Two months after a Germanwings pilot killed 150 passengers in an apparent suicide, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced it will study pilots’ mental health.... Read More

Delayed Cord Clamping May Boost Social, Motor Skills

May 27, 2015   .   4 Comments

For decades, doctors have routinely clamped the umbilical cords of newborns moments after birth. Some parents now avoid immediate clamping in favor of allowing the umbilical cord to... Read More

Do Depressed People Hear Things Differently?

May 26, 2015   .   3 Comments

Though depression affects 14.8 million Americans each year, it can be a deeply isolating experience. People experiencing depression may feel chronically misunderstood and unheard, and... Read More

Suicide Rate Among Black Children Increases, Study Says

May 22, 2015   .   4 Comments

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), a million adults in the United States attempted suicide in 2010, with nearly 16% of students seriously considering suicide at some... Read More

Supreme Court Rules on Mental Health Issue, and Other News

May 22, 2015   .   6 Comments

United States Supreme Court In 2008, Teresa Sheehan, a woman with a long history of mental health issues, was shot multiple times by two San Francisco police officers. The incident... Read More

Do Psychiatric Drugs Do More Harm Than Good?

May 21, 2015   .   6 Comments

Twenty percent of Americans take at least one psychiatric drug. According to Peter C. Gøtzsche, professor at the Nordic Cochrane Center in Denmark, these drugs may be more harmful... Read More

Self-Care Skills Key to Job Success in Adults with Autism

May 20, 2015   .   4 Comments

One in 68 children—and one in 42 boys—is on the autism spectrum. Parents of children with autism face a host of challenges that don’t end with the daily struggles of raising... Read More

Report Uncovers Abuse of Inmates with Mental Health Issues

May 19, 2015   .   2 Comments

According to a new Human Rights Watch report, abuse of prisoners with mental health issues is rampant. The report details intense physical violence, including shocking prisoners, trapping... Read More

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