Intuition: the Owner’s Manual You Were Born With

woman hikingHow many times did your mother complain that on the day you were born she wished you came with a user’s manual? Well, guess what? You did. You were born with the inherent ability to recognize danger, realize hunger, heal yourself, be attracted to someone, love, and much more. Your mother may not have known how to read your manual, but you do. It’s the gift we all come prepared to survive in this world with—intuition. Learning how to listen to your own intuitive voice is one of the most important aspects of self-care you can do.

Unfortunately, just because we were born with intuition, or “gut instinct,” does not necessarily mean we have learned how to listen to or trust ourselves. We are living in a time of media overload, with information streaming at us from every angle all day long. News, magazines, social media, and the Internet are all screaming at us daily about how we are supposed to be living, eating, dieting, exercising, working, etc. There is so much information going around that it is almost impossible to find answers to questions we have without also finding opposing answers that contradict what we just learned.

It feels as if all of the information available to us has caused us to not trust our own intuitive selves. We are no longer tuning into the feelings, emotions, and signals of our own bodies (if in fact we ever did). Case in point: Many times when I speak with individuals who are looking to change the way they eat, or lose weight, I ask if they know how it feels in their bodies when they are actually physically hungry. Many people do not, or have no knowledge of when their body is hoping to eat. Maybe they eat all day long because it makes them feel good, but it has nothing to do with actual hunger. Or maybe they have shut down this attention to hunger, as they believe they need to starve themselves and ignore their hunger to lose weight. This happens all the time as we blind our awareness of our own body signals because we believe that what we have learned is more important than our own bodies’ messages to us.

Hunger is a signal to your brain that your body needs nutrients, just like the hair raising up on the back of your neck is a warning sign that something doesn’t feel right and you may be in danger. Or maybe you know that you are not living a life that you feel promotes your true worth, or is a fabric of your own passion, but you ignore these thoughts by creating so many tasks in your everyday life that you have no time to allow yourself to take a minute and slow down enough to just sit quietly with yourself with no other distractions. You are designing your life the way you are for some reason that only you can ascertain. If you are not able to hear your own voice under all of the noise that surrounds us in our society, then how can you know what your truth is?

So many of us are not aware of our own needs, whether they consist of a hunger for food, passion, fulfillment, kindness, stimulation, or love. We just keep going, pushing ourselves, trying to keep up with some ideal we have, while failing to really tune into our own true nature. What are you hungry for? Do you even know?

Intuition is built in and can help to guide you in the direction of your needs. What would your intuition tell you about how you are living your life this very moment? If I asked you, as you sat in front of me face to face, the simple question, “Are you happy?” what is the first response you’d have? What does your gut instinct tell you? Do you instantly find yourself talking over what your immediate response was? For example, if your simple, intuitive answer is no, does that make you begin to justify or rationalize why you thought that in order for you to stomach your current life? If this is what you did, you are not alone. Many people cannot tolerate an honest checking-in with themselves because the answers they will find are not what they want to hear, or believe to be true, about themselves. The answer sometimes is too hard to handle.

The good news is you can find your way back to yourself by beginning to tune into your intuition to help guide you to a more genuine reality. We intuitively know what we need to do in order to be well most of the time if we can learn how to listen. Sometimes it can be helpful to work with a therapist or to talk with a trusted friend to help your intuitive voice have a platform or be revealed. Most of us are born with the answers we need to find our way to genuineness when we have questions in this life. We just have to learn to trust ourselves and listen. Find a quiet space to check in with yourself mindfully by becoming aware of your body, thoughts, and feelings. Your intuitive voice will come to you; whether you choose to listen is up to you.

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  • David

    July 3rd, 2014 at 11:50 AM

    I am forever ignoring the things that I know that little voice inside my head is trying to tell me because quite honestly that voice is a whole lot more negative than what I actually want it to be.

  • Terri

    July 4th, 2014 at 6:34 AM

    A big part of this for me is that I have stopped trusting in myself and no longer believe that I am equipped to make the right decisions. I know that I am smart and capable but then when it comes down to the big things I am worried that I will make the wrong choices and that I will wind up disappointing either myself or someone that I am close to. I know the rationale is mind blowing that I would sometimes give up over trusting myself but I know that this little form of self sabotage is always at play.

  • Juribe

    July 4th, 2014 at 3:02 PM

    I don’t watch news anymore & stopped FB for a while b/c I felt like I was being programmed & found it hard to be satisfied with what I have. Get away from media & you can find contentment.

  • robert b.

    July 7th, 2014 at 1:30 PM

    That inner voice, sometimes it is more than what we want to hear. We are used to being aorund those who give us the good news, the things that we wish to hear, that’s the stuff we surround ourselves with.

    So when the cold hard truth of reality hits, it can feel like a ton of bricks and why should we want to listen to ourselves talk when there are prefectly good peoople who won’t really be honest but will instead just say the things that we think that we need to hear instead.

    That’s not the healthiest thing to do and most of the time that kind of stuff will lead nowhere but the truth of it is that that feels better than the actual truth.

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