Resources for Therapists

Resources for Therapists and Counselors

Please enjoy the following resources which are provided as a service to the professional community of therapists, counselors, and other mental health professionals. Please be aware that any and all information, opinions, and viewpoints expressed on other websites are the sole responsibility of those websites, and do not represent is not responsible for the content found on external websites.

Associations for Mental Health Professionals

The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy is a professional association setting standards for ethical practices in the field of marriage and family therapy. The interests of over 50,000 professional marriage and family therapists in the United States, Canada, and throughout the world are represented. They provide information and resources on: accreditation, consumer updates, minority fellowships, MFT requirements, education and training, events (including an annual conference), MFT career resources, legal and ethics issues, clinical issues, research, the Family Therapy Magazine, advocacy (state, federal, and private level), memberships to serve the public, clinical professionals, associates, and students, and more.

American Counseling Association

The American Counseling Association was founded in 1952 and is a not-for-profit organization with the purpose of growing and enhancing the counseling profession through leadership training, publications, continuing education, and advocacy for approximately 45,000 members. The ACA has become one of the world's largest associations representing professional counselors by promoting the development of professional counseling with an emphasis on setting ethical standards. The ACA offers publications, DVD's and educational materials, counselor news, licensure and certification information, a podcast series, web blogs, directories, student resources, professional development, online learning, a library and press rooms, public policy issues and reports, career center opportunities, and annual conferences.

American Psychological Association

The American Psychological Association Ethics Code is a guide for psychologists, setting standards of professional conduct by those organizations, including the APA, who wish to adopt them. The ethics in the code are the standards for practicing members of the psychology community to follow. Behaviors that are deserving of a punitive response are also identified within the code. The code includes an introduction, a preamble, five general principles, specific ethical standards, and sections on clinical practice, research and publication. Within these sections are discussion on intent, organization, procedures, and the scope of application for the code, with an overall intent leading to aspiring goals for psychologists and high ideals for psychology.

National Association of Social Workers

The National Association of Social Workers, a 145,000 member organization of professional social workers, advances and enhances social policies, professional growth and development, and professional standards. The NASW code of ethics is a guide for professional conduct of social workers and for dealing with ethical issues or dilemmas in social work practice. The NASW provides publications, an online encyclopedia, books, journals, continuing education, webinars, advocacy, legislative and media rooms, resources for students and research, and membership benefits.


The United States Association for Body Psychotherapy is a nonprofit membership association supporting the practice and advancement of the art, science, and practice of body psychotherapy. The ethical guidelines set forth the principles and standards which guide the practice of the body psychotherapy profession. General principles include adherence for professional codes, social responsibility, concern for people's welfare, respect for rights and dignity, scientific and professional competence, and integrity. The website includes information about body psychotherapy, membership, locator services, conferences, the USABP Journal, leadership, links, a job bank, and more.

Code of Ethics and Ethics Resources was founded on a mission to promote ethical therapy practices. We provide people with information about ethical, healthy psychotherapy, including links to the codes of ethics that guide mental health professionals, including AAMFT, APA, ACA, NASW, and USABP. Additional resources for mental health professionals who wish to expand their knowledge of the ethical guidelines that guide the field of psychology are listed below.

Judith Bar

Judith Barr's book is dedicated to healing the abuse of power and raising awareness about the existence of abuse in therapy. The existence of abuse and need for healing is evident from stories told by clients and colleagues about therapists who have misused their power in a variety of ways. The website provides audio/video presentations, articles, quotes, endorsements, home study courses, newsletters, a blog, and more.

Right Use of Power

The Right Use of Power program, developed by Cedar Barstow, includes topics such as the dynamics of power, styles, parameters, self-caring, shamefulness, the limits of positive intentions, power paradox, internal soul work and global service. The website contains an informational section, online course section, workshops section, and resources section.

Therapy Exploitation Link Line

TELL is a resource, referral, and networking organization that seeks to help victims and survivors of exploitation by psychotherapists and other healthcare providers find the support and resources they will need to understand what has happened to them, take action, and heal.

