Life as a Lone Wolf: Why Do So Many Men Feel Lonely?

Man in red shirt leans on railing to look at cityMost people crave social connection. While social media, endless apps, and new technology promises to connect more people, many people feel lonelier than ever. While isolation can be a trigger for loneliness, loneliness and isolation are not identical. A person can feel lonely even when surrounded by others, especially if they don’t have deep connections that feel meaningful to them.

Loneliness doesn’t just feel bad. It can have profound implications for health. Some research even suggests that chronic loneliness can be as harmful to a person’s health as smoking 15 cigarettes per day.

Research on gender differences in loneliness is mixed. Some studies show that women are lonelier than men; others show the reverse. Most researchers, however, agree that single men tend to be especially lonely, and that certain social norms governing masculinity may increase the risk of loneliness in men. Some early research on loneliness also suggests men may be less likely than women to admit to feelings of loneliness.

Social Isolation in Men

Studies consistently find that women are more likely to have dense social networks than men. From childhood, women are socialized to value friendship, confide in their friends, and to foster deep intimacy with close friends. Even when men have many friends, they may feel uncomfortable sharing emotions or airing feelings of vulnerability.

A 2018 analysis of people living in rural regions found that 63 percent of men felt comfortable opening up to friends, compared to 74 percent of women. Women were also more likely to participate in activities, such as church gatherings, that foster friendship and a sense of community.

Although social isolation is a serious concern among single men, research suggests that emotional feelings of loneliness are even more important. A 2011 study tied social isolation to reduced life satisfaction, but the link was even stronger for emotional loneliness. Researchers also found that male university students were significantly more likely to report emotional feelings of loneliness than female students.

How Stigma Can Be a Cage

Masculine social norms teach men that vulnerability is weakness. Homophobia is also prevalent. Straight cisgender men may fear being labeled “gay.” These two forces can make it very difficult for men to reach out to others in friendship. Even when men have friends, they may fear judgment if they display weakness or ask for help.

Heterosexual male friendships often feature a boastful sort of masculinity, in which men brag about their sexual prowess, their financial success, or their independence. This culture can make it hard for men struggling in their relationships to share their challenges. It also shows men that the ideal man is one who uses others—not one who invests deeply in interdependent relationships.

This isolation can be a self-replicating intergenerational cycle. Men may discourage sons from showing weakness or emotion. Boys also witness their fathers modeling stoic behavior and may mimic it. In this way, the stigma of emotionally connecting to other men passes from one generation to the next.

The Marriage Effect

Men in most studies are more likely than women to have long-term partners. These partners can ease some loneliness. Indeed, many men rely on their partners as a primary or sole source of emotional support. This increases men’s vulnerability to loneliness when relationships end or partners die. A 2017 survey found women are more comfortable being single than men. Sixty-one percent of single women in the UK reported being happy, compared to just 49% of single men.

In addition to supporting their male partners, women in long-term heterosexual relationships may help them socialize by building and fostering social networks. Emotional labor like remembering birthdays, sending holiday cards, planning family get-togethers, and scheduling outings with friends has traditionally fallen to women. When a man loses his partner, he may lose an important social lubricant. That may mean losing friends and social opportunities.

How to Build Bromance

Building friendships with other men can be challenging, especially when a man is no longer in school. A few strategies may help:

  • Join communities and organizations that foster intimacy. Churches, volunteer organizations, and support groups may offer groups specifically for men looking for closer relationships.
  • Seek friendships with men who value alternative forms of masculinity and who are willing to talk about the need for human connection.
  • Consider working to turn acquaintances into friends. Invite a social media friend who speaks out against toxic masculinity or male loneliness to an outing.
  • Take a more active role in family efforts to grow relationships. Don’t rely on women to plan all social outings or reach out to others.
  • Try starting a new group or organization. Ask other dads to meet up once a month or invite acquaintances from church to start a group for men who want to grow meaningful relationships.
  • Identify any harmful beliefs you have about friendship or masculinity. Do you believe that crying indicates weakness or that real men don’t need others? Work to understand where these beliefs come from and actively correct them.
  • Practice conversations with other men ahead of time. Think about questions to ask them about their lives or opinions. Consider what you hope to share about yourself.
  • Don’t rely on social media as a sole or primary source of socialization. While social media can bring people together, it also relies heavily on brief interactions rather than the sustained, meaningful connection that grows lasting friendship.
  • Model vulnerability to other men and boys. Men who see that strong men can be vulnerable may feel more comfortable being vulnerable themselves. Sons who see their fathers invest in friendships may be less reticent to do so themselves.

