Radiant Heart Therapy

Dr. Sharon Wendt developed Radian Heart Therapy also known as The Radiant Heart Process. This method uses the energy from the human heart to radiate throughout the client in an effort to promote healing and restoration and to provide a client with an internal balance and sense of peace. The strongest organ in our bodies, our hearts, are designed to sustain life. When we experience an imbalance or disruption in our life energy, the source of life is the natural cure for achieving harmony and healing.

Theory of Radiant Heart Therapy

Dr. Wendt’s theory is based on the premise that the aura that a person emits will be directly reflected back on them and they will experience feelings and emotions as a result of that reflection. The energy emitted from the heart is expressed not only in the aura surrounding a person, but also in their words and actions. These elements are used as resources by which a person can gauge their own sense of worthiness and love.

How Radiant Heart Therapy Works

Working directly from the heart chakra, Radiant Heart Therapy trains people with the ability to feel the love energy within. Divine love is offered as a source of healing and therapists lead clients to discover their own divine love. By guiding them through a series of affirmations and techniques, the client is able to identify their true sense of inner peace, accord, and affection. Not only are clients able to locate this divine source of power and love, they are also able to examine the effects it has on them internally. Many times clients do not see themselves as worthy of being loved. This can lead to many psychological, emotional, and even physical symptoms. It is then that the client must learn how to embrace their divine love and turn it inward toward themselves. External healing of symptoms will never be able to be achieved until internal healing takes place.

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Last updated: 07-02-2015

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