Continuing Education for Therapists

All members of can access hundreds of hours of continuing education events via's Continuing Education Program. offers live and recorded online events, all available at no additional cost to members with CE certificates. Additional continuing education opportunities not provided or endorsed by are listed below. knows that great therapists never stop learning. Ongoing access to a wealth of resources can sharpen your skills as a therapist. Become a member today: $50 off annual memberships for members! Find the promo code for this discount on our Special Offers for Members page.

Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioral Sciences

The Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioral Sciences (AATBS) is committed to delivering dynamic educational content to mental health professionals based on the latest conceptual paradigms in their field. AATBS offers a variety of courses applicable to mental health professionals with strong emphasis on the EPPP, MFT, ASWB, CPSE, and NCE licensing examinations in addition to continuing education. More than half a million mental health professionals have benefited from the educational content and strategies offered by AATBS for over 35 years. Our commitment to helping mental health professionals pass their licensing exams is complimented by our wide-scale CE offerings. New courses are in constant development as AATBS is committed to making the professional learning experience both practical and relevant. CE course material and content is easily distilled into actionable knowledge applicable to the workplace. AATBS is proud to be of service to mental health professionals who contribute to the health and well-being of their communities nation-wide. We are pleased to offer customers 20% OFF Exam Preparation and Continuing Education. Use Coupon Code: GOOD

Aspira Continuing Education

Aspira Continuing Education provides top quality online courses for licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Professional Counselors, Substance Abuse Counselors and Clinical Social Workers. Aspira CE's courses are approved by several boards covering both state and national approvals allowing Aspira CE to offer their courses across the United States. Our FAQ page has a table to quickly determine if Aspira CE is approved for your license in your state. Aspira CE offers a 10% discount to all members of Just become a member of to receive the discount code and instructions. Aspira CE's customer service is second to none. Visit Aspira Continuing Education at today!

Commonwealth Seminars and Home Study

Commonwealth Seminars offers home study continuing education courses and CE accreditation for organizations and individuals. members can receive a 25% discount on any of their Home Study programs. Simply click the link and order any course that interests you. At the check-out box type GoodTherapy in the "Voucher" box and click on "Recalculate" for a discount. Sarahlee Perel, LICSW and Bob Daly founded Commonwealth Educational Seminars in 1993. After 22 years in private practice, and many continuing education experiences, they felt the desire to make continuing education courses more stimulating, engaging and relevant to participants. Today, the dedication to providing continuing education opportunities from carefully selected, informed, interesting and easy to interact with presenters, is the cornerstone for this successful online continuing education company.

FACES Conferences provide opportunities for therapists to join the mindfulness movement and connect with a community of health professionals, experts, and thought leaders. Learn new and emerging strategies for integrating mindfulness, meditation, and dharma practices into life and work while earning CE's by attending a FACES mindfulness conference.

The iNLP Center offers internationally recognized NLP certification and personal development programs. All programs are taught online and through live consulting sessions or webinars. The iNLP Center is the only NLP institute that offers customized one-on-one NLP training and certification for busy professionals. One-on-one NLP training involves online audio, video and workbooks plus individual training sessions conducted via Skype video. Case studies and NLP supervision are integrated into the training to create real world, therapeutic NLP skills. The iNLP Center is directed by Mike Bundrant, a mental health counselor, international NLP trainer and host of the popular Natural News Radio show, Mental Health Exposed. With over 20 years experience in the field Mike has been trained in multiple therapeutic modalities and worked with a wide variety of mental health populations. Members of receive 10% off any iNLP training. Just mention Good Therapy when you contact the iNLP Center.

Net Addiction

The Center for Internet Addiction Recovery assesses and treats Internet Addiction for clients and families. Founded by Dr. Kimberly Young, the center provides family, couples, and individual counseling and therapy sessions. The site also provides testing tools, articles, and educational resources to learn more about the impact of Internet addiction and ways to treat this growing mental health issue. The center also provides Continuing Education and home study courses for therapists wishing to learn more about how to evaluate and treat Internet addiction.