Therapy can help many men practice and master new social skills. Men may also benefit from therapy when social anxiety impedes relationships or when loneliness is so severe that it leads to depression.

GoodTherapy connects people to caring, ethical therapists who can help with a range of challenges, including loneliness and making new friends. Find a therapist who can help you here.


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  • Paul

    November 16th, 2020 at 11:06 AM

    I read the artical but its too simplistic about men men have alot more issues with integration and socialisation there are situations which men have no control over and need help but because help and therapy revolve around groups many men don’t seek help with there mental health mental health as a long way to go to to properly understand the real issues of depression

  • Mike

    December 11th, 2020 at 7:20 AM

    If women had been like the old days, then love would’ve been very easy to find the way that it did happen for our family members. Most women today are very high maintenance, very independent, since they really don’t want many of us single men anymore, selfish, greedy, spoiled, picky, narcissists, and very money hungry today more than ever before. Back in the old days most women were the very complete opposite of today, and real ladies as well which made love very easy to find back then. What in the world happened to these women today? Now it has really become very dangerous for many of us single men just to say good morning or hello to a woman that we would really like too meet, and there will be times they will even Curse at many of us men for know reason at all. Not easy at all for many of us men trying to find love these days unfortunately.

  • Kathleen

    October 15th, 2023 at 7:03 AM

    I hate to barge in here but aside from Tony, these comments do not display an actual call for help, at all – but a shift to blame women. Men and women have their own difficulties. Not all women are gold-diggers and all the things that many of you seem to be happy to call them under the sun. Not all men are predators and all things that women can also fault the male sex over. It is awful that you are neglected in many ways, and indeed many factors play a role. But women are not the problem. Men are not the problem. Whatever your wall is from making genuine social connections, you have to evaluate yourself. That is your own responsibility. As a married woman who has had to go to therapy because of the things that were not my fault, it is still my responsibility to learn to heal and live. My husband’s friends say that he has socially bloomed since we got together which I am delighted to have helped in but he knows it is his responsibility to reach out to people, or at least extend the invitation to others. Yes, women in general (with some exceptions) have the social knack for connecting easily. We can strike up a pleasant conversation with a random girl when refreshing ourselves in the ladies’ bathroom whereas I’m aware that it is not the same in the men’s stalls. Men and women can help each other. But both need to say ‘hey, I need help’. All you men in the comments, evaluate yourselves. It is not the fault of the female sex – this is your dilemma. Find good male friendships and find that one female companionship that fosters that emotional intimacy, where you can let your guard down and she will be there for you. Make her feel safe and cherished. Open up to your guy friends about your struggles and let them feel comfortable opening up to you without judgement. Seek these friendships out. Don’t strawman the idea that doing these things will make you weaker. Take responsibility for yourselves, listen to your God-given consciences to find the right people and you yourself be the right person for others. Stop shifting the blame onto others. I’m not including those who may have intense trauma that has hindered them from being able to socialise. Just seek help. Get over yourselves and reach out.

  • Eddie

    December 16th, 2020 at 4:54 PM

    Just keep on wearing a mask. No one can see a smile , no one can read the facial expressions that we humans count on . Just keep on wearing the mask.

  • Richard

    December 19th, 2020 at 9:34 PM

    Stop blaming “social norms governing masculinity” for male loneliness. Just stop it. It is just a roundabout way of blaming men for their own loneliness. It’s getting tiresome.
    The reason men are lonely is because no one cares about them, it has got nothing to do with not wanting to appear gay (for god’s sake that is such an unbelievably stupid line of reasoning). The vast majority of people (especially women) just aren’t interested in listening to a man who wants to talk about his problems. They dismiss him as “whiny”, “unpleasant” and yes “weak”. Men have learned to keep their emotions bottled up because every time we let them out we find that it either pushes people away, or allows more malicious individuals to take advantage of us.
    It is always a tragedy when a depressed woman commits suicide, but when a man does it, he’s just a statistic. No one cares. Men are expendable and always will be.

  • Jeff Alberter

    December 31st, 2020 at 5:40 PM

    “Sixty-one percent of single women in the UK reported being happy, compared to just 49% of single men.”
    Which of these two groups is more likely to be sexless? I can fathom a guess.

