The following podcasts are listed in alphabetical order. They cover topics such as branding your practice, finding referrals, and optimizing the client experience.


Assessing Your Business From Your Client's Perspective

Today, Dr. Dolgan reflects on your client’s experience. How do your clients view your private practice?  Auditing your practice is an essential exercise for growing your business and creating a unique client experience from the moment they first contact your practice to the minute they walk out of the waiting room. How are your clients scheduled, billed, and communicated with?


Branding Your Practice with Kate and Katie

Tune in today to learn how Kate Campbell, PhD, LMFT and Katie Lemieux, LMFT from The Private Practice Startup help therapists create their dream practices. With thriving private practices of their own, these ladies bring their expertise in branding and marketing to the mental health field to help more clinicians thrive.


Breaking the Mold in Behavioral Health with Matt Brink

On this episode, Jess chats with Matt Brink, the founder, and CEO of Malama Pono Autism Center in Hawaii. Matt has opened outpatient clinics across several states including a wilderness therapy program, autism treatment centers, and community counseling centers. He regularly consults with other professionals and agencies around brand identity, professional development, and increasing access to behavioral healthcare. Matt has great wisdom to share with how to break traditional models of behavioral health care to increase one's impact as a provider.


Carrying Out Your Rebranding Plan—Embrace the Expertise You Already Have!

Many mental health clinicians have an expertise. Knowing how to brand your practice and represent yourself as an expert in your community poses more of a challenge. Learn how to cultivate and optimize the expertise you already have to boost revenue and increase optimal referrals. Embrace the expertise you already have!


Combating Mental Health Stigma with Kelly Higdon

Kelly Higdon joins us today from to share about her journey and work that supports clinicians in creating thriving private practices they love. Tune in to learn how empowered clinicians and the therapists that support them are leading the country in changing mental health stigma.


Cultivating Your Niche Expertise

Experts get paid more! Learn how cultivating your niche expertise can help you attract optimal patients and referral sources all while limiting your liability and increasing your revenue.


Eliminate Worry About Competition

Today Jessica talks about the importance of thinking less about what others are doing and how to focus on ways you can best serve your community.


Emotional Intelligence and Business Success

Jessica explores how emotional intelligence drives business success for clinicians in private practice. Learn what you can do to use your emotional intelligence to build a practice that you genuinely love.


How to Be Indispensable to Referral Sources

This single marketing tool will grow your brand and revenue, as well as increase referrals of optimal clientele. Referral cards solve the chronic revolving door and triage process primary care physicians and other large referral sources face. This simple private practice marketing tool builds great professional connections and sets your practice apart from the competition.


How to Cultivate Optimal Clients and Referral Sources

Dreaming of a full practice filled with your ideal clients? Tune in to learn how to use referral cards to attract optimal referral sources and clients. Dr. Jessica Dolgan shares how quality-directed marketing resolves revolving-door issues for referral sources to grow your practice and your reputation.


Mind-Body Connection Takes Off

The mind-body connection is finally taking off. The public is pursuing psychological experts at records speed. We discuss what this means for therapists and counselors in this brief 10 minute episode.


Sitting in Your Lobby—The Benefit of Auditing Your Practice

Today Jessica discusses how important it is to look at your business from the patient’s perspective and build a client-centric private practice. Are you setting the professional precedent that you want? Listen today for tips on how to walk through your patient’s experience to avoid chaos and provide high-quality clinical care.

Why The Public is Finally Embracing Preventative Care

A new health care marketplace is emerging. Learn why the public is embracing preventative holistic care at a growing rate.


Your Intuition Doesn't Just Serve Clients—It Serves Your Business

In this episode, Jessica talks about using the gift of emotional intelligence you’ve been given as a clinician and turning it toward cultivating abundance in your private practice.