Psychotherapy Networker

Psychotherapy Networker, originally an exclusive print magazine for therapy-related topics and therapy practices, has won many awards and honors over the years, including the inclusion on the list of the top 50 magazines in the United States recognized by The Chicago Tribune. Not only has the print magazine grown and evolved over the past 25 years into a recognized authority in the field of psychotherapy, but their annual Symposium, a conference drawing thousands of therapists to Washington DC, has also become a go to spot for continuing education, networking, information, and innovations presented by notable names in the field.

Nursing Degree

Nursing Degree Guide: As a psychology major you may be unaware of how well your academic background and interest in human behavior have set you up for success in the nursing field. The nursing profession provides job security and a chance to make a positive difference in people's lives. On our site, we explain why psychology majors make great nurses and how to transition into the nursing field.

The Glendon Association

The Glendon Association offers CE courses and webinars on topics including relationships/parenting, suicide, violence, and Voice Therapy. Dr. Lisa Firestone actively lectures on behalf of Glendon Association. supports a mission to save lives and enhancing mental health through addressing social issues related to suicide, child abuse, violence and other problematic issues occurring in relationships. The ways in which Glendon Association supports their mission includes research on these and other topics as well as through public outreach and workshops. Glendon Association's leadership is supported by Robert Firestone, PhD and Lisa Firestone, PhD, both of whom are accomplished psychologists, lecturers and authors on topics around Voice Therapy, suicide, child rearing and other important issues.

Wellness Inventory

The Wellness Inventory is a Whole Person Assessment Program created by HealthWorld Online. The program provides an opportunity to learn coaching skills to help create change in people's lives through a 14-week course using the Wellness Inventory, an online assessment tool focusing on 12 key dimensions of wellness. This approach stems from a whole-person approach and looks at the 12 parts of wellness which when viewed together lead to a happier and more successful and balanced life. Spend time delving into love and self-responsibility, sensing, moving, breathing, working and playing, eating, feeling, thinking, communicating, finding meaning, intimacy and transcending to learn how these key components help determine a person's state of being.

Zur Institute

The Zur Institute, founded by Ofer Zur, PhD was brought to fruition and fueled by his passion for therapy and therapeutic practices. Dr. Zur was born and raised in Israel by a prominent psychologist mother of German decent and a Hungarian father who modeled gentleness, and sparked his interest in psychology. Dr. Zur, a well known, California based licensed psychologist, consultant, author, researcher and lecturer, is one of the forefathers in the development of ethical and effective managed care free psychotherapy practices. Today the Zur Institute offers a wide range of online and in person therapy related conference as well as providing access to online CE courses created by other leading therapists.

Behavioral Health CE provides online continuing education for mental health professionals in the area of Behavioral Health. Behavioral Health is focused on integrating biomedical, behavioral, and psychosocial knowledge relevant to illness and health. Principles of behavioral health can be applied by a variety of professional mental health disciplines including counselors, social workers, psychologists, physicians, nurses, and others. BHCE holds a number of accreditation approvals including APA, ASWB, NBCC, CA-BBS (for MFT, MFCC, LCSW), CA-BRN (nursing), CA- BVMPT (vocational nursing, psychiatric technicians) and others. All courses are evidenced-based and written by expert authors in their fields. Just a few topics include pain management, motivational interviewing, ethics, hypnosis, disability management and coping, cancer survivorship, PTSD, weight loss, and healthcare collaboration. Unique to BHCE, you can view and complete any course for free and store it in your account before deciding to purchase your CE credits. members receive a special discount on BHCE courses, which can be found in the Members Only area. Please check for the current code. The discount code can be used on as many courses as you like and is simply entered at checkout. Since all of our materials can be viewed for free, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Many clinicians will also use the materials for patient education. Please enjoy our materials at

Insurance Billing for Therapists

Practica Billing

Practica Billing provides professional insurance billing offered by a team of therapists to help other private practice therapists manage billing efficiently. A discount is available for members. Services offered include a handful of different tools for managing your practice as a mental health practitioner. Whether it is claims, reimbursement, insurance appeals, billing, tracking, alerts, reports, statements, marketing, or others, Practica Billing can help address your issues and provide solutions to save you time and money.

