Anger in Relationships: Owning Yours, Softening Your Partner’s

GoodTherapy | Anger in Relationships: Owning Yours, Softening Your Partner's is not a sign that your relationship is doomed to fail.

Anger is an emotion that we all experience, and it signifies that something has to be done. Anger makes you aware that there is a problem. How you deal with your anger can become a big part of the problem. For some couples, anger can make it nearly impossible to figure out what the problem is and how to fix it.

For most couples, anger itself is not the problem. What becomes problematic is how partners deal with their anger and how well they deal with their partner’s.

Dealing with Your Anger

  • Take time out to calm yourself enough to think about what you are angry about.
  • Own your anger. Remind yourself that your anger belongs to you and that it is telling you something about yourself. Anger is often directed at your partner, but it’s always more about you than about your partner. You can have valid complaints about your partner’s actions, but the emotion is yours.
  • If the anger is your own, then it follows that you are in control. Accept that you are in control. Your next step is to think about what your anger is about. Again, try to focus on yourself, not your partner’s wrongdoing. I’m not saying that your partner is right. I am saying that you need to focus on yourself so you can express yourself to your partner, allowing you to work together to find solutions.
  • See your thoughts and emotions as your perspective, and at the same time try to keep in mind that your partner has his or her own perspective that will always be different from yours—after all, you are two different people with different experiences. Thinking like this will help you stay calm through the process of dealing with your emotions.
  • What are your angry thoughts? Try to follow your thoughts to get a full picture. It may help to write down what, exactly, happened that led to you feeling angry.
  • Consider what other emotions are involved. Anger is a secondary emotion that often hides the primary or softer emotions. Examples of primary emotions are feeling sad, afraid, hurt, or rejected. Anger is often a defense against feeling vulnerable. Vulnerability is often seen as weakness; many of us were brought up to ignore vulnerabilities and push through problems.
  • Anger can feel like relief as emotional energy is released and vulnerabilities are pushed away from awareness. Being angry at your partner is sometimes easier than facing fear of rejection. However, the consequences of reacting with anger in a relationship can be severe. We know this at work; screaming at colleagues is most likely going to get us fired.

Dealing with Your Partner’s Anger

  • Dealing with your partner’s anger is a totally different process. I suggest that you help your partner calm down and go through the process described above.
  • Your part is to be supportive, listen actively, and ask clarifying questions. (See other articles I have written on The Good Therapy Blog about communicating effectively and especially active listening.)
  • Remind yourself that your partner is coming from his or her perspective and personal experiences. Your own perspective and feelings are not important at this time. If you are able to do this for your partner, I can assure you that you will see big, positive changes in your relationship. Perhaps your partner will initially react with surprise and even anger that you are changing your steps of the dance you have danced together for so many years of fighting. However, if you keep up your end of the relationship and focus on being the best partner you can be, your partner will eventually follow and give you the same courtesy when you are upset and need support.

In an ideal world, partners will take turns being upset. In the real world, we often get upset at the same time. This is where repair work becomes important. Practice apologizing, stay calm, and remind yourself why you are in the relationship and that you are in control of how you express your emotions.

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  • caroline

    September 19th, 2013 at 12:17 PM

    I have found that the angrier that I get the angrier my husband gets. It’s as if he kind of feeds off of my anger and my feelings and what I feel exacerbates what he’s feeling. Does that make any sense? I don’t think that I do that- my feelings are my own, no more or no less, but I have to be super careful how I let things on to him because he can escalate in a second depending on what I have going on and that is kind of unfair if you think about it. In some ways I don’t even feel like I am allowed to feel what I really feel because I am having to be so careful to not show everything to him. That is so frustrating to me, to have to hold it all in for fear of how he will react.

  • Seth Farber,Ph.D.

    January 9th, 2017 at 5:51 AM

    Caroline, What you “really feel” is not anger. Beneath the anger is feeling of sadness, disappointment, hurt. Your anger is largely a defense against these feelings. If you share these vulnerable feelings with your husband, he is not likely to get angry., He us likely to be receptive and then your anger will disappear …
    Seth Farber, Ph.D

  • JB

    December 15th, 2017 at 11:06 PM

    OMG I can relate. I have to be mindful of what I say to my spouse because he takes offense to everything that I say. If I’m trying to address an issue that is bothering me, he feels as if I’m attacking him… Am I not suppose to say nothing at all and keep my feelings all balled up? That’s only going to make matters worse. Once we have a heated argument, it will all come out because I am now angry.

