Software technology is becoming increasingly popular in the mental health care field. In order to maximize the benefits of technology designed to support you and your therapy practice, it’s important to learn how to use it. Practice management software, for example, can help therapists run an organized practice. Using online scheduling software can help mental health professionals get more referrals by making it easier for clients to schedule appointments that fit their schedule. Both EHR (electronic health records) and EMR (electronic medical records) can be stored and documented with more ease and security when you know how to use therapist-friendly software technology.

As mental health care can increasingly be found and offered online, your options as a therapist are nearly unlimited. Telemental health is a rapidly growing field. And as the popularity of telemental health care grows, so does the need for secure, HIPAA-compliant policies and systems for storing data. Learn how to expertly navigate the world of digital mental health; to start, click on a topic from the list below.