Find the Best Therapy for Depression in Chicago, IL

Find Therapy for Depression in Chicago, IL

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What is depression? Are there different types of depression? What are common symptoms of depression? Am I depressed? These are commonly asked questions therapists and mental health specialists often hear about depression.

It is not surprising for people with prolonged periods of sadness or grief to make expressions similar to those above. Depression is currently one of the most prevalent mental health concerns in the United States, and some individuals who experience lengthy bouts of low mood may be concerned about the state of their mental health.

The American Psychological Association (APA) defines depression as feelings of melancholy which persist for two weeks or longer and interfere with normal everyday functioning. Therapists in Chicago are trained to treat many types of depression that may affect American citizens such as major depression or clinical depression, seasonal affective disorder, postpartum depression, and depression associated with bipolar issues.

There are certain signs of depression which may be identified by licensed therapists. In Chicago, therapists can help people identify common depression symptoms, which may include feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, guilt, and despair. People experiencing depression symptoms may also seek to isolate themselves due to their symptoms. Some individuals experiencing depression may contemplate or attempt suicide.

While there is no single defined cause for depression, there are a number of factors which may play a role in the development of depression symptoms. Factors such a family history of depression, a history of abuse, the use of some medications, death of in the family, divorce, chronic illness, or serious conflicts may contribute to an individual developing depression symptoms. Treatment for depression is available from qualified therapists in Chicago, and organizations such as the APA insist that the condition is highly treatable if care is provided as soon as possible.

What options are available for effective depression treatment? Mental health professionals may use different forms of psychotherapy in order to promote positive thoughts, affirmations, emotions, and behavior. People experiencing depression who are in need of additional help may also benefit from a combination of psychotherapy and prescribed antidepressant medications from a licensed psychiatrist in Chicago.


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