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Known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” the state of Minnesota borders Canada and is known best for its Twin Cities: Minneapolis and St. Paul. Located in Hennepin County, Minneapolis is home to 387,8001 residents. Aside from the natural beauty of the region, people come to the metropolitan area for business, sports, and entertainment. The region has several Fortune 500 companies, including Ameriprise Financial, Target, and Thrivent Financial. Sports fans can take in a Minnesota Twins or Minnesota Vikings game in the city. The Metrodome is the major sporting arena for local teams and is also the largest stadium in the state of Minnesota. Theater is a big business in the city as well. The Minnesota Dance Theater, the Children's Theater Company, and the Guthrie Theater are just some of the venues that place the city second only to New York City in the total number of theater productions.

Mental Health Statistics
According to the Human Services and Public Health Department, there were a total of 776 mental health crisis calls2 received in Hennepin County in May of 2013. In that same month, there were 1,092 child protection screening calls3. Between 2005 and 2010, 15.7% of all metropolitan area adults used illicit drugs, 10.9% reported having a substance misuse problem, and 4.1% used prescription pain pills for nonmedical purposes. In that same time period, 7% of all area adults reported having experienced an episode of depression4.

Hennepin County Wins Circle of Excellence Award
Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services (GCB) has worked to increase services to those residents in need of mental health assistance. The department provides comprehensive and broad services, including counseling, community outreach, vocational training, inpatient, and day treatment. Community surveys help the department identify weaknesses and recognize areas that need improvement. In recent years, these surveys have led to tremendous progress in the GCB through the development and strengthening of targeted programs. They have also helped improve quality of life and symptom severity by up to 70% based on client feedback4.

In its ongoing effort to improve the mental health and well-being of all its residents, Hennepin County has developed and enhanced its existing branches of care offered through the Human Services and Public Health Department. In recognition of its achievements, the county was awarded the Commissioner's Circle of Excellence Award in 20125.

Even without that recognition, the county can take pride in the fact that it has a full menu of services that are easily accessible, culturally sensitive, and clinically competent. Among these are children's mental health services, which include assessment, academic screenings, efforts to decrease violence and reduce social service involvement, counseling, inpatient care, education that facilitates family functioning, and community resources. In addition, child crisis services are an integral part of the county's network of care for its youngest residents.

For adults, the county offers an Adult Behavioral Health Services Directory so that residents can find a provider in their region. Community Outreach for Psychiatric Emergencies (COPE) was designed as a mobile crisis team to address adults in psychiatric emergency situations, and the Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services division (ARMHS) provides intensive mental health care for adults with serious emotional and mental issues and for individuals with brain injuries.

Individuals with dual diagnoses of substance addiction and psychological disorders can find help through the wide range of resources and programs designed to address these needs, including individual and group counseling and inpatient and outpatient detoxification and treatment. Some of these services are provided on a community level and others through the county's mental health center, which offers services for children and adults alike.

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