Source Energy Optimizes Life Part 4: Hosting Source Energy

Person peeking out of waterWhat lies behind us and what lies before us are
tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Most days, upon waking and showering, I notice a lingering low-grade dread. It is often accompanied by thoughts of things to do that begin competing with each other. At times it’s overwhelming, an example of the magnetic pull of conditioned thinking.

As I have become more settled with my expanding awareness of Source Energy, I still notice that pull, with its unpleasant distraction. Using the Source Energy–enhancing tools offered in this article, I’m able to prevent the destructive aspects of linear, and often counterproductive, conditioned thinking.

Using this simple embodiment ritual, conflicting thoughts diminish then fade away, as does the dread. I met Masaru Emoto, best known for his work on the effects our consciousness can have on water, and author of The Power of Water: Healing and Discovering Ourselves, at a conference in Toronto. He was my inspiration for the following ritual that takes place in the shower:

While under the streaming water, I remember my body is comprised of more than 70% water, as is the planet we inhabit. I soften my knees and begin to imagine floating in this water, feeling its calming wisdom, and informing me to not worry about a thing. I’m reminded to meet the flow of existing realities with ease and acceptance.

I cup my hands to meet the water as it runs through them, watching as I take a deep, conscious breath. I thank the water and express my love for giving life and making the world possible. After a few moments in the water’s flow I begin to slowly open my hands out from my center, inviting my heart and being to open to this Source Energy. Then I lift my hands up over my head, bring them together and draw them slowly down my torso, visualizing the water’s energy that has just touched me will infuse my own self-care and protection. The final gesture is to raise my hands to the sky, offering the same Source Energy to everyone and everything on our planet. It leaves me with a grounded feeling of oneness that allows me to anchor my day.

While I am not suggesting this ritual is for everyone, I offer it as an illustration. I encourage anyone for whom this story resonates to vary my ritual, or create your own.

Embodiment, or hosting Source Energy, could be defined as the mind being conscious of the role that the body plays in shaping the mind and our moment-to-moment experience. It allows a subtle shift from feeling with the senses to feeling with awareness. When we direct our minds to be aware and notice subtlety, we can often feel options that may make better choices than ones we can only access with our five senses.

Practice is the key, when we give ourselves a quiet pause, to gain flexibility in shifting between the outwardly focused mind and the subtler mind that uses felt awareness. When this skill is developed, we can use both levels of awareness fluidly and begin simultaneously to have an inner knowing that is tangible and fresh.

Hosting Source Energy can be as simple as taking a deep breath. For a deeper experience, take the time to do a full-body drop:

In a comfortable setting, suspend the voices in your head that judge, speak of criticism, cynicism, or even fear. Let those voices go on vacation, while you bring your attention to your body. First, bring awareness to your feet, while you notice them connecting to the floor. Notice your awareness of gravity holding them like a gentle magnet. Slowly bring your attention to your lower legs, then knees and thighs. Gradually move up to your pelvis, then torso, arms, shoulders, neck, and head. Now that you have a better connection to your body, shift your awareness to your breath, noticing in that moment it is effortless. Nature is breathing for you, and through you; just let that be. Then take a moment for a conscious deep breath into your heart, and welcome it.

After this peaceful exercise, scan your whole body and simply be aware, without judgment or agenda, of whatever you happen to notice. It might be tension or calmness; you may get mental images that are unexpected. Let whatever you notice in that moment simply be. Imagine giving it all the space it wants to express itself.

This practice can unify the imaginary separation of body, mind, and spirit and enliven Source Energy to offer its guidance. In this embodied state, our experience of time collapses, allowing for imagery and perceptions that are often deeply informative.

The previous articles have explored how Source Energy can be activated. To sustain it, come to rely on it, or host it, we need to infuse it with gratitude. When we lack gratitude for simply being alive, it’s because we have been unwittingly separated from the presence of Source Energy. When we gradually release our attachment to a predefined identity, we can gently return to the awareness of being Source Energy.

Embodiment, or hosting it, will allow Source Energy to influence our choices and experiences, making for happier, more playful lives.

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  • Donna

    June 6th, 2012 at 3:36 PM

    While I can definitely see the benefits of this exercise, i have to admit that I don’t want to have to go through this sort of ritual day in and day out to be at peace. I just think that there has to be an easier way to be happier without having to go through this sort of “coaching” of myself to be happy. Why can’t I simply “be” happy and content?

  • Michael Picucci

    June 6th, 2012 at 5:53 PM

    “Why can’t I simply “be” happy and content?” you ask Donna. I asked myself the same question for years, and it was exhausting. I only became happy and content when I took responsibility for who I am and what I’m made of: pristine energy w/thought & bio-physiological patterns. Yet this happiness is a constantly wavering experience that I can only have by respecting present realities. I find myself living in a world/culture, and having an ancestry, that easily engages conditioned thinking – a separator of my unified happy energy field. I consent to this reality. An unruly thinking pattern already exists as part of my being that continues to soften it’s voice (that says things like “Why can’t I simply ‘be’ happy and content?.” I find myself evolving from this contrast between Source Energy and the pull of outdated patterns. It feels better than being adversarial with two aspects of myself that have reason for being. At the same time, Donna, I’m very open to ever easier, more graceful ways of being happy and content. Please share any pathway to this loveliness that has or will become known to you. Be well, Michael

  • amy d

    June 7th, 2012 at 4:28 AM

    I love that the connection is made between the washing your outer self clean but allowing it to also wash the inner you clean as well. And I also love how this source energy that you have been able to embrace not only energizes and focuses the head and the heart, but you allow this to become a whole body experience. I have tried similar methods, and typically have gotten distracted or impatient because the process did not go as smoothly or as quickly as I amy have wished. I see this now as the truth, which is that at that point I was not ready to allow it to happen. I now feel ready, and I than you for giving me that inspiration.

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