The following podcasts are listed in alphabetical order. They cover topics such as HIPAA and security, electronic health records, and online scheduling.


Clinical Psychologist Turned Software CEO

They say necessity is the mother of invention; listen as the founder of Therapy Partner discusses the call to shift the mental health industry for clinicians.


Feeling Lazy?

Jessica explores why clinicians feel lazy in their practice. Do you feel lazy or resistant about doing certain administrative tasks? Learn how you can free yourself up so you can focus on what you love most, such as your clinical care or business-forward activities.


Grow Revenue By Utilizing Progressive Technology

What are you doing to protect your patient's health and financial information? Tune in to learn how progressive technology designed just for mental health professionals limits your legal and ethical liability while helping grow your revenue!


Navigating the Ethical and Legal Liability of Technology

Today Dr. Jessica Dolgan welcomes Roy Huggins and Liath Dalton from Person Centered Tech to Love Your Practice. Together, Jessica, Roy and Liath take a critical look at navigating the ethical and legal liability of a private practice as it pertains to the technology clinicians are using.


Safety and Security with Patient Health Care and Financial Data

Protecting patient financial and health care data is imperative in today’s health care climate. Learn strategies that set a professional precedent, streamline your practice, and ensure you and your patients are optimally protected.


Stand Out from the Competition

Finally, come to truly love your practice. Streamline operations, reduce liability, optimize clinical care, grow your practice, and out-earn competition utilizing progressive technology and business strategies.


Store a Form of Payment on File

Storing an encrypted form of payment on file could be the single most effective tool for streamlining your business and earning more. Listen and learn why!


Streamline Your Practice

Explore progressive practice management software that eliminates redundancy and streamlines operations. Set an elevated professional precedent for your patients so you can earn more and love your business.


Why Use Practice Management Technology?

Practice management software can streamline your business, set a professional precedent, and ensure you thrive. Learn what features and benefits to shop for and how you can out-earn the competition.