  • YG

    August 28th, 2018 at 5:52 AM

    Hi everyone I have been reading comments and I really need some good advice Cos I really love this man and wouldn’t change him for anything in the world, but when we quarrel it’s another thing in total, he says I judge his actions based on my former experiences and calls me spoilt because I want more attention, bare in mind that this is a long distance relationship and I feel talking to him more will feel that vacuum we have.
    He feels I’m not being considerate with my actions, the thing is I know he loves me, Atleast that’s what he says .
    I feel some type of way sometimes and I want to be able to express myself without being shot down or without being told I’m childish. How do I communicate with him without getting him agitated or upset.
    He is mature and sensible but I have failed to understand his actions towards me when I have a problem with how he acts.

  • Yi

    April 15th, 2020 at 11:31 AM

    Hi, I just had a fight with my bf too. He came to pick up something from the mine during the convid19, I was expecting to hang a little, but he brought his sister with him and didn’t warn me beforehand(I usually don’t mind her but I feel we didn’t even get much personal time lately). And he also says we should bring my dog out to sit in the yard, I feel he only care of the dog. Also I ran out to see him without a jacket, he said that I should go get some inside while he put his jacket on, I guess I wish he would put it on me as a gesture, but he said no, ya I even asked. Basically I feel angry because I feel he doesn’t care to see me and doesn’t want to have personal time with me and not respect me. While I express it, he says I’m causing my anger, nothing to do with him, which makes me madder. I pretty much feel he always wants me to own my anger, there’s nothing he ever does wrong, and he will never say he feels sorry about things. He also wouldn’t listen without saying back things because he thinks I am blaming him. I feel this is happening over and over, and last time we talked, he said he doesn’t feel anything when I’m upset. I feel maybe we are not in love anymore, What should I do?

  • Frank Yasi

    September 20th, 2013 at 3:53 AM

    So let me ask you this- why is it my responsibility to lessen the anger of my partner?
    I get it that I have to take ownership of my own anger.
    But why do I then have to try to soften his? Shouldn’t that all be a part of his taking ownership of his own anger, and if I go behind him trying to soften all of that up, aren’t I enabling him to continue with his anger management issues?

  • Jennifer

    September 20th, 2013 at 11:30 PM

    @Frank: No. If you show your partner support in dealing with his or her anger, he or she will more likely reciprocate. This would ensure that both of you are accommodating one another throughout difficult times.

    Indeed, your anger belongs to you (much like your partner’s belongs to him or her), but each of you play a role in stimulating the way each of you feels. For instance, if your partner is angry and you begin playing the “Blame Game”, he or she may feel angrier and disrespected. In short, apart from ‘owning’ your emotions, you also ‘own’ your reactions and behaviours.

    I hope this helps. :)

  • Joseph y

    September 23rd, 2013 at 3:58 AM

    I try to look at what is really causing the anger. Is it that particualr moment or is it actually coming from something else and this is where I am choosing to express it?

  • Samc

    September 24th, 2013 at 6:01 PM

    I am a huge advocate for EFT. I learned so much that has helped me in growth. I was thrown a curve ball about a year ago with a new boyfriend. I was not used to getting angry and upset and when something bothered me I always asked if we could sit and talk (one time rubbing each other’s feet). However, anytime I expressed an issue or asked a question of him pertaining to an issue he would blow up almost instantaneously. I would tell him I wasn’t angry and keep an even tone even though I was in shock at his response. I tried to tell him I loved him, asking him why he was so angry, asking him to take a minute and calm down. Every time he would storm out and go home, tell me he was angry because he felt by me being calm I was being condescending, get angrier the more I tried to defuse it. He is 22 years older than I am and I am tired of being blamed for everything. He makes excuses and blames constantly. He will say he knows he’s wrong, but only after I’ve made him spend days away from me and he feels he will lose me. After he admits to wrong doing he adds that he doesn’t think it’s wrong because of something I did or said and tries to loop hole every conflict we have. I started to feel like I was going crazy. Is this a normal anger situation? It got to the point where I was so frustrated that I too started to yell Back and exchange in the same verbal abuse. I don’t like who I became and I have cut contact to a minimum so that I am not triggered. I recognize that I have to control what I am responsible for but it is so hard when I am hurt and his response is “well u did this..”.

  • erin

    October 11th, 2013 at 6:31 PM

    Samc, you correctly identified your partner’s behavior when you referred to it as “verbal abuse”. If you are still in this relationship (and even if you’re not) I would recommend you read Lundy Bancroft’s “Why Does He Do That?” for more information about this type of behavior.

  • Kat T

    February 22nd, 2014 at 4:04 PM

    What about when your partner’s anger is an issue and he has lost friends and family members because of it? Walking on eggshells because you don’t know what will set him off?

