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The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) suggests that intimate partners may seek marriage counseling or couples counseling for a variety of reasons. In the state of Illinois, for example, marriage and family therapists in Chicago may provide couples therapy for partners with anger issues, substance dependence, jealousy, religious issues, infidelity, and other common concerns. For some of these couples, the relationship may have changed to the point where trust, sex, and basic communication are all but absent. In other cases, couples with a strong relationship may choose to find a marriage and family therapist in Chicago if they foresee an issue that may significantly impact their relationship in the future.

While some may assume that new or inexperienced couples are more likely to be affected by relationship issues, the truth is that many couples who seek marriage counseling services have been in their relationship for many years. During this time period, some minor differences may have developed into major conflicts if they were not adequately addressed in the past, and each individual may have become more skilled at attacking the other partner.

When at-risk couples begin therapy, it is not uncommon for a partner to expect the marriage and family therapist to "fix" the other person in the relationship, or vice versa. However, one of the fundamental goals of treatment is to help each partner recognize how their own behaviors may have contributed to the conflict. To that end, marriage counseling generally involves an educational component. Couples therapy exercises may be used to help partners develop their communication, cooperation, and problem-solving skills so that they may begin to repair their relationship together.

Despite the presence of severe or chronic issues in some relationships, many partners who seek couples therapy from a marriage counselor in Chicago wish to work on and reconcile their relationship. Clinicians work to ensure that each couple is helped to regain or improve upon the close relationship they once enjoyed.


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