Suicide Most Likely after Midnight, Other Mental Health News

golden pocket watch showing midnightTo people who have lost loved ones to suicide, suicide can be sudden and inexplicable. But a new study has found that the timing of suicide does follow a certain trend. Researchers evaluated data from the National Violent Death Reporting System and the American Time Use Survey, and examined a total of 35,332 suicides. They found that an average of 2.13% of suicides occurred every hour between 6:00 a.m. and 11:59 p.m.

After midnight, the suicide rate trended up, averaging 10.27% of all suicides every hour. The most frequent time for suicides was between 2:00 a.m. and 2:59 a.m., accounting for 16.27% of all suicides. The researchers who conducted the study argue that their data points to insomnia as a risk factor for suicide.

Study Finds Underreporting of Child Maltreatment

A study published in Jama Pediatrics has found that the rate of reported child abuse is much lower than the rate of actual child abuse, and that 12% of all children are neglected or physically, sexually, or psychologically abused before the age of 18. Among African-American children, the child abuse rate is 20%, and 14% of Native American children are victimized by child abuse.

New Tool Helps ID Vets at Risk of Violence

The stress of adjusting to civilian life, posttraumatic stress, and other mental health factors can all conspire to increase the risk of veterans behaving violently. Researchers have devised a new tool that may more accurately identify veterans at risk of violence. The Violence Screening and Assessment of Needs (VIO-SCAN) evaluates veterans’ stress levels, prior exposure to violence, financial stability, addictive behaviors, risk of posttraumatic stress, and other factors based on a veteran’s answers to specific questions. A “yes” answer to some questions increases a veteran’s risk of violence. Veterans are scored on a scale of zero to five, with five indicating a veteran is at a heightened risk of violent behavior.

Premature Death, Suicides Up Among People With Schizophrenia, Study Says

The authors of a new study argue that people with schizophrenia may not be getting the treatment they need. Researchers examined 25,000 Swedish people with schizophrenia between 1972 and 2009. Within five years of being diagnosed with schizophrenia, 2% of people committed suicide; 10% of men were convicted of a violent crime; and the likelihood of premature death was eight times higher than the likelihood faced by people without schizophrenia.

Bicyclists Happier Than Drivers, Train Riders, Study Says

Researchers have found that bicyclists report better moods during their commutes than either train riders or drivers report. Cyclists, according to the study, are typically young and healthy, which may partially explain their higher levels of happiness.

Do Stressed-Out Men Have Weaker Sperm?

Men under stress may have more difficulty impregnating their partners. The study was small, examining only 193 men, making it a preliminary study and not the final word on the issue. Researchers found that men who reported more frequent negative life events or higher rates of stress had lower quality sperm and a lower sperm count than men who did not report high stress.

When Teachers Are Depressed, Preschoolers May ‘Act Out’ More

Teachers may influence their students in unpredictable ways, according to a study that evaluated 761 families and teachers. Researchers looked at three-year-olds who spent five hours per week or more with teachers. They found that teachers who reported experiencing depression had students with more behavioral and emotional problems. Among this group of teachers, students were more likely to behave in angry, aggressive, anxious, or withdrawn ways. Researchers note that most of the children in the study came from low-income homes, and that this is itself a risk factor for behavioral challenges.

Sleepless Nights Raise Brain Levels of Alzheimer’s Protein, Study Finds

A protein called amyloid-beta has been repeatedly linked to the formation of brain plaques that lead to Alzheimer’s disease. A new study has found that healthy sleep may protect against the production of amyloid-beta proteins. The study was small, evaluating 26 middle-aged men, so its data is preliminary. Researchers found that men who reported sleepless nights had higher levels of amyloid-beta proteins in their spinal fluid, potentially increasing their susceptibility to Alzheimer’s.

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  • Cass

    June 6th, 2014 at 8:38 PM

    You think that suicides go up after midnight because this is a time when people would be more likely to be alone and would be the most hesitant to disturb others to ask for help?

  • Lance D...

    June 7th, 2014 at 12:25 PM

    If in certain instances the teacher is depressed then how do you think that he or she will then be able to focus and pay attention to all of the things happening in the classroom? You can’t because it is impossible to have the sort of attention and focus that you need to monitor everything when you yourself are not on your A game. I know that teachers face so much responsibility and stress that everything that they have to do can be a challenge when you feel great, so if you add depression into the mix I don’t think that there is any way that you are in shape to be in charge of a classroom. This would probably be a great time to take a little time out, time away from the classroom and focus on healing yourslef. Once you have the chance to do this then it is more likely that everything in your career will fall back into place too, and that includes your students and the managament of the classroom.

  • Paige

    June 9th, 2014 at 4:30 AM

    I have been thinking about this and you want to know why I think that abuse cases go unreported? Well there are lots of reasons I guess but I really think that there are many who think that what is going on isn’t abuse, it is discipline and they don’t think that the way that they are treating the child shows that there is anything wrong. Obviously much of the time they are very wrong, you can’t treat a child in an abusive manner and chalk that up to discipline. Even if you aren’t hitting but are abusing them emotionally and verbally this is plain out wrong. There will ddefinitely still be wounds, even when they are on the inside. But I think that this is a big part of the problem, even when we think that there could be something wrong we don’t step up and say anything because maybe this is just the way that they are choosing to hanlde their kids and is it really any of our business?

  • Catherine

    June 9th, 2014 at 3:58 PM

    How many vets do you know who are going to be open to and willing to take an assessment like this? I think that there are going to be alot of them who are too proud, who think that they can handle any problem on their own and that it really isn’t anyone’s business how they act to certain stimuli when they are not on active duty. Don’t you know people like that because i do. And who is going to like ebing told that yes they have a tendency towards violence when most of the already know this information anyway? I am nt so sure that this is going to go over too well in many military communities. The other thing is what to do with the information once you have it, and how will that be used.

  • Dee

    June 10th, 2014 at 3:58 PM

    So the bikers may be happy but not me. I hate getting behind them and having to share the road with them. Don’t they realize that most of the time they are tying up traffic and making things more s=dangerous for most of us? There are tons of ways that they could exercise and I know that that is important to your physical and mental well being, I go to the gym practically avaery day. However I think that bike riders on the road are a real headache. Our roads were not designed like the ones in other countries where this is more common and our towns were not designed to accomodate that kind of two wheel traffic. If they have a bike lane I am fine and I am glad that many have discovered a passion in what they do but please please don’t try to capture that happiness during my morning and afternoon commutes!

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