Resources for Therapy Clients

Resources for Therapy Clients

The following resources are provided for people seeking additional information or services related to therapy, counseling, psychology, health and wellness. Please be aware that any and all information, opinions, and viewpoints expressed on other websites are the sole responsibility of those websites, and do not represent is not responsible for the content found on external websites.


We Are Survivors

Diane Champe, the Survivors' ChampionTM, established her blog "We Are Survivors" ( ) as a national platform to discuss the core issues that impact the lives of adult survivors of child abuse and neglect. Survivors often comment on the many topics presented on the website and provide first-person accounts of the long-term impact of their abuse.


My Addiction brings people together around the issues of addictions by providing concise, up-to-date information and a meeting place for people with addiction, their friends and families, and professionals who offer pathways to recovery.

Treatment 4 Addiction

Treatment4Addiction (T4A) is an online recovery resource database that provides teens with specific names and information on drug rehabs, sober livings, and addiction therapists and counselors throughout the country. T4A also provides information on behavioral addictions, psychological issues, and drug education. The goal of T4A is to put valuable information about recovery and the recovery process in the hands of those who need assistance. T4A's mental health professionals, trained in addiction treatment, regularly contribute insights and academic information through topics posted on their website. In addition to directories listing treatment and detox centers, T4A also runs and maintains a referral service and free consultations for those with a sincere desire to change their habits. It is the belief of T4A that through support, a desire to change, and sharing personal stories with those seeking help, the path to recovery will become clear and achievable.

Children and Teens


Kimochis...Toys With Feelings Inside®: Kimochi (KEY.MO.CHEE) means "feeling" in Japanese. Children sometimes have strong feelings that can result in challenging behaviors. Educators, therapists, and parents use Kimochis® characters and feelings as a creative and playful way to help children learn to identify and express their feelings and work through challenging moments. Each Kimochis® character has its own unique personality and a pouch where children can store the feelings. The characters can become that safe third-party that help kids communicate their feelings. It can be easier for a child to say "I'm like Bug," and put the Scared feeling in Bug's pouch, than it is to say "I'm really scared." To learn more, visit For 10% off at, use promotion code: GoodTherapy12.

Child Spirit Institute

Child Spirit is a non-profit organization founded with a desire to foster and encourage the spirituality of children. Although Child Spirit is not affiliated with any particular religion or religious beliefs, it is through the help and assistance of a myriad of people, that the organization is able to impact the way children come to embrace their own spirituality. The web of Child Spirit workers include family members, scientists, academics, health and mental health care workers, social and community leaders, as well as various religious leaders who come together with Child Spirit's Board of Directors to work towards a common goal. Child Spirit offers guidance and takes initiative to support and enrich the spiritual lives of children in many ways. Some of the programs they create and support include summer camps, speaking engagements, teacher education and workshops. offers emotional support and crisis intervention for Canadian youth under 30yrs. In crisis? Want to talk? Whatever's going on, our professionally-trained volunteers are here to offer confidential, nonjudgmental support - we won't tell you what to do. Chat everynight 6-11pm PST, access Email-Counselling, use the Forum or resource database anytime. Text 778-783-0177 tonight.


Youth and Family Counseling Services

The Westfield, NJ Youth and Family Counseling Service is a continuum of individual, family, and group services provided at the YFCS office in Westfield and/or various community sites where flexible hours ensure individual availability requirements and can address urgent needs on a timely basis. Each year YFCS serves more than 1,200 youth and adults who are impacted by life challenges, crisis and mental illness. Seventy percent of the people served are youth (ages 5 – 18) along with members of their family. In response to the growing needs of youth confronting bullying, drug abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse, suicide and other issues, YFCS strives to expand its services to youth in the community.

Forums is a community support forum for individuals working with mental health issues including feelings of depression and other mood imbalances. It's facilitated in part by a team of volunteer moderators who do their best to ensure the quality and integrity of the community. This is a place to talk about the things that come up for you with people who have shared some of the same feelings. is a safe social support network that allows members to join more than 220 condition-specific groups, seek emotional support, and find other members who are confronting the same problems.