  • Pauline

    August 3rd, 2014 at 7:20 AM

    My parteners anger is getting out of control. Im on antidepressants for my insomnia and anxiety but I don’t know if I can take much more. I love him and always will since the day I met him but when he believes he is right about something there is no changing his mind, I’ve went from being an independent woman with my own mind to his lacky, I do everything for him, he was recently in an accident and even tho there was another woman with him when It happened I still went to the hospital and stayed with him and got sacked from work.. It’s as if he doesn’t want me to have contact with any of my old friends of people I’ve met over the years. I feel like I’m loosing myself and loosing the power to stand up in what I believe in. People have told me for years to get rid of him but now everyone has got rid of me as eye give up trying with me. He’s mentally abusive to me but then hours later he will apologise and dclaire his love for me. I hide away from my family as I worry what they’ll say when they see me. I love him and want him to change but I’m starting to think after 4 years maybe it will never happen. I’ve ran out of ideas, if I move out I’ll only regret my choice as I’ve done it before and always end up back with him but I’m honestly loosing all hope for life at the moment. Not sure how this will help but can someone please sort my head out, he has physically hurt me in the past but he hasn’t for a while so I feel like there is a chance he will change but if I argue with him and state my point he hates it but if I agree with him someone I’m still wrong. I don’t know how Togo about fixing this please help

  • Irene Savarese

    August 4th, 2014 at 5:31 AM

    You need to get help Pauline. You are in a domestic violence relationship, which can be very difficult to get out of. The first step is to ask for help. Contact a therapist in your area for help!
    Sincerely Irene

  • cmc

    October 12th, 2014 at 2:08 AM

    Pauline, I agree with Irene- you have a controlling and psychologically abusive partner and you are at risk of violence. It is clear that you are in a relationship that is very unlikely to have a happy ending. Perhaps there is an organisation in your area that can help you. Here in the UK we have ‘Women’s Aid’ check out their website for some excellent advice. Please be careful when posting things online – you need to work out how to do it privately, for example clearing history on your browser.
    It doesn’t sound like you are quite ready to take the permanent step away, but when you are, confide in a professional and/or someone close to you and take all the help they offer. Then in a couple of years down the line, you will realise it was the best decision you ever made. Go and find rediscover your independence.
    Best of luck.

  • pn21

    May 26th, 2015 at 9:02 PM

    In my relationship I almost like always feel that I am not allowed to express my anger. Each time I get angry, so does he because of the fact that I am mad at him. It takes me a few minutes or hours to cal down but he takes days at times. So every time its me who has to go back to make amends, irrespective of who was anger and cuz of whom in the first place. What must i do because I feel that I have a right to express my anger equally as my love for him but he does not agree to that. Suggest me a way out..

  • Irene S.

    May 29th, 2015 at 5:07 AM

    The way out is to find a way to express your feelings so that he can hear you. Se article here on GoodTherapy about how to initiate a conversation:

    Best of luck.

  • chrismat

    June 27th, 2015 at 8:06 PM

    Hi, Im at the other end of the spectrum. Im more hurt to see my wife hurting because i stress over everything, even though my goals are entirely for her and the kids. I have had enough of my own problems. I always pick out the bad in my life, and not the good. I always talk about bills or whatever may be tense. I’ve tried so many times to change how I act. Is it possible or healthy to keep my frustrations to myself? Is there any advice for someone like me who feels trapped inside a mean person when I love and adore her so much? I know she hurts but is such a good woman, and never argues. I just know I am always pouring negativity and being a grouch. In a nutshell, I’m sick of myself and need advice.

  • Courtney

    July 23rd, 2015 at 5:48 PM

    In my relationship, I’m that one that gets angry. And I’m very emotional, so instead of shouting/yelling, I’m crying. It usually happens because of my insecurities. I do realize once I start to get upset, and then I get mad at myself even MORE because I know he loves me, and I know he wouldn’t leave me for someone else and here I am mentally not trusting him. I think most of the influence was from my mother. In her relationships as I was growing up, she never trusted the guy and always thought he would find someone better for him. I trust my boyfriend, it’s just I’m afraid someone can give him more happiness than I can, so I get worried every time he hangs outs with a girl I don’t know. And he knows all of my friends but I don’t know his, so I think that’s another thing. I’ve started writing in my journal every night to go through my day, to try to love who I am, and truly accept his love for me, so I don’t have to worry, because if I gain love within me, I believe our relationship will be golden. Anybody have any suggestions onto loving myself for who I am, and accepting myself?

  • Sean

    July 24th, 2015 at 12:15 PM

    Me and my partner have 2 kids today we got into an argument about money as I treated myself thinking we were fine. She starting packing the kids stuff and said she was going to her mum’s, I completely lost it, I was screaming at her infront of my kids, and I punched our kitchen wall numerous times. I think about it now, and how stupid I was flipping out infront of the kids, I’ve probably scared them to death and now feel that they would be better off without me. I love my partner and kids to pieces, but I don’t know how to stop when I lose it like that, it’s not the first time, but I want it to be the last. Not that it matters much now as I think that’s us done.

