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Marriage counseling may be a resource for couples who wish to resolve issues within a relationship and deepen their emotional connection. Marriage counseling services in San Diego and other California metro areas are provided by a licensed marriage and family therapist and may facilitate a number of positive changes. Several treatment modalities may be used during marriage therapy sessions, such as positive psychology, narrative therapy, and the Gottman method.

Some of the benefits that may be experienced during marriage therapy include:

  • The development of better communication skills in the relationship
  • Learning how to express painful feelings in a productive manner
  • Learning conflict resolution skills
  • Learning skills to foster healthy change within the relationship

The American Psychological Association estimates that 40-50% of married couples may experience divorce. In light of these statistics, couples in California may choose find a marriage and family therapist in San Diego and other surrounding areas who may be able to provide needed support.

Marriage counseling provides a safe environment where intimate partners are able to communicate freely, without fear of judgment or retaliation. While couples in treatment may initially lack the skills or knowledge required to resolve their issues, they may receive education, direction, or feedback from a marriage and family therapist. In San Diego, marriage therapists help husbands and wives unlearn maladaptive habits and adopt more positive behaviors and skills. Though work is required from the participants, the end result of couples counseling may be rewarding.

It is important to note that while couples therapy has been very successful in addressing various relationship issues, it may be less effective when dealing with other concerns. For example, in cases where sexual abuse or intimate partner violence is present in the relationship, other treatment options or altogether leaving an abusive relationship may be necessary.


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