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About Williamsville

Williamsville is a village in Erie County, New York. It covers 1 square mile. Williamsville was incorporated in 1850. 

Williamsville has a population of 5,300 people. The average age is 50 years old. Among residents age 25 or older, 58% have a bachelor’s degree. Around 29% of this group has a graduate or professional degree.

Roughly 97% of the people in Williamsville are American citizens (4% higher than the national rate). The racial composition of the village is 90% white, 4% black, 3% Hispanic, and 2% Asian.
Seven percent of residents were born in a foreign country. Roughly 9% of people in Williamsville have a native language that is not English. The most common foreign languages are Spanish and Polish.

People in Williamsville take home an average annual wage of $38,300. The median household income is $59,600. Nearly 8% of residents live in poverty.

Mental Health in Williamsville

The Williamsville Wellness Center provides a host of mental health services to residents in Williamsville. Services include mental health evaluation, psychiatric medication management, and therapy. The center offers psychotherapy for adults, children, married couples, and families. It also provides many forms of group therapy.  

There is a need for more mental health professionals in the Western New York area overall. The Patrick P. Lee Foundation has provided two grants totaling $494,250 to assist local psychology and psychiatry students who are committed to practicing in the area after leaving school. 


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