  • Marissa

    August 18th, 2015 at 1:33 AM

    Oh my readers! We are all searching for answers! Maybe I can help!
    If you feel as if you are always having to guard your emotions or are “walking on eggshells” then this article may be for you. This is for an intense narcissistic dynamic, in my opinion but please spare your judgement until you read the first paragraph; it is worth the read and gave me perspective on the worst and most intense relationship of my life (of course I didn’t think of my relationship like that at the time, but I sure do now).

    And to everyone else, keep searching with an open mind; you will find answers.

  • Jose A.

    April 18th, 2016 at 1:19 AM

    superb blog, love it specifically this line that I will remember for the lifetime.
    “Practice apologizing, stay calm, and remind yourself why you are in the relationship and that you are in control of how you express your emotions.”
    I had these issues for long time by researching many blogs like yours I have overcome this a bit.Anger management therapy helps individuals who are prone to violent temper and struggle with controlling their temper. such individuals can take control of this emotion

  • Sukanya D

    September 28th, 2016 at 7:31 AM

    I’m in a relationship since 1 nd a half yr. My partner is very well behaved nd love me very much as I know. Bt since a month I become angry in a smallest matter. Often he is wrong, but before a month I forgive his mistakes nd he never do that again. We were happy. But now I can understand its totally my problem. I become angry for a simple matter. I dare It would break my relationship. We can’t live without each other. Now he can’t handle me as I always blame him. I want solution. PlzzZ HELP ME…

  • chitra

    February 12th, 2017 at 5:28 AM

    I get angry on my partner for small things. as he is out on tour due to his job, I have to look after full family of two kids and in-laws. our relation is in danger. how to control my anger

  • vinita s

    April 3rd, 2017 at 1:16 AM

    Very indepth and fact article. But no matter how much i try i lose control of my emotions when i get angry. Yes you are right often anger is when you are upset or hurt. Can you help me how best i can control my reactions so that i do not regret on my action and what i am saying

  • praveen

    May 14th, 2017 at 5:20 AM

    I m not getting angry every time but my anger keep storing in my mind and after few days or months it’s go out of control and I loos my control and do destructive thing so can u help me so that I shld not link old problems with new one and could control myself

    Next problem is that I easily get influence by other person if someone keeps saying something bad abt other person and of in near future he did something wrong then I could not control my self and things goes byound my limit

  • NSK

    August 15th, 2017 at 11:17 PM

    I have started having anger issues a while ago especially when he and I are having a conversation.
    Probably he provokes me so I can see reason but I have fears as well especially for the fact that it is the first serious relationship am in.
    And when he realise that I am actually angry, he doesn’t want to talk.
    Do relationships really have to groom such intense feelings!?

  • terrance

    August 27th, 2017 at 10:19 PM

    i am 37 age and my partner is just 22 , i am always scared that he will leave me or sometime feel jealous .. i dont know how to control this , do i need a get psychiatric advises for this .. i really cant control my self due to this .. i always feel he is not caring about me .. actually he is busy with studies and exams . i dont know may be due to that .. i always feel since i am old he will leave me soon ..

  • Ruth

    September 4th, 2017 at 6:36 AM

    Me and my partner are having many arguments and its not nice because i dont feel like he is talking or communicating well , and i get physical , to be honest i wanna stop because now we live together n this morning he called and said he feel depressed , i wanted to go and live him but he said it wont make any difference please help im also not doing well.i love him but im sttuggling to show it in a right way.

  • Jessi

    January 31st, 2018 at 8:48 AM

    I don’t know what to say but you are not alone.
    If you were to put me in a team like some stupid sport, I would be on the ‘abuser’ team, even though it is more complicated than that. I am struggling too. I worry about my husband. I screamed at him so hard my vocal cords strained yesterday. It was emotional abuse. I own it. I could communicate better. I apologized, yet the damage is there and what’s left? A marriage of nearly 20 years, on its knees. I am trying to mend now, and will try better to have more honest and better communication. I am not asking for anyone to say you are right and he is wrong, because it isn’t like that. We both are right, and we both are wrong. I know I lost it. It is complicated. The statistics of male suicide worry me. I know I can be a better wife. When we are fragile, or abused, we need tenderness more to face things as best we can together. I will cup my light through this darkness and can be a better person. I have made improvements and am 4.5 years sober. I am on Zoloft still and some clonozopam for anxiety. They are just pills though and aren’t magic. I hope we all can make it through! I see flickering lights and misunderstanding everywhere. There is love and it is repairable no matter how late.

