Catherine Goldhouse


Catherine Goldhouse


Telehealth Available
Professions: Clinical Social Worker
License Status: I'm a licensed professional.
Primary Credential: Clinical Social Worker - 19574
Secondary Credential: Clinical Social Worker - TPSW803
Billing and Insurance:

I don't currently accept insurance, but I can provide documentation if clients wish to submit to an insurance company for "out of network" benefit coverage

Fees: Individual therapy sessions are 45 minutes and my fee $195. Couples therapy sessions are 60 minutes and my fee is $220.
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Miami, Florida 33146
Boston, Massachusetts 02116

My Approach to Helping

I received my bachelor’s degree from Brown University and my master’s degree from Boston College. I combine the practicality of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and the depth of psychodynamic therapy to provide individuals and couples a safe, supportive space to identify and understand the unhealthy patterns in their lives and explore new ways of thinking, feeling, and engaging in relationships.

I acquired my clinical training at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School’s largest psychiatric affiliate, on an inpatient unit in the division of Anxiety and Mood Disorders. I also trained at the OCD Institute, the nation’s first and foremost treatment center for OCD.

Before becoming a psychotherapist I owned a wellness company in which I helped people heal from destructive relationships with food and nourishment and instead learn to eat and live according to their own values. I am also a longtime student of the Enneagram and enjoy using it as a tool for self-knowledge and growth.

More Info About My Practice

All my sessions are virtual. This allows me to work with clients located anywhere in Florida, Maine, and Massachusetts from the comfort of their own space. Most people choose to have sessions from their home, but some do it from their offices or even in their cars. It’s all about what works for you and where you feel most comfortable opening up.

My Therapy Focus

When my clients first come to see me, they are stuck in a swamp of fear and self-doubt, and they are exhausted from trying to get away from their uncomfortable thoughts and emotions. For so long, avoiding and withdrawing has seemed like the easiest path to take, but they know it has also meant missing out on aspects of life that they want. They wish things could be different, that they could get out of their heads and feel more present, but facing fears and making changes is so daunting.

Others tend to see my clients as kind, hardworking, and sensitive to others. Their easygoing and accepting nature puts people at ease and makes them easy to like. Despite how calm and relaxed they seem on the outside, however, on the inside they are often drowning in a storm of anxiety, obsessions, and relentless what-if thoughts.

If this sounds like you, then you know how excruciating it is. Of course you are desperate for some peace. How could you not be? You may be numbing out by daydreaming, doing mindless tasks around the house, or escaping into your job. Or maybe you are spending more time than you would like drinking, smoking pot, or napping. (My clients are usually great nappers because they spend so much energy trying to push away the noise.) When those do not work, you are stuck with your thoughts for what feels like hours on end.

The clients I work with also have a ton of anxiety around conflict, and if you do too, then you probably find yourself regularly going along with what others want to avoid having to deal with it. It just seems easier that way. You feel like your preferences are not as strong anyway. More often than not, you do not even know what you want. Being decisive is not one of your strengths. But even when there are things you want to ask or express, you are often too terrified of rocking the boat to use your voice. Sometimes all this effort you are putting into avoiding anxiety works, but it does not last very long, and it has come at a cost. You have become disconnected from yourself and and numb to your own passion, purpose, and preferences.

Before they came to see me, my clients worried therapy would be too uncomfortable. They were afraid they would be pushed into doing or saying things they were not ready for. But they knew they were stuck and that without help, their lives would never change.

***You deserve to live a life that is no longer consumed by anxiety. You can be free of the exhaustion that comes from all the obsessing and avoiding.***

In our work together, you will develop new ways of thinking, feeling, and being in relationships so that you are not at the mercy of self-doubt, intrusive thoughts, or a fear of conflict anymore. You will learn how strong you really are and get comfortable stepping into your strength so you can show up fully to your own life.

If you are ready rise above all the noise in your head so you can start living the life you truly want, I would love to help you get there.

Services I Provide

  • Individual Therapy & Counseling
  • Marriage, Couples, or Relationship Counseling
  • Telehealth

Ages I Work With

  • Adults


  • English

Groups I Work With

    I specialize in a particular type of OCD known as “Pure O” or purely obsessional OCD. My clients with Pure O often go for years undiagnosed with OCD because they have a storm of “what if” thoughts swirling around in their heads and the way they respond isn’t through hand-washing or double-checking the way it typically is when we think of OCD. Instead, they respond by ruminating, researching, andor asking for reassurance.

    We all have bizarre, disgusting, offensive, and twisted thoughts. For most people, these thoughts last for one moment and then go away. We don’t worry about them because we know they don’t reflect what we really think or feel or want. They are just random thoughts or images. If you’re dealing with Pure O, however, then you have these same crazy thoughts, but instead of just letting them pass you by, you start to wonder why you have them and what having them says about you. Whenever these pop up, you get flooded with “what if” thoughts and start obsessing.

    Many people with Pure O suffer in silence. This is not only because they may not recognize what they are experiencing to be OCD but also because they are often too ashamed of the content of their “what if” thoughts to ask for help.

    If you have Pure O, you ruminate compulsively and are desperate for some certainty, but no amount of research or reassurance seems to help. The anxiety that comes along with having these thoughts is agonizing and so you start avoiding certain things because you are afraid of bringing these thoughts on. For example, you avoid spending time with your young nieces and nephews because being around them brings up so much anxiety about the possibility of being a pedophile. Or perhaps you’re a new mom who has started to avoid being alone with your baby because you’re worried that you’ll be flooded with thoughts about hurting him and the shame and fear you know you’ll feel will be unbearable. Or maybe you avoid being in serious relationships because you know eventually you’ll start wondering if you really love your partner and will start compulsively researching articles on love or comparing your relationship to others and the doubt will get so loud that you won’t even be able to connect with this person when you’re around them anymore.

    That’s the worst part of Pure O— you start missing out on life and distancing yourself from others because you’re so afraid of stirring up the anxiety.

    I have specialized training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) all of which can help alleviate your suffering. In our first session, I will try to put you at ease by letting you know that I’ve heard it all and that none of your intrusive “what if” thoughts will shock me. Then, as we get to know each other, I will get a sense of your obsessions, your core fears, how much you’re ruminating, if you are dealing with any other compulsions (such as reassurance-seeking), and what you’ve been avoiding in your life to try to escape the anxiety. Together we will come up with a plan designed specifically for you to stop the suffering and avoiding.

Industries & Communities Served

  • First Responder/Medical Professionals
  • LGBTQ+
  • Professional Sports

Client Concerns I Treat

  • Anxiety
  • Codependency / Dependency
  • Obsessions and Compulsions (OCD)
  • Relationships and Marriage
  • Self-Confidence
  • Self-Doubt
  • Social Anxiety / Phobia
  • Stress
  • Worry

Types of Therapy

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy
  • Exposure Therapy
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS)
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Relational Life Therapy
  • Schema Therapy

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