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Therapy Modes

While some people utilize just one mode of therapy, such as individual therapy, to address sources of distress or concern, there are a variety of different modes of therapy that may be employed when applicable to help people reach specific goals. Learn more about different therapy modes:

The primary modes of therapy offered include individual, couples, family, or group therapy, and different circumstances may call for different modes. For example, while a person’s main mode of therapy may be individual, family therapy may prove beneficial during a separation or divorce.


In addition, the context in which therapy is provided may vary. Distance therapy and home-based therapy are offered when challenges such as financial hardship or lack of transportation hinder a person’s access to treatment in a professional setting. Residential treatment can provide a more intensive therapeutic route to healing that takes place away from the client’s home. As an alternative to traditional therapy, some people elect instead to form a relationship with a coach who can help them identify and reach personal goals. For youth, school counseling may be available throughout their school years.


Last Update: 2013-12-23