  • mitch

    November 1st, 2017 at 6:47 PM

    I need help with my anger before it goes any further in my relationship. I don’t have time to go to a local therapist in my area do to traveling for work all week and was told the only place close didn’t offer weekends. Cost is also a concern of a therapist. Any suggestions please?

  • Jessi

    January 31st, 2018 at 8:20 AM

    I completely lost it, and screamed at my husband yesterday where it strained my vocal cords as he was trying to have a discussion with me. I ignored the things that worried me over the past months because it was easier and it seem to make him happy. Sometimes I get tired of just saying I don’t want this, and I think he expects too much from himself and life. He wants things that I don’t want. His business involves buying and selling things. Some things just sit and we take on debt. His happiness is being self-employed with his own small business. If this doesn’t work out, I worry of him committing suicide. I read the suicide statistics are higher for men. Why do American males commit suicide more than females?? I think I can be too hard on him. This is a changing and challenging world for everyone, but if males are killing themselves more than female then I feel it is due to the world being more challenging for males than . He told me he cannot do anything else, and having a small business makes him happy. I know this is true. I had helped him for 13 years working non stop with a business we sold because mainly I got myself burnt out. I am in a position where I am between temp work, and unemployed now. I am helping with the physical inventory and books. I know it takes time, and there are positives with the new venture. I am not helping our relationship by being harsh as I was. I just feel like we talked about the same things over and over again, and we both feel misunderstood. He worries, and I worry. I want us to be together, but I really did abuse him with yelling like that. It reached to the level of anger and complete out of control on my part because I am tired of rehashing the things over and over. I ask him what’s so wrong with me saying I think we can’t afford that (especially when it is true)? Our house and his work space is filled with items that sit on shelves some that need work, and some mention of things are just not worth it at the time, yet they accumulate. There is value yet it is tied up, and there is so little time. I need to help this marriage go through these tough times. Our lives depend on being together, even when we don’t intentionally mean to hurt, or worry each other. Life is beautiful, complicated, and through darkness, I will cup my flickering light so it can grow.
    My husband and I are at risk. My husband is more so as it is in the statistic. I can see he is more fragile and I need to support him better. I am just so fragile too so I am trying to meditate, and calm myself. Things could be worse for sure. I want them to get better, and it will help to love it through this, and throughout. I will try to learn to love better.
    “Men die by suicide 3.57x more often than women. White males accounted for 7 of 10 suicides in 2016.
    The rate of suicide is highest in middle age — white men in particular.”

  • AJ

    March 20th, 2018 at 5:37 AM

    Hi everyone,
    I have been reading everyone’s comments and replies and found them extremely helpfull, but I need advice on what to do.
    I am a male who has gone through life with not really a care in the world, if someone is nasty to me I generally brush it off as they are just jealous and frustrated with themselves (honestly to them sort of people I have little care for and their opinion means nothing to me) I went through high school and secondary school being slightly bullied and picked on but not anything too serious. have a great family that are always there when I really need them and I have been brought up well. I have had some traumatic times with girlfriends/ deaths/ illnesses and pretty regular stuff that has happened to many people so I’m no exception.
    4 years ago I met an amazing woman that was very shy and didn’t talk much but there was something about her that I could not help but fall for. after a few months we started dating and everything was going great. over a few years we started to argue (as everyone does) most of which was things that I had done in my past, she would be-little me and tell me that I was dirty and filthy and that watching certain videos was de-grading and completely wrong. I’m no saint I have had past relationships and my fair share of one night stands.
    At first I would brush this off and ignore it, however it becomes the basis to most arguments, I used to go see my friends on a Friday night as we always argue that she doesn’t believe me that I haven’t been with anyone I shouldn’t but because of that I don’t.
    She believes that my family doesn’t like her and they look down their nose at her, but I keep saying its all in her head which then starts another argument about how i’m not supporting the way she feels. Then when my family do let us down, because they turn up a little late to help us move, she’s very quick to jump and tell me how they don’t care and that her family are so much better people so another argument.
    I went out drinking once a year or so ago and I got really drunk that I pretty much passed out on the bed, I got her waking me up and telling me how much of a poor boyfriend I was because I fell asleep and how I didn’t want to have sex. I kept saying that’s not true and I was extremely drunk and wanted to go to sleep so she kept hitting me to keep me awake and her shouting at me saying that if shes not tiered then she’ll keep annoying me to keep me awake. I got so worked up and angry I lashed out and punched her. she went into the other room and I went to sleep.
    Since that day I was extremely sorry but the more we argue the more frustrated I get and I end up shouting at her throwing things around the room. One night we argued I ended up punching the wardrobe that had glass on it and sliced my knuckles I now have a reminder of that day for the rest of my life.
    We bought a house and we are getting married and things are going well, but im starting to feel myself loose control more and more.
    When we met I drank heavily and smoked a lot, she has now been a great influence on me and I have cut my drinking down and stopped smoking. But when I do go out I drink a lot (more than I should) when I get home we have arguments as she decides its a good idea to bring up all her frustrations, I get so heated and usually end up shouting and slamming doors, I have also pulled her hair and put her on the floor then kicked her and then walked away.
    The next day I feel so ashamed so I don’t drink for a long time thinking this could be the cause, which for a time it is we have little confrontations but we both acknowledge that we just need space apart and then we go back to normal.
    Then the other weekend I went out for a few drinks which turned out into a long session. I got home and she made a snide remark or insinuated that I was with another woman, and she wanted to check my phone so I let her and then she kept saying that it would surprise her if I deleted all messages, I started to get angry and said stop. (I don’t think she heard me as she kept on) so I grabbed her hair and pulled her close shouting at her then I hit her again and pushed her head into the worktop and threw her to the floor and walked off to bed. I was arrested and I do have a court date, I have since signed myself up anger management and looking at ways to manage my emotions better.
    Once I had done the most unspeakable thing I ever imagined that I could do I was overwhelmed with guilt and it was hard for me to acknowledge that I had done that as it felt like I was outside my body when this was happening it felt like a nightmare and I would wake up. I did when the police came through the bedroom door.
    I’m at a loss as to what to do, her family hates me, I hate me, I can see the disappointment in my family when I look at them and I really don’t want to loose my fiance, but I don’t think its fair for her to be with me while I have this problem. Our wedding is in October but I don’t how long it will take me to recover. I need advice on what steps I can take.

