Holographic Memory Resolution

Holographic Memory Resolution was developed by Brent Baum. This innovative and relatively new approach to therapy allows a person to access their past experiences swiftly and without emotional associations. A person does not have to go through the often painful ordeal of reliving past traumas. Instead, they can identify and address specific memories and gain the ability to self-heal. Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR) employs techniques that encourage visualization and discovery of memories in a safe and secure environment. This form of therapy is recognized as being “client-centered” and strives to remove the unconscious factors that are responsible for eliciting powerful and often negative emotional and physical responses to disturbing memories. HMR theorists surmise that the restoration of properly functioning cellular structures can serve to increase our immune system’s effectiveness and prevent disease.

Ease and Effectiveness of Holographic Memory Resolution

For clients that have not been able to progress through other forms of visualization therapy, they often find this technique to be quite easy and effective. This process is very brief and results are usually realized quickly. Many people who have been unable to release or even address painful memories are able to do so in a way that separates them from the memory in order to maintain physical control over their emotions and physiological responses. By being able to let go of these memories and ultimately place them in a less threatening context, a person is able to prevent the resulting symptoms that can lead to depression, anxiety, addictions and other emotional and psychological illnesses.

Goal of HMR: Removing Formation of Traumatic Memories

The goal of HMR is to remove the encoding that has taken place with the formation of the traumatic memory. Most disease and illness is formed from the internal perception of the painful memory and is usually a result of the encoding of that memory into our psyche. By redesigning that encoding, the emotionally charged response to the memory can be altered to affect a more positive or neutral reaction. Therefore, the client is freed from the unconscious relationship between the memory and the ensuing negative emotional impact.

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Last updated: 07-02-2015

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