Magazines for Therapists

AAMFT Family Therapy Magazine

Family Therapy Magazine is an excellent resource for Marriage and Family Therapists. The magazine has been in publication by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy since 2002. Circulation reaches about 25,000 mental health professionals and remains an exclusive benefit for AAMFT members. Publications focus on many issues including addiction, gangs, physical disabilities, treatments, love, medical models, training innovations, therapeutic power, operating a therapy practice, and more.

New Therapist Magazine

New Therapist Magazine has been keeping mental health professionals around the world in touch with the latest developments in their field since 1999. A 33% discount is available when you subscribe online. NT Magazine is created and published bimonthly by journalists and therapists internationally, and is intended as an independent, subscription magazine for mental health practitioners interested in staying informed about the changing world of therapy. The magazine content presents a broad range of topics and issues in the therapy industry. Back issues have covered topics such as forgiveness, midlife, work, attachment, narcissism, parenting, mindfulness, boundaries, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Psychotherapy Networker is known as influential and honored publication in the field of psychotherapy. The magazine is a practical and provocative source of information about the evolution of ideas and methods in psychotherapy, covering many of the varieties of challenges of clinical practice, including views on social issues and ideas and innovations in the helping profession of psychotherapy. The PN magazine has evolved as a traditional journalistic forum for discussion and debate, to become a digital learning tool, bridging modern technology and communication resources. Topics covered in past issues include: anxiety, adolescents, brain, therapy practice, case studies, children, couples, creativity, depression, ethics, leadership, and more.

Online Appointment Scheduling Resources

Full Slate

FullSlate is a partner that enables appointment scheduling directly from your profile and website.

Private Practice Resources offers comprehensive services designed to support private practice therapists in growing their practices, including but not limited to, guaranteed referrals, publication opportunities, unlimited online continuing education, and marketing web conferences. Practitioners who meet's standards of membership can join us today to access the benefits of membership. Outside resources for professionals in private practice are outlined below.

TeleMental Health Insitute

TeleMental Health Institute (TMHI) is a consultation and training organization dedicated to supporting organizations and clinicians in developing telepsychiatry, telepsychology, distance counseling, online therapy, or behavioral telehealth services. TMHI also consults with companies seeking to develop technologies for technology-enabled self-help services.

Focusing Resources explores the ways in which Focusing can help re-energize your therapy practice. Click here to access a free 45-minute recording that teaches four simple, powerful non-'technique' ways to invite your clients to experience a quality of engaged accepting attention and move beyond typical stuck patterns.

Psychology Jobs is a definitive online source for finding talented mental health professionals available for hire.

The Practice Institue

The Practice Institute (TPI) helps mental health professionals build and maintain thriving practices, individualized to fit with your values, experience, and lifestyle. For a modest monthly or annual fee, members of TPI have access to live phone consultation, as well as practice-related tools and resources. TPI founders are four psychologist/consultants with combined skills in individual and group practice development, marketing, technology, clinical expertise, niche practice development, administrative procedures, and other business skills.

Therapist Aid creates and shares free downloadable tools for mental health professionals. Therapist Aid takes pride in creating effective, research-based resources that are genuinely helpful to clinicians. Tools include CBT worksheets, relaxation videos, treatment guides for specific interventions, and a wide range of other resources covering topics such as anger, self-esteem, positive psychology, depression, and addiction.

Psychology Research Resources

Mind Science Foundation

Mind Science Foundation: There are three top questions in science, according to best-selling author Brian Greene, PhD: How did life begin? How did the cosmos originate? What is the origin of consciousness? Ongoing research into the first two questions comes mainly from specialized foundations, colleges and universities, and government agencies. Research into answering the third question is funded by Mind Science Foundation. Mind Science Foundation is a 501c(3) non-profit formed with an endowment from entrepreneur Thomas Baker Slick, Jr. Donations and contributions made by organizations and individuals through Mind Science Foundation, combined with the endowment from Mr. Slick, have been used to research important issues related to the human brain, and how the brain works. Mind Science Foundation has funded numerous research efforts, including projects delving into autism, semi-conscious states, Alzheimer's, ADD and ADHD, dreaming consciousness, and many more.

