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About Fairfax

Fairfax is located in northern Virginia. It has a land area of six square miles. Fairfax has many historic buildings, some of which date back to the Civil War. The first fatality of the Civil War is reported to have occurred in Fairfax.

The city of Fairfax is home to more than 24,100 people. The ethnic make-up of the population is 57% white, 17% Asian, 17% Hispanic, and 5% black. Twenty-eight percent of people who live in Fairfax are foreign-born, and 33% of residents speak a foreign language at home. Fifty-five percent of residents who are at least 25 years old have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher.

In 2017, Safe Home ranked Fairfax the #2 safest city in Virginia. The city was ranked #9 on WalletHub's list of best places to raise a family.

Mental Health in Fairfax

Suicide among teenage girls is a growing concern in Fairfax County. From 2003 to 2013, there were 13 suicides among girls 10 to 19 years old. From September 2014 to November 2014, the county reported three additional suicides among teenage girls. These events sparked a federal investigation and contributed to changes in the school system’s mental health policies.

Some mental health experts report links between depression, suicidal ideation, and a lack of sleep. Three percent of students in Fairfax County report getting the recommended nine hours of sleep each night. Around 20% of students report getting five hours or less.


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