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Sad couple

Pregnancy Loss and Miscarriage: When It Happens to You

Pregnancy loss and miscarriage are not common topics of conversation. Our society doesn’t like to talk about when a baby dies early in pregnancy. We don’t talk about the panic and... Read More

woman standing against cement wall.

Painful Lessons: Discovering the Gifts in Our Suffering

As human beings, we have all had to deal with our share of suffering. The causes of our suffering may change, but the experience remains the same. For some, their struggle may be with... Read More

I Want to Quit!

Why Stopping Just Might Be Your Ticket to Moving Forward

Never say never.  Nothing is impossible.  These are wonderful messages that encourage people to persevere, have courage, and take bold actions in pursuit of their dreams. It’s the... Read More

Man at sea

Is the Opposite of What You Want Precisely What You Need?

Sometimes it’s very clear to us what we need to do. It’s just common sense. We’ve been working hard, so we take a break. We’re hungry, so we eat. We’re lonely, so we call... Read More

man blogging on laptop

Best of the Best: Our Favorite Blogs about Bipolar

Most, if not all, people go through ups and downs, mood swings, and phases of depressive thoughts. But for some, ups and downs come in the form of more severe mania and depression,... Read More

baseball player leaping

Win Some, Lose Some: How Baseball Mirrors the Game of Life

For those of us in the United States, baseball season is well under way, with the major league season at its midpoint. I love baseball season—warm sunshine, the smell of freshly cut... Read More

mother with arm around daughter

Are You Stunting Your Kids’ Transition into Adulthood?

Why is it that, in today’s society, parents have so much difficulty getting their kids to transition into adulthood? How is it that many parents find that their kids are seemingly... Read More

woman with flu lying in bed

One Flu Over the Cuckoo’s Nest: When Illness Levels You

I recently had a serious bout of flu or some other mysterious, sneaky illness that snuck up and knocked me down so hard I didn’t even know I was hit. I struggled through my day at... Read More

Young man standing in rain, head back, looking up

Powerlessness: Learning to Live with the Unchangeable

Most of the people who come to my office are contemplating a life change, or trying to feel better about one that happened recently. They feel stressed and unsure about decisions they... Read More

brushes on pallette

From Patient to Person: How Art Helped Me Find My Identity

Sometimes, I consider it a blessing that I have no formal art training. Not being savvy with technical art terms is an advantage when my lines aren’t perfectly shaped or my colors... Read More

Woman Taking Pill

If ‘Pink Viagra’ Seems Tough to Swallow, Try This Instead

Not long ago I was contacted by a local female journalist who was researching an article about “Even the Score,” a pharmaceutical industry campaign that trumpets “it’s time... Read More

Woman looking out window

A Self-Help Guide to Living with Bipolar

There is a paradox when it comes to bipolar mood episodes in terms of the treatment versus the prevention of episodes. On the one hand, the treatment of mood episodes can be rigorous,... Read More

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Therapy News Headlines

Study Suggests Spinal Cord Learns Without Brain Input

July 1, 2015   .   No Comments

For most people, the concepts of learning and emotions immediately call to mind images of the brain. However, the central nervous system cannot function without the spinal cord. Doctors... Read More

‘Overwhelming’ Evidence Shows Same-Sex Parenting Is Not Harmful

June 30, 2015   .   No Comments

Friday’s landmark Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges immediately legalized same-sex marriage across the country, forcing even the most conservative states to accept... Read More

How a Computer Game Can Help You Lose Weight

June 30, 2015   .   1 Comment

When seeking to optimize physical health, many people turn to the gym.  Exercise also offers mental health benefits and may even be as effective at treating depression and anxiety... Read More

Heavy Metal and ‘Extreme’ Music Can Be Calming, Study Finds

June 29, 2015   .   3 Comments

Heavy metal, punk, and other loud, aggressive varieties of music have been historically blamed for things such as child murders and satanic rituals, and some may suspect their influence... Read More

1 in 4 Children Exposed to Weapon Violence, and Other News

June 26, 2015   .   7 Comments

The tragic Charleston church shootings have renewed debates about gun control in the United States. A new study published in Pediatrics may contribute to the dialogue by exposing the... Read More

How Do Crows Count? Study Examines Mathematical Crows

June 25, 2015   .   2 Comments

Crows and ravens are a long evolutionary chain away from humans, but some of their behavior closely resembles that of humans. Viral videos of crows that talk and count frequently make... Read More

Study Says 23% of Children Are Victimized by Cyberbullying

June 24, 2015   .   5 Comments

For many parents, bullying is still little more than an uncomfortable childhood rite of passage. But cyberbullying means bullies can attack their victims free of risk, and often without... Read More

Rape Prevention Program Nearly Halves Risk of Rape

June 23, 2015   .   4 Comments

About 16% of women have survived a rape or attempted rape, and some studies put the figure even higher. In one survey of New York University students, 37% of women reported having survived... Read More

Connecticut Reduces Fatal Shootings, and Other News

June 19, 2015   .   8 Comments

In the wake of the shooting rampage that killed nine people at one of the country’s oldest historically black churches, debates about gun control have again entered the national... Read More


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Despite using protection, you have gotten pregnant; naturally, you are shocked. You are not happy with your boyfriend, ... Read more »

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