    Cheers for taking the time to read my lengthy confession.

  • AZ

    November 24th, 2018 at 6:52 AM

    Hi AJ,
    I’m reading your comment in November after having a fight with my wife and can only hope you didn’t get married. Even if my wife and I are good for a few months we always end up arguing. Both of us come from broken, abusive homes where arguing was the norm. My wife has the mental maturity of a teenager and has never worked in a corporate job. She has very little emotional control and where we get into a heated discussion she always escalates it into a fight and it becomes physical. I have never experienced this in my life and as much as I have anger issues, she does her best to push my buttons regularly. She once witnessed a fight between my sister and I when my sister was going through a very tough time in her life and saw my sister try to provoke me into hurting her physically and I think she picked this up from her. Don’t be hard on yourself, but leave before it’s too late. No partner should use these kind of passive aggressive techniques to trigger you. Walk away while you can.

  • Trisha

    June 8th, 2020 at 1:17 PM

    I am right into relationship over 9 years and I am 9 month engagement. There is so much happen thru relationship is hard. I learning my thought what am I missing. My Fianc’e get so angry at me. I have no idea what is going on. In past several month he working 40 hour a week and I haven’t seen him 8 or 10 hour a day. He get so mad me when he get home. I was doing my own life way. I been doing dishes, cleaning, laundry and feed 2 dogs. I don’t know what I am missing out. All i Know he never talk and never spend time with me over weekend. He didn’t come home Friday night late like 11:00 pm and he straight in take showered and went bed. Didn’t say Hi and how are you? I was gasp what is wrong with you. Then Saturday morning he went over help his friends get thing project fixed up. Why he did that for gone 9 hour a day. I really don’t think isn’t fair for me. I just like why he call me Bitch. I just want to fixed up a good way thru relationship and I don’t know how to handle thru situation. I want to fixed it up. He going come home pack up and get 2 dogs move out to Alaska. I was like whooa what hell you saying? I am shakin up and no idea and if this happened I can leave him for 2 or 5 days and he get mad at me. Where else I can go? I sold my place and I am living in with him. I did spaced out over 9 month. I thought want him aware how much I love him and our life needs fixed it. He needs be off work and go home eat dinner with me and feed dogs. He needs put his phone down and not play a game. I am person important. I was fear of him going punch me or yell at me. I would be end of chapter thru my life. I want him be happy and want us get married. I just want a man be home with me. He can’t go out buy himself a corn dog and he didn’t get anything from a grocery what I spend lot money. I asked him saturday night what is in that bag? He said sandwhich. I say where you get it? Said my friend bought me lunch. I knew there is something go wrong. He is so angry at me. I know this is feeling and I am blank person and where else I can go? No places and live out the street. He needs open his mind what going be happened next? I wanted someone be share a feeling and what I want be happy. Anyone give me suggestion? Thank you

  • Sammy

    December 15th, 2020 at 2:41 PM

    “Own your anger. Remind yourself that your anger belongs to you and that it is telling you something about yourself. Anger is often directed at your partner, but it’s always more about you than about your partner. You can have valid complaints about your partner’s actions, but the emotion is yours.”

