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According to Mental Health America, depression is one of the most common mental health issues experienced and affects more than 16 million adults each year. Although it's a common human experience, only about a third of those who experience it will seek treatment from a mental health professional.

One of the most common forms of depression is postpartum depression. While many people associate the birth of a new baby with a range of powerful, positive emotions, some people will experience postpartum depression after the birth of a child. In fact, Mental Health America estimates that 10-20% of new mothers will experience the condition, with as many as 80% experiencing a less severe version commonly referred to as "baby blues". Postpartum depression - like other types of depression such as major depression (clinical depression) and seasonal affective disorder - results in prolonged periods of low mood and may be triggered as soon as two days after giving birth. Though it is not unusual for new mothers to experience changes in mood after delivery, women who experience postpartum depression may experience severe and long-lasting depression symptoms.

Therapists in San Francisco can assist in understanding and alleviating postpartum depression symptoms, which may include:

Though mothers experiencing postpartum depression may be alarmed at their emotional and psychological state following childbirth, it is important to remember that symptoms of depression, postpartum or otherwise, are not an indication of any personal weakness. Many mothers who experience postpartum depression symptoms are able to cope better after receiving depression treatment from a therapist.

In San Francisco, therapists and psychiatrists may offer depression treatment in the form of psychotherapy or medication or a combination of both. Psychotherapy may help those experiencing depression find productive ways to cope with their feelings, resolve realted issues, and set realistic goals for the future. In some cases, therapy with the entire family can be beneficial for individuals in treatment.


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