Psychosynthesis was developed by psychiatrist Roberto Assagiolo in an attempt to broaden the basis of Freud’s "talking cure" by integrating imagination, will, and intuition into traditional therapy. He drew from a person’s own human capacities, including aspirations, spirit, and the center or Self. Psychosynthesis has many practical applications and is often used in education, business, psychology, and spirituality. The primary goal of psychosynthesis is to increase our sense of center and create balance in our lives by ulitizing our free will and personal internal resources. This multi-dimensional form of therapy encourages people to unify and embrace differences in others and promotes community responsibility and respect. People are instructed to discover oppositions within themselves and to use their higher wisdom to affect a more positive experience with the world around them.

Human Development and Psychosynthesis

Psychosynthesis is another term for the process of human development. Every person instinctively strives to be in unity with each other and to attain a highly effective and insightful level of organization. This attempt to achieve a higher level of consciousness manifests itself on the conscious level and expresses itself in our will and desires. Psychosynthesis blends many various concepts and models into a construct that facilitates the recognition of self for the purpose of human growth. When we cooperate with this process and allow ourselves to access every part of our being, mind, spirit, and body, we can begin to let the unconsciousness inside us work effectively. By integrating the different levels of our beings, we become powerful vessels for change.

Theory of Psychosynthesis

Psychosynthesis is based on the belief that every person uses a very small portion of their potential and each of us is capable of dynamic living. During the process of Psychosynthesis, our knowledge is revealed, layer by layer, so that we can identify, understand, and accept each level of wisdom totally and completely. Through this process, we come to realize that the layers are constantly shifting, growing, and evolving to supply us with ever increasing aspects of awareness and insight.

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