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About Lakewood

Lakewood is a city in Jefferson County, Colorado. It covers 43 square miles. Originally called “Jefferson City,” the name was changed to “Lakewood” a few weeks after the city was formed. Lakewood was incorporated in 1969.

Lakewood has a population of 154,000 people. From 2010 to 2016, the number of residents increased by 8%. Roughly 10,500 residents are military veterans.

The ethnic composition of Lakewood is 70% white, 23% Hispanic, 3% Asian, and 1% black. Foreign-born people make up 9% of the population. Sixteen percent of residents have a native language that is not English. Lakewood is home to 13,700 Spanish speakers, 1,000 Vietnamese speakers, and 700 Chinese speakers.

People in Lakewood earn an average annual wage of $33,100. The median household income is $58,200. Fifty-eight percent of families own their home. Roughly 12% of Lakewood residents live in poverty.

Mental Health in Lakewood

The city of Lakewood has an early action program to help young people with mental health issues who engage in criminal activity. The Lakewood Early Action Program (LEAP) works with the Jefferson Center for Mental Health, the Lakewood Municipal Court, the Lakewood Police Department, and Jefferson County Schools. The program provides behavioral support for youths who display at-risk behavior and their families. LEAP’s goals are to assist young people, strengthen families, reduce future criminal activity, and increase public safety.

Access to mental health care is a concern for some people in Lakewood. Around 14% of Lakewood residents do not have medical insurance. LEAP helps participants who achieve competency to access local resources once their court cases are complete.


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