  • john

    January 3rd, 2021 at 2:57 PM

    This article is completely clueless. Men and women are fundamentally different because of evolutionary biology. Women are very choosy about their mates because sex leads to pregnancy. Picking a bad mate means potentially having children with poor genes and pregnancy itself is a health risk.

    This has a profound influence on male and female behaviour. Men spend their life in competition for the attention of women, women get the attention of men by default. To show weakness, to show flaws is to be branded as low status by women and rejected by them. That is why men are the way they are and why they don’t have close friendships.

    Men are in competition with other men, men don’t want to open up with other men, they want to beat them. They want to be the funniest man in the room, the most successful man in the room and the toughest man in the room. Those are the men women notice, the other men in the room invisible to them.

    There is no such competitive pressure on women. Every women in a friendship group can get sex anytime she wants, she can get a relationship anytime she wants. Women are rarely in competition with each other, which means they can open up with one and other.

    Male behaviour is policed by women but to say that isn’t politically correct. So when male loneliness is discussed the toxic role of women is simply ignored.

  • Tony

    February 4th, 2021 at 5:40 PM

    Put simply, men get shafted.

  • Guest

    February 9th, 2021 at 7:39 AM

    With so many Gay And Bi women everywhere nowadays unfortunately, it does make it very difficult for many of us straight single guys trying to find love these days. Women are so much nastier now and very unfriendly more than they ever been these days, unlike the past when most women were the very complete opposite of today which made love very easy to find in those days. Very easy for our family members that had no trouble finding love back then.

  • Patrick

    February 28th, 2021 at 3:59 PM

    I invited some friends over, friends who have been campaigning against toxic masculinity and men’s rights (ending preference for maternal custody in divorce, fighting for toxic due process for men accused of Title IX violations, etc.). We talked about how much we hate being masculine and wish we could wear dresses and fight for free tampons and pads for all women. Then they went home.

  • Anonymous

    March 3rd, 2021 at 11:00 AM

    Being in a relationship for many of us single men would be so much better than being single and alone all the time.

  • Genius

    March 17th, 2021 at 2:42 PM

    Nobody talks to us mentally. I’d say perhaps one in thousands does, and she’s always pushing a shopping cart thinking she’s found her next victim. A female…as even just a friend….. I’ve never even heard of around here. I once took out a girl who never had a friend. Ever. She started a group for those who get social anxiety, well it didn’t last long. lol I joined the thing because I found the idea profoundly comical.
    I have to mention that corporate impact is a major factor…..the machines that actually dictate society……and not so much “societal masculine norms” or whatever that read and meant (I’d replace that with bad habits associated with depression if I was to be taken seriously). They have profound control over women’s early lives. School, religion, meddling members of society (especially the elders), and countless other entities occupy the purses and time, needlessly, and don’t create room for young women to grow and get them to Want to take some of their options.
    Good Therapy is just going to have to deal with this term Corporate Impact, because it’s coming to a theatre near you, and it’s not going away.

  • Guest

    March 25th, 2021 at 12:28 PM

    Women have it so much easier dating with no trouble at all, especially when it comes to men with a ton of money. Many of us single men have just enough trouble meeting a good woman to have a serious relationship with as it is, now that most women are very picky and just want the best of all. Since so many women these days are real Feminists, which makes it even much more worse for many of us men as well unfortunately.

  • renee

    May 12th, 2021 at 8:20 PM

    I’m just lonely
    Every other part of life is good
    Just still feel lonely

  • Joeb

    June 8th, 2021 at 4:48 PM

    Just date an older women. They are more lonely than you are. Just work between the cob webs.

  • Guest

    June 9th, 2021 at 10:44 AM

    Joeb, LOL.

  • Cos

    June 17th, 2021 at 6:50 AM

    For the most part, I agree with the comments more than I do the article.
    I agree that men are not desired by women for who they are, but for what we can provide. We are quite disposable if we don’t measure up to the expectations laid upon us. All we have to do is leave our wallets behind.
    But the corporate angle is generally ignored in psychology. With men constantly pitted against each other for the few rewards such stresses impose, there is no way a man can risk exposing his vulnerabilities to another man lest they cause him to fail. No man is an ally when there is not enough benefit to go around. Someone will have to lose for anyone to win.
    This is the life of quiet desperation Thoreau wrote about. That condition of a man’s life has changed little in the 200 years since Thoreau wrote about this except to worsen and make men even more desperate.

