Synchronicity: Connecting the Dots

200248562-001In Synchronicity and the Stories of our Lives, Robert H. Hopcke discusses the concept of synchronicity, or meaningful coincidence, using every day language that makes this Jungian concept easier to relate to and understand. Paying attention and connecting the dots after a series of synchronistic events and dreams can help us develop our awareness and intuition. By increasing our awareness of synchronicities in our lives, we can ultimately connect more fully with our dreams, increase our feelings of trust and support, and prepare for and take action in creating the life we want to live.

Say, for example, you want to buy a red car, but you have never had one in your life and you have never known anyone else who has owned a red car. You remember a dream in which you were driving a red car. After remembering your dream, you begin to see red cars everywhere you go. You see images of red cars in the newspaper and in magazines at the check out of your local grocery. A friend inexplicably buys a new red car. You feel envious. That was your red car he bought! You continue to have dreams of red cars. You see red everywhere you go—red wagons, red scooters, red is the predominant fall color you see, and even your girlfriend shows up in a red dress!

How can gaining awareness of connections or patterns enhance my life?

Paying attention to meaningful coincidences can help us create the kind of life we want. Through these connections, we can often identify what we do not want in our lives and what we want to embrace and honor. Being aware of synchronicities and inviting or cultivating their presence can add spark to life and fuel our dream recall, imagination, playfulness, and intuitive powers.

Often what we pay attention to finds its way into our lives. If we spend a great deal of time in negative talk both internally and externally, we are more likely to attract those energies. On the other hand, if we make an intention to be positive in our lives, we are more likely to live more fully and with a great deal more ease. Our dreams and synchronicities provide us with information that can turn our negative patterns around if we are aware enough to see and explore, take action, and make necessary changes toward individuation. As a bonus, once an individual starts noticing synchronicities, synchronicities continue to be noticed with increasing frequency. This can be quite a delightful way of living, as something unexpected is always coming along. All you need to do is tune in.

The Story of Hawk

Ken has a dream that he names “Hawk” in his dream journal. He draws a picture of Hawk and later takes a walk near his country home, an area with an open field where hawks often hunt in the early morning and at dusk. Later that week Ken goes to the beach and sees many different hawks — Cooper, Red-Tailed, Sharp-Shinned. He has another dream with Hawk and finds a hawk feather on his daily morning walk with his dog.

About a month later, Ken walks into a shop and sees a stuffed hawk in the corner. Later that night he dreams of Hawk flying high above some mountain peaks that he cannot identify. He wakes with a sense of awe. He continues to draw and paint Hawk, and eventually write a poem about Hawk, despite poetry never having interested him before.

Over the course of a year’s time Ken continues to notice Hawk in his dreams and in his day-to-day life. He borrows some books from the library about hawks and begins to read more about their hunting behaviors, what they eat, breeding cycles, and nesting habits.

When Ken returns his books to the library, he notices that one of the librarians is being very attentive to him. He starts to frequent the library on a regular basis and eventually asks the librarian out on a date. The librarian accepts, and after due course he asks the librarian to marry him.

The morning of their wedding, Ken has a dream:

There is a Hawk in the corner of a closet all wrapped up like a mummy in ancient Egypt. Hawk suddenly turns into a baby glowing with light and radiant colors of pink, blue, orange, and green. Ken wakes from his dream and he knows without hesitation that he is marrying for the right reasons and that all will be well.

Synchronicities over time led to Ken’s awareness and desire to honor Hawk in his dreams and on his walks. He spent time developing a relationship with Hawk and Hawk’s energies and was able to see and act more clearly as a result.

Are you already aware of synchronicities in your life, or is this a new concept? I invite you to explore Robert Hopcke’s book, Jung’s writings on synchronicity, or work with a Jungian therapist or analyst to develop your awareness of these meaningful coincidences.

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  • Cosmo

    October 11th, 2010 at 11:04 AM

    I have bugs in my skin.

  • katherine

    October 11th, 2010 at 12:05 PM

    wow…this sounded like the story of a movie to me…seeing something in your dreams and that thing having a real effect and presence in your life…never happened to me but if it did it would definitely scare me at first… :)

  • eliza

    October 11th, 2010 at 4:15 PM

    The key idea here is to stay tuned in to the things going on around you and paying more attention to your surroundings

  • Mary Alice Long, PhD

    October 23rd, 2010 at 2:01 PM

    Dreams are portals to the soul. We are called to listen and act on the messages given us. If fear arises moving into the fear can bring untold bounty and create light from darkness.

    As Eliza says, noticing the gifts offered found in our dreams is so essential to living a full life of meaning.

  • josep

    January 9th, 2011 at 12:22 PM

    I think (for my experience)dreams talk about our main thinks or worries during previous days. If this is true, do you think that dreams could be a divination way as a I Ching book or other divination ways? and Does the dreams allways tell the true?


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