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Addiction Therapists in Newport Beach

Addiction involves a strong, persistent urge to engage in a certain behavior. People can be addicted to gambling, shopping, drug use, and so on. An individual may rely on their addiction to feel brief happiness or escape negative emotions. Even when the addiction disrupts their everyday life, the individual may have trouble stopping the behavior.

Substance abuse is a common form of addiction in Newport Beach and other parts of the country. In 2017, 20.7 million Americans aged 12 and over needed substance abuse treatment. However, only 4 million received any addiction treatment. In a survey by SAMHSA, 17% of people listed stigma as a reason for not getting substance abuse treatment.

There is no shame in getting help for addiction. Addiction can be extremely difficult to overcome on one’s own. An addiction counselor in Newport Beach can help you address the social and emotional roots of your behavior. By confronting the underlying causes of addiction, you can reduce your reliance on unhealthy behaviors to cope with problems. Professional support can be vital to both recovery and relapse prevention. 

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Addiction can impact every part of your life: your finances, your work, your relationships, and even your health. Thus, it may be wise to seek treatment early on, even when you aren’t sure your addiction is “serious”. An addiction therapist can offer confidential support without judgment. If your addiction has caused you to become estranged from loved ones, a compassionate addiction counselor can also help you repair your relationships.

For your convenience, the carefully screened mental health professionals listed above—all of whom specialize in addiction counseling—practice in Newport Beach. If a certain training or methodology is important to you, ask about credentials when you call or email a therapist. If cost is a concern, ask about insurance, sliding-scale fees, payment plans, and other options. Many addiction therapists are driven by a desire to help, no matter the obstacles.

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