  • Guest

    June 19th, 2021 at 5:00 AM

    Most women nowadays just like to party a lot, drink, and sleep around with different men all the time. Especially the women that are real gold diggers, and just want to go with men a good twenty to thirty years older than they really are. It is all about money for most women now unfortunately, especially the real slutty low life ones unfortunately. Women just can’t commit to only one man anymore, since they have a real problem doing that. And with feminism that is everywhere today, it really did mess up their brain altogether since they really think they’re all that. And with most women today that are real narcissists, well that certainly explains how very dumb that most of them really are these days. Most women in the past were very easy to talk too, meet, date, and it was so much easier for the men in those days that were really looking for love since it was no problem for them at all. A much better class of women that existed back then, compared to the real awful ones that we have out there now that have no manners and personality at all either. That is why, so many single men like us just can’t meet a decent normal woman anymore these days, now that they have really changed for the worst of all.

  • Dom

    July 9th, 2021 at 5:50 AM

    I agree with the comments, than I do with the article. This is not a “masculinity issue.” the main problem here is the fact that, the economy has dwindled so much that men, now become to occupied to even have time to socialize. And since most men are not financially stable, they find it hard to find a genuine lover who isn’t only interested in money. But unfortunately most women and gals only want Money and no love, that’s why whenever these young men becomes rich, they find it difficult sticking to one woman. Because back when they were poor, these how’s weren’t loyal.

  • PAUL

    July 11th, 2021 at 1:51 AM

    I have read the articles I agree with most of the comments it is tough for men to date I don’t feel its just about talking we hear this all the time in depression you can talk forever and a day but if you can’t resolve the real issues in society you resolve anything all we ever get told is its not the problem but how you deal with it that’s a cop out what’s that really saying is I don’t give a shit we all have issues and problems you have deal with it and get on with stop whining does this sound familiar that’s why men won’t open up because there’s not many genuine people who really do understand and issues with therapy are you doing just for the money do you really understand or do you play psychology everyone is unique psychology thinks it’s got all the answers it doesn’t if it were true there wouldn’t be so many broken people in the world you can easily solve people just need to care listen not be selfish ignorant back biting and stop making men and women enemy’s that’s the solution

  • Kevin

    July 20th, 2021 at 9:48 AM

    I totally agree with Mike. The women today aren’t like they were in the 1940’s or 50’s. Back them most people met when they were young and the woman was faithful and stayed with their man thru good and bad. Today they are materialistic and always looking for something better

  • Mike

    July 24th, 2021 at 1:31 PM

    Kevin, I was very right on my comment that i wrote back in December. And i am surprised that you agree with me, since most other people will not at all. Very true what i said about the women in those days that were so much nicer and much easier to meet, and today most women unfortunately are just so very awful to meet. They have no manners and personality at all nowadays, that is for sure. Very stuck up, and real total losers altogether as well which is why many of us single good men really can’t find love at all today because of this. It was just too very bad that many of us men weren’t born in the old days, since we definitely would had met a real nice woman with no problem either instead of dealing with this mess today. Feminism is everywhere now unfortunately.

  • Cullen

    August 18th, 2021 at 8:20 AM

    Look women have screwed themselves, men who’ve had fathers don’t get lonely, they have their mission. Beta boys, white knights do because they have their nose stuck up women’s butts. I didn’t even bother with women until I was 39 .

  • Guest

    August 21st, 2021 at 5:11 AM

    Since there are many gay women nowadays which it does make it very difficult for many of us straight single guys trying to meet a good woman today as well, especially the ones that are very nasty with us when we will try to talk too them. There are so many women nowadays that just don’t like us men at all, and that very much explains it unfortunately.

  • Paul

    August 22nd, 2021 at 10:38 AM

    I have read the comments about emotional intelligence I don’t think that’s true I will explain many years ago I was in a lecture and we were discussing common sense and tutor said there no such thing has common sense I was confused with the statement he said think about and I will explain later I waited for is response he said the mistake everyone makes is assuming everyone has common sense or what common sense is its the same with emotional intelligence it’s assuming everyone no what it is psychology keeps making the same mistakes we are all unique we don’t all feel the same behave the same react the same we don’t need fixing we just need understanding if that were true how come psychologist have one of the highest suicide statistics that doesn’t make sense we are not broken we just need understanding stop trying to fathom out life’s issues the fact is life unfair cruel None caring selfish ignorant self centred egotistical that’s the real problem solve that and we all would be content and happy

