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Two People Walking on Beach

Who’s Taking Care of the Caretaker?

The other day I was supposed to meet a dear old friend. The last few times we had plans, she canceled last minute because her mother, now 86, needed something. I understood, of course.... Read More

Depression and pain

The Story Domestic Violence Statistics Don’t Tell

There is a life-threatening condition that causes millions of injuries and 1,300 deaths each year in the United States. Despite living in an age of medical marvels and technological... Read More

mother and daughter

Why You’re Not Ruining Your Kids

It’s the secret fear every parent harbors: that the time we yell at the kids in the car, play Candy Crush instead of listening to their story, or fight with our spouse in front of... Read More

Couple holding hands by ocean

3 Creative Things to Try Before Going to Couples Counseling

It’s been well-documented—both in pop culture and in the empirical community—the incidence of partnerships turning to relationship counseling as a last resort to save the relationship.... Read More


Parental Influence: Telling Adult Children What to Do

Megan doesn’t want her daughter to be a theater major in college. Tim doesn’t think his son’s about-to-be fiancée is right for him. Samantha doesn’t want her son to join the... Read More


Domestic Violence and Trauma: 4 Things Everyone Should Know

October is recognized as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It is an important issue to bring attention to, as awareness is the first step in making changes. Domestic violence... Read More

An abused woman is worried

Top 5 Articles on Domestic Violence from GoodTherapy.org

The topic of domestic violence entered the media spotlight well ahead of Domestic Violence Awareness Month this year. October has been dubbed domestic violence awareness month since... Read More

Domestic Violence Female Survivor

The Psychological Wounds of Domestic Violence

For many people, there are few things that evoke a more reassuring sense of warmth, comfort, stability, and safety than going home. Many people see their home as a personal stronghold—a... Read More

Two girls talking

I’m OK, You’re Not OK … and That’s Perfectly OK

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re in a good mood, but then you talk to a friend who’s not doing so well and suddenly you feel conflicted? You want to support your friend,... Read More

A couple in therapy look at one another optimistically

Establishing an Evidence-Based Practice, One Client at a Time

When it comes to evaluating psychotherapy, there is good news and there is bad news. The good news is that research has unequivocally demonstrated that therapy works. The bad news is... Read More

Woman in bed

When Sex Hurts: 3 Options for Women Who Experience Pain

According to leading research, the prevalence of women who experience vaginal pain is 9.3%, but the figure is even higher (up to 13%) for women between the ages of 20 and 30. For some,... Read More

Father and Son Sitting on Stairs

Applying the ‘Four Agreements’ to Autism Parenting, Part I

Several years ago, I picked up a book that transformed my life. The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz, is one of my favorites, and one that I recommend often to people who seek my... Read More

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Therapy News Headlines

How Do Toddlers Respond to Adult Emotional Cues?

October 21, 2014   .   1 Comment

The world of children can seem like a foreign culture, featuring values and rules that may appear quite different from those that govern the adult world. Even from a young age, though,... Read More

Children Raised in Institutions at Increased Risk for ADHD

October 20, 2014   .   2 Comments

At least 58,000 children are placed in institutional settings in the United States each year, and these institutions frequently fail to meet their basic physical, psychological, and... Read More

Autism Linked to Air Pollutants, and Other News

October 17, 2014   .   4 Comments

A researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has found evidence of a connection between a rise in autism rates and an increase in air pollution levels. Amy Kalkbrenner, a public... Read More

Study Finds Common Anesthetic May Alleviate Symptoms of PTSD

October 16, 2014   .   3 Comments

Posttraumatic stress (PTSD), which results from a traumatic life experience, can upend a person’s life, resulting in intrusive memories, nightmares, anxiety, depression, fear,... Read More

Does Gender Equality in Marriage Benefit Men, Too?

October 15, 2014   .   3 Comments

Opponents of gender equality have long argued that both men and women lose something when the sexes are treated equally and share duties. The results of a research project that dates... Read More

The Factors That Predict a Stable Marriage May Surprise You

October 14, 2014   .   2 Comments

We’ve all heard the dismal statistic that approximately half of all marriages end in divorce, but divorce isn’t a sudden and unpredictable event. Scientists have long attempted... Read More

Child Psychological Abuse Just as Damaging as Other Forms

October 13, 2014   .   2 Comments

In discussions of child abuse, it’s easy to forget about psychological abuse, and some parents even argue that yelling and name-calling can’t be fairly compared to sexual... Read More

Study Suggests Reptiles, Too, Can Learn Through Imitation

October 11, 2014   .   3 Comments

For centuries, scientists thought that learning through imitation was unique to humans, only to have this assumption upended by studies in primate learning. Until recently, scientists... Read More

GoodTherapy.org Celebrates Family Justice Center Anniversary

October 10, 2014   .   No Comments

The Thurston County Family Justice Center (TCFJC, online at thurstoncountyfjc.org) is only one of two Family Justice Centers in Washington State, and has just celebrated its first anniversary.... Read More

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Topic Experts answer your questions about psychotherapy, mental health, and relationships.

Is It Possible to Become Dependent on Therapy? I'm Not Rich!

Thanks for the letter and your thoughtful questions. I am very pleased that you reached out, seeking advice on what to do. You ask if it’s possible to become dependent on Read more »

It Took a Mere 35 Minutes to Diagnose Me with Bipolar!

I am assuming that you consulted with either a psychiatrist or Read more »

How Can I Trust after My Girlfriend and Friend Betrayed Me?

Thanks for writing in. Gosh, I’m sorry you’ve been through such an emotionally brutal experience. I can’t imagine the blow of losing a girlfriend and an allegedly good friend at once, ... Read more »

Am I Depressed?

Determining whether you meet the criteria for diagnosis of a depressive issue would require a face-to-face session ... Read more »

Am I Having Flashbacks of Childhood Sexual Abuse?

It can be hard to know for certain whether what you have been experiencing is, in fact, a series of previously repressed Read more »

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  • Lisa: The reality is that much of the trauma is from the suffering that comes before death. In my case, I still have my mother here with me, but I...
  • Stacie: I find it interesting that the children from homes where there could be more explosive anger would be the ones who can ignore that anger in...
  • JustinE: Women and men both who are abused have their own reasons for styaing with their relationship and the abuser and many times it is multi...
  • Carlette: I might have to bring the spirit of Oprah with me the next time that my husband and I argue. She seems to be so calm and collected which...
  • andrea f: There are too many of us who have been made to feel like we have to be supermom all the time and honestly, this is exhausting me! I feel...