    Are you aware of how many people stay in abusive relationships because THIS is what they’ve been told? Look, if your partner hits you and you get hurt, is it no longer your partner’s fault for hitting you because you CHOSE to get hurt by the physical blow? My husband told me horrific things things about myself with the intention of hurting me, so it’s MY fault for CHOOSING to get hurt by what he said? My husband punched me and gave me a severe black eye which led to a shingles outbreak in that eye, so it’s MY fault for CHOOSING to get physically hurt? “But OMG you guyz, it’s all water off a duck’s back, you’re in control of what you feel!” Yeah, and I’m sure that’s advice EVERYONE HAS TAKEN before venting to a spouse about your crap day at work, or the customer service lady at Walmart, or the last dinner with your in-laws. I am so FED UP with this advice because it’s puts all of the blame of the abused (because I can guarantee you the ONLY people searching anything on Google which this article will pop up in the search results for IS a victim of abuse) for everything they’re already being blamed for when it’s not their fault SOMEONE TRIED TO HURT THEM. This leads to a situation not unlike mine, where I try to do every single thing I possibly can to fix it, to “not get angry when he’s screaming at me” for FedEx not delivering his package on time, or traveling all over town because this one thing he just HAD TO HAVE RIGHT NOW AND IS JUST ACROSS TOWN SO WHY CAN’T YOU GO GET IT NOW, to “make inner peace regardless because it’s all W A T E R O F F A D U C K ‘ S B A C K,” and you know what that’s done for me? You want to know the only thing I’ve learned? HOW TO BE SILENT. I’ve learned not to talk, I’ve learned to see a situation coming and to do everything I can to keep from crying, including pinching my skin to the point of bruising, I’ve learned to write down every single thing that I WISH I could tell him, re-read it, and then burn it when I’ve calmed down. I can GUARANTEE the person who you’re mad at is NOT “owning his or her emotions” because you wouldn’t be GOOGLING THIS QUESTION LOOKING FOR OUTSIDE HELP IF IT WERE THAT EASY OF A THING TO FIX.

    So anyone actually reading this, I feel your pain, and if you can’t leave, learn to stay silent, write down what you’re feeling when they’re asleep, and burn it when you’ve calmed down because it’s almost as satisfying as actually saying it to their faces. Much love.

  • Anna

    January 25th, 2021 at 11:30 AM

    I and my boyfriend has been dating for 6years now starting from high school..I went to d University before him now am done bt his yet to start his.he beats me up when ever I made him angry.but,not often he say terrible words to me when his very parents an siblings doesn’t like him bcox of his background.his with his mom only,a single parent.they have an inherited mental problem like,lack of manners,anger,and so on.but I still love him so much.but my parents are against it.please help me what exactly will I do.Am from Nigeria.PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP.

  • LaurenGT

    January 26th, 2021 at 10:14 AM

    Anna, this sounds so hard! You should not be beaten – you deserve to be treated with respect. I would recommend finding someone to talk to who has experience with this kind of thing – I know DSVRT is in Lagos, and there’s a whole list of resources put out by NAASCA for Nigerian resources; maybe start with those?

    Hoping great things for you!

  • Jadie

    January 28th, 2021 at 10:55 AM

    I see alot of my relationship with my Fiancé’ in these comments. He flips like night and day. One minute he is declaring his love and saying I am his best friend and he cant wait to marry me etc. The next he is getting upset with me to voicing my feelings calmly! Uses phrases like “you always” and “I don’t do anything right!” etc. Its extremely over reacting. But it doesn’t make how he feels any less valid, Just makes me wonder if he just hates to communicate so much he is trying to manipulate me to never bringing anything up. Which I thought we talked about that he wouldn’t do that anymore! I am exhausted. I have to just hold everything in all the time and it is damaging.

  • Omarion

    February 24th, 2021 at 5:18 AM

    I know she gets angry easily I do know how to make her calm down but today she got angry and did what I told her to stop doing,I told her abt it and she said “do I care” I’m really pissed

