Therapist Digital Marketing Strategies During Covid-19

Digital Marketing Tips for Therapists | GoodTherapyDigital Marketing strategies for therapists keep changing and it’s hard to feel like you’re ahead of the game. So we’ve put together a quick list of the top 4 core digital marketing strategies that will never change.

As businesses and organizations across the country adjust to the regulations and limitations of the COVID-19 pandemic, behavioral health providers also need to tend to their marketing strategies. With stay-at-home orders in place throughout most of the nation, providers have turned to digital platforms to continue engaging their clients and patients as much as possible until things return to normal.

Digital platforms are essential to the growth and sustainability of your organization both now and after the pandemic. By utilizing creative content strategies, staying active on social media platforms, diving into helpful online resources, and tending to your website more often, your organization can continue to grow through COVID-19. 

Digital Marketing Strategies for Continue Growth

1) Create Content

Content is everything in 2020. Meaning the more frequent your organization is sharing quality content on their website or other digital platforms, the more attention you will receive. Quality content might include a blog feed, hosted on your website, where each post is optimized for a search engine. 

Sharing relevant and well-researched content regularly can help boost your organization’s ranking in the search engines, and consistently drive new clients to your site. Relevant content for your website might include therapist podcast show scheduling or blogs for clients that inform them of strategies to manage fear and anxiety during COVID-19 or the benefits of hiring a behavioral health provider. 

2) Stay Active on Socials

Staying active and engaging on social media is important to the growth of any organization. This was true even before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly everyone in the United States is present on at least one social media platform. By staying active on social media, members of your community can learn about you, gain a feel for the environment and tone of your organization, and stay alert to any new happenings that might be taking place.

Posting frequently on social media can help strengthen your brand, keep your community involved, and engage potential new clients. Many individuals who are considering partnering with a behavioral health professional start their search online and might look for you on social media to gain a feel for your organization.

3) Sign Up for an Online Directory

With many individuals starting their search for therapists online, especially during COVID-19, an online directory is an effective tool for engaging potential clients. Online directories enable you to meet the client wherever they are in their search and give them a window into your organization. With an online profile, clients who may be experiencing increased levels of fear or anxiety due to COVID-19 can easily find you and your organization, gearing their search to meet the criteria they are looking for.

An online directory is also a great place to start when attempting to boost your ranking on Google. With your website linked directly to your directory profile, quality traffic is more likely to show up on your website. Click here to find a quality online directory.

4) Update Your Website

Lastly, an important marketing strategy that all behavioral health providers should implement during this time is an updated website. With so much information circulating the internet, clients may look to your website to try and understand certain details or make sense of what they are struggling to comprehend.

Therapists should update their website to include information on how their organization is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, such as a change in procedure or a switch to telehealth sessions. Your website should list key facts and information regarding COVID-19, such as stay-at-home orders in your state or regulations set in place that affect your organization. Your website should also list important resources that might be useful to clients through the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click here to learn more about tools that can help your practice through the duration of COVID-19 and after.

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