Psychology Tests

Psych Tests

PsychTests: The use of psychological assessments can ease clients into the therapeutic process. User-friendly questions that evaluate symptoms, feelings, cognitions and behaviors can provide individuals with a safe avenue to bring issues to light. Assessments can also track the progress of an intervention, allowing adjustments as needed. ARCH Profile offers a variety of tests to assess issues related to mental health, relationships, and personal development. Developed by a team of psychologists and programmers, the assessments utilize Artificial Intelligence technologies to deliver precise scoring and in-depth analysis instantaneously. ARCH Profile assessments are reliable, cost-effective, well researched and developed according to APA standards for educational and psychological testing. Each test is validated on large samples and goes through rigorous statistical analyses. For more information, visit ARCH Profile. The test catalog is available here.

Software for Therapists

Brighter Vision is an industry leader in therapist website design. They have built hundreds of custom-designed therapist websites, all of them mobile friendly with calls to action to help guide potential clients to contact you. For $59 per month, Brighter Vision provides you with a professional, beautiful website that is unique to you and your practice. Additionally, you willl receive unlimited technical support so you never have to deal with any tech headaches and cutting edge search engine optimization so your website can be found easily in online searches. Members of can receive two months free with Brighter Vision by signing up here and using the coupon code: GOODTHERAPY.

TherapyPartner has proudly become the nation’s leader in providing proprietary, industry-specific, complete practice management technology. The software picks up on your preferences, making it easy to keep up-to-date with every aspect of running your practice, and the smart technology brings a comprehensive approach to your administrative processes. Scheduling, billing, statements, progress notes, and complete revenue tracking are just some of the tasks TherapyPartner can assist with. Whether you’re a single provider in clinical practice, managing a growing group practice with associates, or just beginning, TherapyPartner offers account options designed to conform to your practice needs. Clinicians using TherapyPartner save time and increase revenue 20% by the end of year one. TherapyPartner is committed to personalized account management, merchant integration, and education on the business side of practice, all free and part of your membership. Now, there is an answer to practice management that makes it easy to provide quality care without losing money or hitting deadlines, while simultaneously increasing revenue! Earn two free months of service with when you visit the site and type the promo code “GT.”

TheraNest is a practice management and therapy notes software used by thousands in mental health. Includes all you need for a growing practice: scheduling, mobile apps, notes, billing and electronic claims, reminders, Wiley Planners, great customer service and much more. Sign up for a free 21-day trial here.  

Life Journal

LifeJournal is an innovative and interactive journal software designed for self-discovery and personal growth. In hundreds of studies, writing about meaningful emotional topics has been found to be beneficial for physical and mental health. Writing prompts, quotes, and sound bites of wisdom spoken by journal experts, invite journal writers to explore their inner terrain. The Daily Pulse allows users to track up to 10 parameters--behavior, attitudes, and emotions--they choose. Information is cross-referenced with journal entries, so writers can detect their life patterns. A personal timeline, information about different journal techniques, search mechanisms, password-protection, and more make this journal software an engaging therapeutic tool. To learn more about this Windows software, download a free trial from our site! Eliminate workload and focus on what really matters - being a therapist.

Therapy Appointment

Therapy Appointment offers comprehensive practice management for mental health professionals. Online scheduling, electronic claims, reminder calls, accounting, paperless charting, and more are made available in one integrated, intuitive, affordable package. You provide the therapy; we provide the rest! members can go to to sign up and use the code 45202 for two months of service for only $10. This is a $95 discount off of regular pricing!

Therapy News and Information

The Good Therapy Blog is the number one blog for licensed therapists and other mental health professionals.'s therapy-related blog content is a valuable collection of articles and insights provided by therapist members who use their experience and expertise to educate and inform the public about varied topics of interest. In line with's mission and values, these Topic Experts make a significant contribution to spreading researched and well written content on topics including relationships, parenting, autism, types of therapy practices, modes treated in therapy, and more. Please visit our blog to begin an informative adventure through therapy and therapy practice related issues and topics of interest.

Members of are eligible for special discounts and trials of some of the services and products listed above. Log in to your Member's Area to access special discounts or join today!

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