  • Anonymous

    August 28th, 2021 at 5:49 AM

    Most women in the past were very completely different, compared to the women today that aren’t nice to meet al all. Men were never lonely back in the past since most women were very easy to date and meet for a serious relationship at that time, and today most women have a very serious attitude problem since they always look very mad all the time unfortunately. A lot of very troubled women nowadays everywhere us men go, and God forbid when many of us single men will try to start a conversation with them. Very dangerous for many of us men to approach a woman that we would really like to meet, and they will be very nasty to us most of the time as well. This is why most men are lone wolves today because of these type of very horrible women that exist today unfortunately, and many of us wouldn’t have this problem at all had we really met a nice one for a change. I am a good looking man with a very nice personality, and i do keep myself in very good shape as well which i still have a problem meeting a good woman today.

  • ACN

    February 8th, 2022 at 10:21 AM

    I find both this article and the majority of comments on this article to be very negative. Of course things in the dating and romance world are constantly changing from one generation to the next, that is to be expected. But what has not changed and what is important for having good relationship has and will never change. That is being happy and confident with yourself and who you are as a person. Putting yourself out there in public to meet new people. And not dating people for the sole sake of money, which everyone knows will never last in the long run.

    What has been failed to be mentioned by anyone on here is that anyone, woman or man can be in a relationship. Poor people, ugly people, people with unique personalities, fat people etc etc all do get into relationships.

    Just treat people normally, be friendly, and not expect anything from a simple conversation from someone. If a person is available then you can ask to go out with them and if not you can always still be friends with them and leave the door open if things change.

  • Doug

    February 13th, 2022 at 12:10 PM

    I am fundamentally unattractive and therefore ineligible for romance because no woman could be sexually attracted to me. As such I interact with women I am attracted to with extreme caution to ensure my feelings are not detectable. Loneliness is painful and I would love to know a woman ‘wants’ me. But actually thinking that / wishing for it is pure self delusion. It will never happen because it can’t.

  • Ben

    February 15th, 2022 at 3:01 PM

    There were so many very easy ways for a single guy to find love back in the past with no trouble at all, and today it really isn’t easy at all unfortunately now that the women have really changed because of Feminism. Back in the past there were family members that would introduce you to a woman that they think would be really right for you. And when you were in school it was a lot easier as well, especially in college. Or when you went to a party which it was very helpful too. Today going to a club isn’t easy at all since most women just don’t want to be bothered at all, and they usually just play too many games since they still have to grow up. That is why finding love in the old days was very easy, and today it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Women today have really changed, and when many of us single men do approach a woman to talk too which they’re usually very rude and not nice at all either.

  • John

    April 13th, 2022 at 3:48 AM

    Society wants Females only

  • Fact Now Is

    May 28th, 2022 at 11:07 AM

    Fact now is that there are so many gay women nowadays unfortunately.

  • Anonymous

    August 14th, 2022 at 2:24 PM

    If many women nowadays weren’t real narcissists and feminists, which then many of us single guys would’ve very easily been married today with our own family too. These women today unfortunately are real basket cases altogether, unlike most women in the past were the very complete opposite of today.

  • MM

    September 15th, 2022 at 3:51 PM

    It is just too very bad that most women nowadays as it is aren’t marriage material at all, when back in the past which most women were at that time. Quite a change in the women today unfortunately.

  • RL

    October 2nd, 2022 at 2:41 AM

    The problem is the presumption of perversion, thanks largely to the promulgation of the fallacy in bad movies and cheap novels, ie., that men only want one thing and all advances made by single men can only be about that thing.
    In order to know someone, you must first ask them out and get to know about them to see if they’re compatible.
    Instead, it’s interpreted this way: “You do not know me. You are asking me out only because I am eye candy, and you are attracted to me, you dirty dirty corndog. ewwww. Oho, look, here comes mr. bulgy trousers thinking with his pants again.”
    I see this promulgated in media all the time, even though if that’s really what single men wanted they could get it for a cheap price in a without the risk in any bar or brothel. This point of view flatters women’s vanity on their looks while simultaneously providing a supposed moral high ground to wax puritanical and sanctimonious.

  • Tony

    November 1st, 2022 at 6:40 PM

    Hey guys, aren’t we being too negative here?

    It is a lot of pressure on all females to meet such standards and expectations. There are also a lot of wonderful girls out there that feel just as lonely as we are inside. But we look them over because we focus on the ones that catch our attention first. Females also have a lot of pressure and expectations from simply beings themselves.