Therapy at Home WorkbooksTherapy at Home Workbooks

Therapy-At-Home Workbooks® is a cost effective, do-it-yourself, therapist-guided alternative/addition to counseling. This line of workbooks were written by Lisa Brookes Kift, LMFT. Currently available are The Marriage Refresher Course and The Premarital Counseling Workbooks for couples. Individuals or couples may use her workbooks as a starting point before entering therapy. Therapists may also purchase her workbooks as a guideline in their own practices, or to use particular worksheets out of the workbooks for their clients. You can find Lisa at The Toolbox at – with helpful tools and articles for couples and their emotional well-being. Lisa has appeared in the media on a number of occasions and has been seen in CNN, Martha Stewart Weddings Mag and the Huffington Post. This "counseling alternative" series of workbooks for couples is not meant to replace traditional face-to-face therapy but rather offer people something in addition to face-to-face therapy.

Power of Two

Power of Two is an online company dedicated to helping individuals and couples improve their relationships through guiding users to develop the skills necessary for repairing broken trust, communication gaps, and other issues standing between them and the win-win relationship they desire. Power of Two is the only online relationship program with a proven track record of making a difference for participants. Through this program participants can learn skills around remaining calm and supportive, communication without fighting, listening to their partner, speaking so that both partners will be heard, and learning how to create an environment to foster intimacy, positivity and trust. Power of Two is the brain-child of Dr. Susan Heitler, a private practice therapist with over 30 years experience helping couples navigate the choppy waters of relationships.

The Couples Clinic

The Couples Clinic is an organization dedicated to teaching successful principals which assist partners in engaging in an intimate relationship that works well for both parties. The Couples Clinic practice is based on years of extensive research and uses the pragmatic experiential approach to changing habits. In addition to the clinic itself, books and other tools have been developed around this approach and it has often been the topic of workshops, articles, and presentations centered on couples issues. The basis for this well researched approach to relationships stems from recognition that our brains over time develop predictable patterned responses to conflict in intimate relationships and by recognizing and changing those responses, a positive transformation of the relationship is possible.

Media and News Programs

Natural News Radio

Join Mike Bundrant and guests on Mental Health Exposed, a Natural News Radio program, as they reveal strategies for achieving natural mental health and expose incompetence and fraud in the mental health and personal development industries. Hear interviews with authors and leaders in the field who challenge mainstream trends and offer listeners an education that cannot be found anywhere else. Natural News is the world's leading natural health website, with over 4 million visitors monthly and 300,000+ radio show downloads.

Talk Therapy Television

Talk Therapy Television, Inc. or Talk Therapy TV is a private, not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting behavioral health awareness, treatment, and recovery. Talk Therapy TV produces and broadcasts weekly behavioral health television programming featuring leaders in the field, mental health experts, and personal stories of hope and recovery. features an extensive library of on demand videos filled with information on warning signs, symptoms, and treatment options for the full spectrum of mental illnesses and addictions.

Natural and Alternative Healing

Conscious Earth

Conscious Earth: Connecting the personal and the planetary through visions, stories, practical self-help and holistic life coaching. Transform anxiety into serenity, stress into success, and fear into love. Get your mind working for you instead of against you through Creative Inner Talk. Free articles, videos and guided meditations.

Sacred Stream

The Foundation of the Sacred Stream has offered workshops and trainings for the past 10 years dedicated to helping individuals find the windows from their own experience into a profound and enduring wellspring of wisdom, creativity, healing, and connection.


Relationship Coaching Institute

Relationship Coaching Institute, founded in 1997, was the first and largest international relationship coach training organization to provide training for practitioners who want to specialize in relationship coaching or add relationship coaching to their existing practice. RCI is committed to helping you get clients and have a successful practice. By utilizing a membership model we can provide unprecedented benefits to ensure your success. Besides affordable and easy to access training programs, our members enjoy ready-made, proven, proprietary programs and materials you can use to help your clients create successful relationships, and unparalleled support, mentoring and joint venture partnerships to help you create a successful relationship coaching practice.


Gift From Within

Gift from Within is a credible nonprofit organization with the mission to help people experiencing posttraumatic stress, people with the risk of experiencing PTSD, and people who take care of others with trauma experiences. Gift from Within creates and provides educational information and materials, such as videos, books, articles, and a variety of other resources. A network list of international survivors of trauma is available to connect participants who have an interest in providing peer advocacy and support for trauma survivors, family and friends. Please feel free to share your ideas about PTSD and contribute to resources to reduce stigma, improve treatment, and provide inspiration and support for all survivors.

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