Emotional Intelligence Test | Online EQ Test (Free and Paid)

For decades, scientists and other researchers have focused primarily on intelligence--usually measured through IQ tests--as the most significant predictor of success. However, there are forms of intelligence that a traditional IQ test cannot measure. Even Charles Darwin recognized the importance of emotional intelligence and pointed to the ways in which emotional expression and interpretation can affect an individual's survival. In more recent years, psychologists have begun to understand that emotional intelligence is as important as other kinds of intelligence. Some have even argued that emotional intelligence is a better predictor of success than general intelligence. Some studies indicate that people with high emotional IQs are better-equipped at negotiating, winning favor, making friends, and influencing others.

Like other forms of intelligence, your emotional IQ is not a static trait. By learning your weaknesses and building upon your strengths, you can work toward greater emotional intelligence. Especially for people with low emotional intelligence, it can be challenging to know what areas need improvement, and this test provides you with a completely private opportunity to learn about traits you might want to work on. It can be painful to examine your social weaknesses, especially because many people have been bullied or mistreated for lacking certain social skills. Nevertheless, by answering questions honestly, you may be able to learn more about your strengths and weaknesses. If you are not sure about the answer to a question on this test, think about your previous social interactions or ask a friend or family member what they think. Oftentimes it is easier to think about our social behavior when we put it in a specific context.

GoodTherapy.org has partnered with PsychTests AIM Inc. as the assessment provider for this test. The test is scored like a standard intelligence test, where 100 is average. You will also be given a percentile rank to help you understand where you stand in comparison to others. The test contains 146 questions and on average takes 45 minutes to complete. You will get a snapshot report of where you fall relative to other people, and will also have the option to purchase a more detailed full report. The paid report details your rank within numerous dimensions of emotional intelligence including emotional awareness, impulse control, empathy, conflict management, motivation, maturity, and self-esteem. The full test report is optional and can be purchased for $9.95 after you complete the test.

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