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Transactional Analysis


Transactional analysis was developed by Eric Berne and is a widely recognized form of modern psychology. Both client and therapist engage in a contract that outlines the desired outcome the client strives to achieve through therapy. They then rely on their adult beings to identify and examine various thoughts, behaviors and emotions that hinder the client’s ability to thrive. The atmosphere that supports transactional analysis is one of comfort, security and respect. A positive relationship is forged between the clinician and the client in order to provide a model for subsequent relationships that are developed outside the therapy arena. Analysts who practice this form of therapy use a broad range of tools gathered from many disciplines including psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral and relational therapies.

Theory and Technique of Transactional Analysis

Transactional analysis utilizes the ‘parent adult child’ theory and is applied throughout many fields, including medical, therapeutic, communications, business management, clinical, organizational, behavioral and personal. The mainstream appeal of this technique has attracted parents, professionals, social workers, and others who strive to achieve maximum personal development. Transactional analysis is a highly effective method of enhancing your relationships with others and yourself.


Common Uses of Transactional Analysis

Transactional analysis is used by counselors and clinicians who strive to address the present problems. The focus of the therapy rests on discovering solutions to maladaptive behaviors. The client and therapist work together in a collaborative and respectful manner implementing various therapeutic techniques and relying on tools that will help the client achieve his desired outcome.


Transactional analysis is used widely in the educational arena and provides a vessel through which educational principles and philosophy can be transformed into the daily lives of students. This system teaches both students and teachers how the relationship between behavior, education and knowledge can affect the entire social construct. This type of therapy can be administered to children and adults of all ages, regardless of their social circumstances. The primary focus of transactional analysis is to empower people with the ability to achieve psychological well-being.


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Last updated: 05-02-2014


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