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Explore Therapy

Welcome to our Explore Therapy page. The following resources and information will help people to become more familiar, comfortable, and knowledgeable about healthy psychotherapy.

  • What is Therapy? - If you aren't quite sure what therapy is, how it works, or how it affects people, consider reading this basic overview.
  • Elements of Good Therapy - Discover GoodTherapy.org's elements of good therapy. Our organization is founded on these tenets, and we encourage our therapist members to uphold them in their psychotherapeutic practice.
  • Types of Therapy -GoodTherapy.org explains the various types of psychotherapies, from traditional to innovative, along with providing links to help people research each method in greater detail.
  • Modes of Therapy -This page explains several of the most common modes of therapy, such as couples counseling, family therapy, and group therapy. Learn how these modes of therapy differ or compare to one another, and decide which modality is right for your needs.
  • Issues Treated in Therapy - Many different types of issues can be addressed through therapy--there is no wrong reason for consulting a mental health professional. Here, you can review definitions of mental health issues, brief descriptions of the diagnostic criteria, and examples of real life case studies.
  • How to Find the Right Therapist - If you are going to start therapy, it's important to find the right therapist. We offer tips for people seeking therapy on how to find a therapist that suits your needs. You also can search the GoodTherapy.org therapist directory for a mental health professional in your area.
  • Signs of Healthy Therapy
  • Warning Signs in Therapy - Here you can review a list of fifty common warning signs of questionable therapy. You can chime in on the open discussion and share your individual insight. This list is designed to point out possible red-flags in a therapeutic encounter.
  • Psychotropic Medication - GoodTherapy.org offers our view on psychotropic medication, as well as various resources related to the topic.
  • Famous Psychologists - Learn more about influential psychologists and psychotherapists and their contributions to the mental health field. Over a hundred biographies of people from history and today are featured on this page.
  • Ethics in Therapy - Licensed mental health professionals are guided by ethical codes in their therapeutic work. Here you can read the various ethical codes and educate yourself on what to look for in ethical therapy.
  • Dear GoodTherapy.org - Licensed therapists are available to answer your questions about therapy through our online syndicated column, Dear GoodTherapy.org. Submit your question today, and it could be featured in one of our weekly answers.
  • Workshops by Members - Here GoodTherapy.org members can list their upcoming workshops for consumers and/or clinicians. You can search to find a workshop in your area or search by workshop topic. GoodTherapy.org members can add their workshop listing by logging in to the Member's Area.
  • FREE Online Workshops - GoodTherapy.org offers online informational workshops presented by mental health professionals that are open to the public for free. You can join us for live events, where participants are able to ask questions in real time, or log in and watch our archived event recordings. Our events are all related to mental health, and include such topics as self-esteem, depression, relationships, and more.


Last Update: 2012-03-25