Man standing at the top of a hill and looking at view though binoculars at sunset.Finding a rehab facility that meets your needs can be overwhelming and stressful. It is normal to have a lot of questions during the process. Below are some commonly asked questions people have when they are looking for a residential treatment program, along with carefully researched answers. Remember, if you are in crisis or need help right away, you should call 911 or your local law enforcement or see our crisis page for additional resources.

Types of Rehab Facilities

Learn more about residential treatment facilities to find out what kind is right for you. Topics discussed in this section include differences between inpatient, outpatient, residential treatment, and substance abuse counseling. Some rehab programs work for people with addictions to alcohol and drugs, while others are more suited to helping people with mental health issues like depression.

Rehab and You

These questions discuss the details about life inside of and beyond residential treatment. If you are considering rehab for any reason, you might have some questions about your personal experience. Find out how you can increase the effectiveness of your treatment and what everyday life might feel like in rehab.

Find a Treatment Center


Medical Issues and Health Concerns in Rehab

It is normal to have questions about how medical concerns might be handled in rehab. This section answers questions you might have about the health care aspects of residential treatment. Learn about detox, withdrawal, and medication that may be prescribed during detox or for mental health purposes.

Cost of Rehab

You might be wondering if rehab is in your budget. There are actually many factors that contribute to and affect the cost of rehab. Find out how to choose a residential treatment program that is covered by your insurance and meets your mental health and financial needs.