    Yeah, I get it hurts to be overlooked and not understood. As a guy, there is a lot of pressure to achieve and be successful as an individual. But isn’t it the same as what we are doing now by expecting all girls to be in a certain way? How do you think girls feel when they meet a nice guy that places all their expectations and happiness on their shoulders?

    Or how every time a random guy comes up to give a compliment or strike up a conversation, you could feel their hidden intent like that of a creepy salesman looking to make money off of you? And we’re here blaming each other when both genders have a lot of unnecessary pressure on their shoulders.

    Of the girls that are high-maintenance or narcissistic, others are sweet and deserving of a good guy to love and date. And women are having as much difficulty with dating as we are, and if anything, the girl sitting right across the dinner table sincerely hopes you will be that guy they can spend their entire life with together. Why else do you think they spend the time putting on makeup and getting dressed up for your dates? So you would end up being a disappointment?

    And why is it wrong for a woman to be picky in finding someone that makes them feel the way they want? Isn’t that exactly what we’re doing when looking for a woman too?

    Maybe we can forget that no matter how beautiful she appears, from her heart, she is still a human being who is not sitting on a pedestal—a person who has experienced her share of emotions just like everyone here. The feeling of being judged or the emptiness of depression is the same no matter how someone appears.

    Men aren’t expendable, and people do care. It is depressing no matter which gender commits suicide. The empty feeling hurts whether you’re a man or a woman, and it isn’t easier for anybody, regardless of gender.

  • M

    January 22nd, 2023 at 9:31 PM

    I agree with comments, this is not BS movie or TV show, that’s the reality nobody wants to talk about, Men are disposable, used to run the society and get killed in wars, based on online dating statistic that i can prove to anyone , 95% of women are chasing less than 5% of men, unfortunately an average woman doesn’t want average man anymore.
    Why is that, because, average woman simply has a lot of options, they can use social media, online apps to order them-self a man every single night, also, young women think they don’t need men anymore, They have their dad, Daddy government and also other men they can use to get by, that being said, average women don’t need average men financially or sexually. also i should mention pressure of making family and giving birth has been elevated for modern women .
    I think internet has shifted women’s behaviour, they are not sweet caring ladies anymore, they have turned to narcissistic, selfish human being who think they are superior.

    My local radio focuses on women’s problems constantly.
    they invite and talk about how pandemic take a toll on women mental health, never heard of them saying why suicide rate is so high in males…
    why most than have of men are single nowdays…

  • Chad

    March 3rd, 2023 at 7:22 PM

    Well unfortunately the great majority of women nowadays are very evil, rotten, stuck up, and they really do have a lot of very severe mental problems today as i can see when it comes to many of us single guys really looking for love. Very extremely dangerous for many of us guys to really approach a woman today that we would seriously like to meet, and they will be just so very nasty to us and walk away. And we have to be very careful of sexual harassment since they will accuse us of that too. Very difficult for many of us guys trying to find love today since these women are very much too blame for our singleness in the first place, and many of us aren’t single by choice either.

  • Barry

    June 8th, 2023 at 4:14 PM

    Technology must be added to the list of reasons for the rapidly increasing numbers of socially isolated men. The male must not only hope to impress his prospective partner but must live up to the harsh scrutiny of all her tight social network ( something we don’t have ) online and believe me they’re harsh. Next I have to say it’s terribly difficult finding yourself single after a certain age and making male friends because a married man really doesn’t have much trust in a guy he tends to view as a threat to his own marriage so there’s immediately limits to any such relationship. Most men can’t form a complete sentence anyway unless the subject is sports , so much for that idea !
    Now we come to venues for singles , “singles bar “are you kidding me ? Dating sites, are you kidding me ? Stand on the corner holding sign ? No, I’m kidding on that last one . None of this is worth even 30 secs of any man’s time forget it.
    Walk up to girl in the Supermarket and get accused of harassment ? No thank you !
    Lastly , after witnessing the horrors of divorce courts and the havoc they’ve unleashed upon men in my city I can only say the injustice system is an abysmal failure as are the losers I’ve seen run through the court system like animals to the slaughterhouse. That’s probably close to the way they felt too.
    Isn’t it high time we quit publishing articles that voice concern over a problem our society wanted in the first place ?
    Congrats, now you’ve got millions ( and growing ) of men who don’t care . The consequences and costs of this is enormous.

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