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Family therapy interventions have been used by family therapists to help resolve relationship, communication, and behavioral issues within family systems. Adverse symptoms, maladaptive behaviors, or other mental health concerns one person in a family may be exhibiting may indicate a greater concern within the broader family setting. As a result, a family therapist in Austin may recommend that all family members participate in treatment.

There are many benefits that may be gained from family counseling in Austin and the surrounding areas. Services are typically provided by a licensed psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, counselor who uses family therapy techniques to address maladaptive issues. However, in order to legally offer therapy for families, these individuals must meet the professional requirements for serving as a family therapist. In Austin, family therapists generally conduct sessions for one hour, and these may be held at a clinic or office, but other arrangements may be dictated by certain circumstances. In some instances, for example, therapy may be conducted at the family's home.

The focus of a family therapy session may shift from the affected individual to another family member, or to the entire family, depending on the therapeutic goals for that session. Some family therapists choose different ways of establishing therapeutic goals. Before starting the first session, for example, the family counselor may ask participating members to sign a contract regarding future behavior while in family therapy. In Austin, there are many different family counselors employing different therapeutic methods. You should choose a therapist with whom your family feels comfortable.

Once therapy has begun, the family therapist usually asks questions, listens to responses, and observes the behavior of different family members as they express themselves. This allows the therapist to better understand the family dynamic and discern what treatments and therapeutic interventions are needed for each family. There are many topics which may be discussed during family counseling. These may include:

  • How the family can adjust to current or future changes
  • How members of the family feel about a particular issue
  • How the family may resolve a current problem

A number of engaging family therapy activities are also incorporated as a part of treatment. These activities help family members develop improved coping skills, learn effective communication skills, and become more adept at problem solving.


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