  • Sally

    May 5th, 2021 at 9:03 AM

    My husband has anger issues. He has come very far in doing his best to control it however, the other day I calmly brought something to his attention (even though I didn’t want to, out of fear that he would react like a volcano). He started to rant angrily and said some really nasty things about me and my past, and my sister. I reacted by getting really angry and raising my voice and saying things I did not mean. He quickly started to calm down and asked me to behave maturely… but that only got me more upset because I was being mature until he started to be insulting and would not stop talking. He hates when I raise my voice because he thinks I’m being an actor for everyone that lives around us and it reminds him of lesbianism and being masculine. I have done my best to stay quiet and listen to him when he is talking, but he thinks that him talking for 5 minutes straight (all the while insulting me and making me feel terrible about myself) is something that is easy to sit through without wanting to stop him. I always feel bad afterwards when I have raised my voice (he has trauma with his step dad yelling at him and physically abusing him), but it is usually in reaction to how he is behaving. He faults me for raising my voice, and always wants me to control my emotions, but acts as if because he has anger issues that he should not be at fault for failing to control his actions. And now, he has not spoken to me for almost two days now. I am really hurt by this because, even after everything he has done to me (physical abuse and emotional abuse), I have always forgiven him and not treat him like this. He says that when I yell at him, it is like he is getting hit. And it hurts him because he can’t do anything about it (physically) and says that if he can change (stop abusing me), then I can too. I am trying to hard not to raise my voice when I am angry, but it is so hard for me. I am doing my best to understand where he is coming from. I put myself in his shoes when he was abusing me, and I put him in my shoes when I was being physically hurt by him. I don’t want to make him feel that way. I don’t mean to make him feel like he is being hit when I raise my voice… I need help. We both do, but he refuses to go to therapy. So I feel stuck and lost. I keep praying for better.

  • Sakshi

    January 19th, 2022 at 10:30 AM

    Hi, I need some advice myself. My situation has gotten very very complicated. The more me and my husband try to resolve it the more complicated it gets. So this is how it goes, about 2 months before our wedding my husband told me that he is in major depression for almost a decade because of his mother as she used him all his life in-spite of him being a very highly educated and accomplished man and how she cooks up stories about him and others to manipulate him and that he wants my help to get over her tricks on him. I knew he had anxiety issues and so we assured that we don’t do anything to overwhelm him suddenly and took our time and space. I obviously had to help him with his depression as well, no doubt. What I and to some extent him were unaware of was the extent of his depression and the underlying rage due to his childhood issues with his mother and that he would start taking it out on me. He is not a monster, he’s actually the best guy in the world, the smartest as well, bad at family and corporate politics and excels at whatever he does, but he started behaving like a devil a couple of weeks after out wedding. He started locking himself in the bedroom for hours and no matter how much I knocked or called him he wouldn’t come out, would threaten to divorce me or would pretend to pack his bags and leave the house, started neglecting work eventually left his job, completely stopped stepping out of the house, told me to abandon all relations because he thought I was talking to people about him like his mother used to behind their backs, even about him.. Then he started punishing me by spanking me for my mistakes, kicking me out of the bedroom completely, I had to sleep on the couch and get dressed in the living room because I couldn’t step in the room so I had to live out of a suitcase, stopped eating with me, would ask me to cook but not eat it and then throw it away because he ordered food for both of us instead, then started locking himself for 12-15 hours, he wouldn’t even step out to use the washroom or have water, he completely stopped communicating with me verbally and started giving me instructions along with threat and abuses for me and my family over messages and mails and told me to respond only when asked, he would ask me to call his mother and then tell him what she said over a mail, told me to find another apartment close to him and that he would visit me for only an hour every other day but when I told him that I would rather go stay with family than stay alone he refused, and one day he went too far and started creating a new profile for me on a matrimonial app to find a new husband for me and when I objected in anger and told him that I’ve had enough, the next day he gave me an hour to pack up my things and leave the house and go stay in a hotel and booked a flight to his parents city for me for the next day. He didn’t think that I would actually leave but I did because I couldn’t take it any more, this had been going on for 4 months, hours became days became weeks then months.. I could no longer feel anything, I used to shiver every time he came out of the room wondering what will he get angry at, I used to get shocked and would freeze in place by his every touch, I was constantly so alert that I stopped sleeping, lost my appetite, disconnected calls from family because they would’ve sensed something was wrong etc.. I can’t describe how it was but it was a shock for me to see him behave like this, he was the most gentle being and a caring soul. In all of this there were moments of intimacy when I felt that he was still there and I can’t give up on him but I couldn’t take the emotional rollercoaster I was going through, I though I would get a hear attack, I started feeling like I couldn’t breathe at times.
    Since I left him he got angrier for a few days but came back to his senses and apologised and confessed that his anger is on his parents and not me but he did wrong by me and all other promises and wows that he took. Now we are living separately until he works out his issues but even now he blocks everyone out even me for days to just be alone and work on his anger, which I really hope works out for us but he doesn’t warn me. He says that he wants to keep me away because he gets very very angry thinking about his past and if he feels slighted by someone’s movement he looses control on his anger. This is draining me out emotionally, I am not able to study, I am not able to focus on finding a new job, I feels like there is this bond between us that I am unable to break and think clearly on my own.
    Once I tried to take help from his parents and his mother poisoned him against me, me and her don’t even talk as much, she knows nothing about me and I have nothing but respected her ever since I’ve known her, except the time when she told me that as a wife I need to be tolerant and if he hits me it’s going to be because I did something wrong.
    How do I handle myself in all of this? this is just some of what he has done..

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