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Pasadena, California is located in the San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles County. Although it is part of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, the largest civic mental health division in the United States, Pasadena prides itself on taking ownership of the mental health and psychological well-being of its approximately 134,000 residents. The Pasadena Public Health Department was implemented over 100 years ago and stands with only two other California cities that take full responsibility for the well-being of citizens through a variety of community services and programs1. The goal of the Pasadena Public Health Department is to help each resident achieve the highest level of physical, mental, economic, social, and spiritual health.

Mental Health Statistics
Rates of mental illness and emotional disturbance for Pasadena are incorporated into the rates for the region at large. The California Health and Human Services Agency reported that in Los Angeles County in 2000, 6.4% of all adults and 7.8% of young people had a serious mental illness or emotional disturbance2.

Substance use is another major problem in the greater Los Angeles area, including Pasadena. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Association estimates that nearly 15.4% of all adult residents in the region have used illicit drugs, including prescription pain medication and marijuana. Of all area residents, nearly 9% have reported a substance abuse or dependency problem while roughly 6% have had a major depressive episode3. These psychological and addiction issues have led to one of the highest inpatient 72-hour psychiatric evaluation rates in the state. Over 46,000 Los Angeles County residents were admitted to a facility for evaluation during the years of 2008 and 20094.

City-Sponsored Mental Health Resources
The Pasadena Recovery Center is funded by the city's health department and has been providing addiction treatment, recovery, and therapeutic services to residents of Pasadena for more than three decades. The outpatient recovery program offers individual therapy, group counseling, family and partner groups, and interventions addressing domestic violence, anger, and parenting issues. The treatment services at the Recovery Center are affiliated with the California Office of Alcohol and Drug Programs and are sponsored by CalWORK and General Relief services5.

Prevention is one of the core elements of recovery, and the center partners with agencies, community groups, nonprofit organizations, churches, schools, and others willing to bring awareness and education to those in need. Another successful branch of the center is the Driving Under the Influence program which provides individual and group counseling, education, and workshops in both Spanish and English.

The Andrew Escajeda Comprehensive Care Services (AECCS)6 is also part of the Pasadena Public Health Department and offers comprehensive HIV/AIDS services to residents. Through outpatient and outreach programs, AECCS has been providing compassionate, competent mental and medical treatment for more than 20 years. Mental health services at AECCS include crisis intervention, continuing care referrals, assessments, case management, personalized treatment plans, brief counseling, and medication monitoring. AECCS is just one more opportunity for personalized, community-based, client-centered care offered through the city of Pasadena.


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