Part I: Source Energy Optimizes Life – Finding Source Energy

Part One: Finding Source Energy

In 1983, when diagnosed with a rare, deadly cancer, I sought the assistance of spiritual healer, Barbara Ann Brennan.  She realigned my energy fields which seemingly helped put my cancer into remission, much to the surprise of my oncologist.  It was the beginning of my understanding of Source Energy.

Whether this energy is called spirit, God, Higher Power or the universe, it clearly is something that we just feel.  In whatever way it can be sensed, be it as stillness, wave vibrations, presence, feeling awakened or connected, it’s a universal force found in all living things.  Source Energy provides the innate intelligence for plants to know to grow towards the sun, and it’s there for us when we listen to our bodies.

When we begin listening, seeing and hearing with new eyes and ears, we learn that our bodies are enormously resourceful.  They will guide us, like flowers toward the light, to awaken and fortify Source Energy.  The following exercises are suggested as an easy vehicle to access and explore your own:

  • Imagine that a really annoying person is about a foot and a half in front of you, and they just keep bothering you. Now, close your eyes and slowly breathe into your body. Next, allow yourself to imagine that you are pushing that annoying person away. Curiously observe what that felt like to push them away. Do it again, but make it different this time. As you go to push away that same imaginary person, do it in extreme slow motion, as if you can move each molecule with your mind. When you are finished, observe what you notice about this way.

The experience in the slower version is having an affect on the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), bringing a calmer resolution to the exercise.  That soothing resolve, or quiet energy, is the gentle whisper of your Source Energy.

This next exercise is from my book, The Journey Toward Complete Recovery.

  • While sitting down, allow yourself to get a sense of grounding by noticing what you are sitting on (chair, couch or cushion), the floor below it, and the gentle hold of nature’s gravity, all keeping you in place. Next, do some conscious breathing: slowly inhaling and exhaling with awareness.  Then, spend a minute or so rubbing your hands together to create friction and energy. When you can feel the heat in your hands, put them on your chest, over your heart. With the continued flow of conscious breathing you will begin to feel an energetic connection between your hands and your inner chest cavity and heart.

You may notice the sensation elicits a sense of strength and mild elation.  Those feelings are another dimension of Source Energy.

It’s no longer just an Eastern-based philosophy achieved from a lifetime of meditation.  There has been much research emerging from the cutting-edge labs of physicists, biologists and even psychologists to support the existence of evolving energy fields.  Since 99% of the mass of the human body is made up of just six elements: oxygen, carbon, etc., it’s easy to understand the impact that energy can have on us, and how perceptions have changed about it.  The old ways of seeking mental health are shifting towards an energy solution and new resource model.

We are all a mass of atoms, molecules, and sub-atomic particles spinning around in predetermined sequences creating our individual physical reality.  How those sequences are predetermined depends on our ancestors, culture and familial conditioning, among other influences.  This is as true for our physical traits as it is for our interior landscapes.  In the same way a computer gets programmed, these sequences shape the energy of our experiences and different personalities.  And once we are programmed, energy will continue to run through the same sequence. That’s what it knows how to do.

Along the way, many of us find the how we have been sequenced no longer serves us; be it conditioned negative thinking, or self-protective responses from traumatic events. First, though, we must recognize them, as without bringing our consciousness to these patterns they can work against us.  Once we’re aware these patterns are in our way, being mindful of them becomes less difficult.  Simply put, we merely give them space to be exactly the way they are.

A Focalizing session might unfold like this: The client will state their intention, i.e. to transform a pattern they have identified as no longer working for them.  After a simple grounding exercise, I suggest they visualize and hold that image in their mind.  We then invite a different resource, or opposite, energy into the room.  That could be noticing the chair they are on and how it feels, or remembering a time when they felt really good.  By allowing those two energies to meet, to hang out, as it were, a transformation begins to occur.  A third energy evolves that always feels more grounded and connected, perhaps flowing more gracefully than the other two.

My work includes the fundamentals of Dr. Peter Levine’s “Somatic Experiencing,” a method I incorporate in Focalizing, which transforms trauma energy in the body into Source Energy.  As Levine describes, “transformation is the bringing together of two polar opposite energies.”  Clients get a sense of wholeness, of being grounded and connected, allowing the central nervous system to re-shift, reset, or re-regulate, which lets new, more positive patterns to come forth.

I hesitate using “client experiences” as a description, since the work takes place in an energy field that I’m part of.  Consequently, I am in the experience with them, as well as having my own experience at the same time.  I resonate with their experience, and while I’m listening to them, I’m feeling it also.  Participating like this makes me trust Source Energy even more, and allows me to serve my clients in more powerful ways.

My intention is to simplify the identification of and streamline the varied usage of Source Energy to encourage positive changes that eliminate suffering in our lives.  Focalizing is the method I use to assist individuals to tap into their own Source Energy.  With this 4-part series of articles, I offer a new understanding of body/mind/spirit connection.  Part two, Expanding Source, focuses on resolving the deep cultural schism between our sexual and spiritual energies, while expanding our access to Source Energy.  Part three, Escalating Source, will explore essentials of trauma resolution, and part four, Hosting Source, provides tools for welcoming and enhancing Source Energy as a useful method to instigate positive changes in our lives.

If you want to immerse your self more in this learning, visit my website or at, the organization that has been a long-time supporter of my research.

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  • susan

    December 5th, 2011 at 11:59 PM

    Ive always been intrigued about things like these,about how energy can influence us and the basic theory that everything is energy. Is it easy to learn to do this or does it take a lot of practice? I am really interested in knowing and learning about all this.

  • Liam

    April 5th, 2016 at 7:20 AM

    you don’t know what energy is, if energy has dimensions then that makes it a vector. the problem is energy is a scalar quantity and not a vector.

  • Just Saying

    April 13th, 2021 at 7:20 PM

    You seem smart enough Dr.
    Have you ever wondered how many sought her help for life threatening illnesses like you did?
    And how many of them ended up passing away?
    Of course she would never reveal those numbers.
    But I guarantee you the numbers are not better than chance.
    Because she has no clue how to heal people of incurable life threatening illnesses.
    And you my friend recovered, not bc of her woowoo, but bc you were going to recover for whatever scientific reasons that some people recover.
    And others do not.

  • jay

    August 18th, 2023 at 10:32 PM

    And you know this because you have some expertise that this other person doesn’t? Because it does not work for you means it can’t be true for anyone else? I think you need to study the subject with as little bias as you can muster.

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