Continuum is an awareness of our sense of being alive. This form of therapy provides a path to achieve a connection between our self, our inherent beginnings, starting with our cell structure and building to each level of our humanity, to all life systems. Continuum has dynamically transformed the way in which somatic affects relationships, physical and mental acuity, spirituality, creativity, well-being and educational arenas. According to Jean Liedloff, Continuum theory is based on the belief that all human beings, infants in particular, must experience life events and circumstances similar to the ones that humans were exposed to throughout evolution in order to fully develop physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Guided Journey through Lifetime Development

Continuum incorporates breathing techniques, movement, auditory response and the significance of meaning to accentuate and clarify the dialogue we engage in with our inner selves and with the world around us. This remarkably insightful therapeutic technique allows a person to realize who they are from the beginning of their existence. People are guided through a journey through their own development to access and examine every layer of their essence.

Key Experiences for Infants

The key experiences for infants include:

• Continual and close physical contact with caregiver or mother beginning immediately following birth.

• Allowing children to sleep in the caregiver’s or parent’s bed with them until they choose to leave it willingly, usually around the age of two.

• Feeding through nursing at the demands of the child, in response to his or her urges.

• Until the child is mobile, usually at age six months, constant contact with caregiver or mother throughout the day by carrying, swaddling, or holding while maintaining daily activities.

• Immediate response to the child’s needs without hypersensitivity to the situation, nor judgments or displeasure.

• Providing a feeling of significance and worth to the child and fulfilling his elders’ beliefs that the child is cooperative and strong and possess an ability to self-sustain.

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