Find the Best Family Counseling in Portland, OR

Find Family Counseling in Portland, OR

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Family therapy has helped many families across the United States uncover issues affecting their dynamic and resolve them in a safe environment. In the state of Oregon, parents may choose to find a family therapist in Portland for a variety of reasons. Some of the issues commonly addressed in family therapy are infidelity, issues with money, depression, lack of intimacy, chronic illness, differences in parenting style, child behavioral issues, and substance abuse.

Family therapists in Portland provide counseling services that may help to improve trust, respect, and love between members of the family. To achieve these goals, a family counselor may employ specific family therapy techniques that are best suited for a particular family in treatment. For example, if children are involved in the treatment process, a family therapist in Portland may engage them with finger-painting, drawing, hand puppets, or other family therapy activities specially designed to appeal to their age group and developmental stage. By making informed decisions about which family therapy interventions will be used, a qualified family counselor is able to address the needs of each unique family.

Mental health professionals who offer therapy for families recognize that many people access treatment hoping to resolve the conflicts they may be facing. However, many individuals may lack the knowledge or skills needed to foster positive change. With this in mind, family counseling services may provide individuals in family therapy with a better understanding of their issues. These services may also teach family members effective communication skills, problem-solving skills, and coping skills so that they may resolve their issues together.


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