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It is normal to face mental health issues or personal conflict in your life, and talking to a licensed therapist about these challenges can be helpful. Therapy can teach you more about yourself and the root causes of your mental health concerns in a healing way. The team works to provide options for ethical, professional, and compassionate counselors and therapists near you. The therapists listed above, who have met our high membership standards, conduct therapy in Burlington.

The process of finding a therapist can be overwhelming, but can help you set up a therapy session without added stress. With our online directory, the right therapist is easy to find. Therapists in Burlington are listed in our online directory, so you can now find a counselor with or without speaking on the phone. We have been helping people like you connect with therapists since 2007. Today, we strive to help you find therapists in Burlington who can treat your specific concerns.

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Mental Health in Burlington, Ontario

Thank you for looking for a therapist in Burlington on Mental health is a significant social issue in Burlington. According to a recent study by the Burlington Community Foundation, 2 out of 3 people have been touched by a mental health issue, with half the instances involving a family member and 20% involving a friend. In such cases, depression is the most common mental health concern, followed by anxiety.

These issues are especially prominent amongst youth. Eleven percent of 15 year olds have thoughts of suicide, 27% said they had too many problems in their lives, and 4 out of 10 12 year olds regularly experience bullying. It is important for youth to know they are not alone, and for adults to be aware of the issues that can affect them.

In addition to therapists listed on, Burlington residents have access to a number of mental health services. The Summit House, part of the Summit House and Outreach Programs, provides supportive affordable housing for people with diagnosed mental conditions, as well as help for the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless. In addition, the Reach Out Center for Kids offers prevention programs and mental health support for youth, and the Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital Mental Health Program provides emergency psychiatric care and educational groups. Those needing help or looking to learn more about mental health may also contact the Ontario Mental Health Helpline and the Burlington branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association.

For people looking to pursue a professional career in therapy, the psychology departments at nearby McMaster University and the University of Toronto offer a full range of courses at the undergraduate and graduate level, covering everything from human sexuality to positive psychology.

All of these efforts in and around Burlington are a sign of the growing importance of mental health, a community awareness which is increasing every day. The recent passage of the Mental Health Act and the Regulated Health Professionals Act in Ontario ensures that resources are continually being extended to address the community's mental health needs.

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Seeking out therapy can be a vital step toward improving your circumstances and overall mental health. At, we pride ourselves in providing a therapist directory on the Internet that upholds high standards. We only feature therapists who practice collaborative and non-pathologizing therapy, as described in our Elements of Good Therapy, and who have educational training in therapy. This enables you to seek out quality help no matter where you live. We are always increasing our therapist directory to match rising needs, and endeavor to be the central resource for those looking for help.

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