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  • Darren Haber: Thanks Julie. Perhaps we could say there are physical differences and emotional similarities.
  • cbag: Bella, your story is nice, but I do the same thing with my wife. Telling her how I think she’s so hot in a dress. She will fight it...
  • Lin: I have done this since I was a young teenager… I bite and chew so much and can’t stop. I bite until I bleed and I just keep going....
  • Sam: I have a son and a daughter that I have raised by myself they had a good life. Their father was never in their life and they had no problems...
  • Ian: What I mean by that is until my ex-wife feels remorse for all she has done and is truly sorry for her actions, the control she has over my 2... is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, medical treatment, or therapy. Always seek the advice of your physician or qualified mental health provider with any questions you may have regarding any mental health symptom or medical condition. Never disregard professional psychological or medical advice nor delay in seeking professional advice or treatment because of something you have read on