According to a recent study conducted by Dr. Michael Aamodt and clinical psychologist Jo Lamble, certai..." /> According to a recent study conducted by Dr. Michael Aamodt and clinical psychologist Jo Lamble, certai..." />

Is Your Profession Putting Your Marriage at Risk?

Beer tapsAccording to a recent study conducted by Dr. Michael Aamodt and clinical psychologist Jo Lamble, certain professions have higher rates of divorce than others. The results of the study are discussed in a recent article in which Aamodt says that his research, which was designed to debunk the myth that police officers have the highest divorce rates, revealed that entertainers, dancers, bartenders, and masseuses have nearly 40% divorce rates, the highest in the study. Aamodt says that the divorce rates among police officers are actually slightly lower (14.5%) than divorce rates in the general population (16.3%). The professions that employ individuals least likely to divorce are optometry, podiatry, and dentistry. The study found that of all the 449 occupations examined, agricultural engineering had the lowest divorce rate, at less than 2%.

The study’s coauthor, Jo Lamble, believes that certain professions provide environments ripe for infidelity. Lamble says, “Dancers, choreographers, bartenders, and massage therapists have plenty of opportunity to not only meet people but to get up close and personal with the people they meet.” These professions involve physically close contact and can open the door for emotional infidelity that can quickly lead to sexual activity. Stressful professions, such as the mental health field or medical field, demand a large amount of attention and can deplete resources that would otherwise be spent on a partner. When people are emotionally taxed at the end of their work day, they may not be able to fulfill the needs of their partner.

Kylie Dunjey, a counselor at Relationships Australia, also believes that people working in nurturing careers may be more vulnerable to infidelity. She thinks that certain professions attract certain personality types. Entertainers are typically more impulsive than dentists, and this could increase their risk for impulsive sexual and emotional behaviors, said Dunjey. Overall, the results of this study suggest that profession does not predict marital stability. Rather, it is the nature of the profession, and the personalities that are drawn to it, that can shed some light on which individuals are more likely to divorce and why.



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  • Nadine R

    June 5th, 2012 at 3:36 PM

    Look at all of the professions that are listed as having the highest divorce rates. I would be willing to be that most of these are jobs that force the employee to work odd hours, even extended hours at that, just so that they can ensure that they make ends meet for their families.
    But what they fail to see is that even though they may be making good money, they are sacrificing a lot of quality family time by putting in those crazy hours that keep them at work more than they are at home.

  • Anne Steele

    June 5th, 2012 at 4:58 PM

    Some people in these situations don’t really have a choice though. It’s not like most of them could just up and quit and find a job that is more “stable” or marriage friendly. Most of them are either doing the work because that’s all they can find at the time or maybe they just really enjoy what they do. If this is the case then shouldn’t their partner be willing to compromise a little and support them?

  • Marco

    June 6th, 2012 at 4:17 AM

    True confession: I am a bartender and there are definitely times when this tries my marriage to the limit. I work in a bar, mostly late at night, and to be successful and get the tips, then you have to do some things that my wife probably would not be thrilled to know that I have to do. I am not saying that I cheat, I would never do that. But you do have to flirt, comp a drink or two from time to time because you know that could get you an awesome tip, and just in general hang with some patrons that you might not otherwise do. I like my job, but I hope that if it ever became a real threat me to my marriage that I would find a way to walk away from it.

  • blu

    June 6th, 2012 at 11:24 AM

    Why even get involved with someone if you think that the job that they do is gonna make you angry or get you all defensive in the first place?

    If I see a guy I like, one of the first things I wanna knaow about him is what he does for a living. That’s not being a gold digger, it’s just that I know the kind of lifestyle I want to lead and there are certain jobs that can give me that and certain ones that can’t.

    I don’t wanna be sittin at home all weekend while my man pours drinks or takes his clothes off for other women, understand? I need that time for me, and if that’s not what he has to offer, then I gotta move on.

  • Marcie

    June 7th, 2012 at 4:43 AM

    Blu- I am sure that you don’t mean to be but your post leaves you coming of as more than a little shallow. Who’s to say that someone who works crazy hours or a job as a dancer or bartender doesn’t make the kind of cash that you perceive that you need to be taken care of? Maybe the real lesson here is not that you need to look for a guy with a great job, but that maybe you should look for one of your own so that you aren’t always looking for a man to support you.

  • Nina

    November 13th, 2012 at 4:39 PM

    My husband is in a massage theraphy training program. He is obsessed by it and is always with his pretty young classmates “practicing” I feel very threatened. When I say this he gets angry. I am 57 years old and he is out there rubbing 25 year old women with no clothes on. He loves it. Honestly most women would hate being married to a man who is in constant physical contact with other women. There is only so much gropping a person can do in the name of theraphy. I think people who go into this profession do so looking for some sexual contact. So perhaps it’s the person attracted to the profession that causes the divorce rate not the other way around.

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