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Find Relationship and Marriage Counselors in San Francisco, CA

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Marriage and family therapists in San Francisco have helped many couples learn about, cope with, and resolve a number of mental, emotional, and behavioral issues within their relationship. Communication issues can be a major factor in relationship troubles if they go unaddressed, and they often cause couples to feel frustrated about other aspects of their relationship. Although the problems in a relationship may have been there for a long time, many couples don't enter therapy until they are in a crisis. In many cases, couples therapists help partners rediscover the attraction that brought them together in the first place. In San Francisco, marriage therapists may help couples:

  • Identify and treat maladaptive emotional issues, such as codependency, within the context of the relationship
  • Clearly and honestly express their experiences and feelings
  • Evaluate, process, and adjust to major life changes such as separation or sudden job loss
  • Teach problem-solving, coping, or communication
  • Develop productive strategies to resolve issues outside of couples therapy
  • Provide guidance when making major life decisions and encourage people in treatment to consider the possible long-term consequences of choices

Marriage and family therapists in San Francisco may use different forms of psychotherapy during couples counseling sessions to help couples achieve higher satisfaction within their relationships. If a relationship feels as if it has grown stale, it feels like there is a communication barrier, or if there is a problem that makes partners question whether the relationship is worth fixing, it may be beneficial to find a marriage counselor in San Francisco. Marriage counselors should have at least a master's degree level of education, training in marriage, intimate, and family relationships, and they should have spent hours gaining supervised clinical experience. Many marriage and family therapists also offer sliding scale fees to allow better access for those who don't have insurance or who have lower incomes.


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