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 Teenagers on Smartphones

You Can’t Text Personal Touch: Disconnect in the Digital Age

You might be reading this on a small screen cradled in your hand, in which case the device you are holding may also be used to remind your friend to “pick up bread” for the dinner... Read More

Woman thinking

Between Therapy Sessions: 3 Handy Coping Skills for Trauma

While it’s true that working with a good trauma therapist enhances healing, not all trauma work happens in the therapy room. Even when a person regularly sees a therapist, the trauma... Read More

Man standing on sea wall

How Unwanted and Intolerable Feelings Fuel Indecision

“Angry, anxious, and indecisive,” was how Mark’s wife described him when she insisted that he go into therapy. Feeling that he had no choice but to comply with his wife, Mark... Read More

 woman sitting in the chair with her hands in on her head in distress

Find More Energy: Reduce the Busyness in Your Mind

As we move toward spring, we often feel inspired to reduce the weight we are carrying. For some of us this is literal, as we try to get healthier after a winter of total or partial... Read More

Tree pairs of legs in the bed

4 Ways to Get Out of ‘Mommy Mode’ and Into ‘Partner Mode’

The transition from being a wife or partner to being a mother with children can be a difficult one. Whereas before you could give all your time and attention to your partner or spouse,... Read More

Man angry during meeting

How Family-of-Origin Issues Can Become Workplace Issues

Mental health is generally considered a very personal thing. However, aspects of our mental health sometimes collide with our very public work selves. Much more than just depression... Read More

close up of hand woman typing on smart phone

Candy Crushing: The Dangerous Mini-Casino in Your Pocket

We’ve all done it: sat in a meeting or in the office, at church or at a school function, staring at the screens of our smartphones. Sometimes it’s to read an urgent work email or... Read More

Sad teen

Kids Get Depressed, Too: 8 Signs of Depression in Teens

As parents, the one thing we want to do is protect our children. We baby-proof our houses, snap them in car seats, and give them helmets to wear while riding their bikes. As they age,... Read More

Teen talking with dad

9 Tips for Talking to Teens about Dating and Relationships

It happened. You knew it would, but you didn’t think it would happen so quickly. In spite of any hope you had of slowing down the clock, you woke up one day to find that your... Read More

Fantasy color season forest

Dreaming Is Believing: A Method for Analyzing Dreams

Many of us are taken with our dreams. There are different systems for translating the images of the night into the language of the day. At the temple of Aesculapius in ancient Greece... Read More

Couple Embracing on Hill

The Most Important Thing You Can Say to a Sex Abuse Survivor

A friend, loved one, or family member pulls you aside to talk. He or she is normally quiet and reserved; this seems out of the ordinary. “I have something very important to tell you.... Read More

Couple growing apart

When Emotional Primacy Strays: The Many Shades of Infidelity

Several years ago, I was eating an ice cream cone on the patio of a walking mall under a summer azure sky when I noticed a woman sitting alone at a table adjacent to mine. I recognized... Read More

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Therapy News Headlines

Oklahoma Alone in Moving to Protect Conversion Therapy

March 5, 2015   .   No Comments

Conversion therapy—sometimes called reparative therapy—is a widely discredited form of therapy that attempts to change people’s sexual orientation to heterosexual. In recent years,... Read More

GoodTherapy.org Supports Compassion, Not Conversion

March 4, 2015   .   2 Comments

It should go without saying: conversion therapy is an outdated mode of treatment for an issue that is not, and has not been, a mental health diagnosis for quite some time. GoodTherapy.org... Read More

Does Sexism Cause Women to Delay Heart Attack Treatment?

March 4, 2015   .   2 Comments

Though heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, many don’t seek prompt care when they experience symptoms of a heart attack. This results in a disproportionately high heart... Read More

Man Killed by LAPD Spent a Decade in Mental Health Facility

March 3, 2015   .   3 Comments

Cell phone video (below) of a confrontation between a homeless man and four members of the Los Angeles Police Department shows police fatally shooting the man, firing multiple shots... Read More

Could Your Beliefs about Nicotine Change How It Affects You?

March 2, 2015   .   4 Comments

News about the dangers of smoking keeps getting worse and worse, but smoking is an addiction, so wanting to quit is rarely sufficient. Kicking the habit is notoriously challenging,... Read More

Is There a Link Between Headaches and Mental Health Issues?

February 28, 2015   .   5 Comments

Headaches can be debilitating, interfering with people’s abilities to do their jobs, care for their children, or even just sit in a chair. Despite increased research into headaches,... Read More

Facebook Improves Efforts to Prevent Suicide, and Other News

February 27, 2015   .   5 Comments

If you’ve spent enough time on Facebook, you’ve almost certainly seen someone display signs of depression or reach out for help, and you may have seen someone threaten suicide.... Read More

Study Explores How Busy Schedules Affect Well-Being

February 26, 2015   .   4 Comments

If you’re like most people, you spend some portion of every day stressed about time, obligations, and your ability to get everything done. In an increasingly fast-paced world,... Read More

Criticism Continues of Kaiser’s Mental Health Services

February 25, 2015   .   6 Comments

In September 2014, GoodTherapy.org reported on the California Department of Managed Health Care’s decision to fine Kaiser Permanente $4 million for delaying and denying mental... Read More

Dear GoodTherapy.org

Topic Experts answer your questions about psychotherapy, mental health, and relationships.

Is It Friendship If You Have Nothing in Common Anymore?

Thanks for your question. I guess the simple and perhaps even smart-alecky answer would be, “Don’t talk about politics and stick to sports!” I have very good friends who disagree with me ... Read more »

Mom's Leaving Me with Hurt, Guilt, Resentment, and Anger

First, I want to tell you that you are absolutely entitled to all of your feelings—even the ones that seem to contradict each other. Relationships are very complex; there is room for many ... Read more »

Three Jobs, Two Kids, One Disabled Mom, and No Hope. Help!

I have to admit that when I first read your letter I felt overwhelmed. I was a single mother myself for several years, many years ago. Your voice called up those years, and I remembered how tired I ... Read more »

I Caught My Mom Cheating and She Begged Me to Keep It Secret

I'm so sorry you find yourself in this position. I imagine you feel like you either have to be disloyal to your mom and tell your dad, or be disloyal to your dad and keep this secret from him. That ... Read more »

Another Abandonment? My Therapist Won't See Me Anymore!

It’s easy to understand why you feel hurt; your experience with this therapist is a reminder of previous Read more »

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