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The Media Relations Room is the mental health professionals' resource for connecting directly with journalists and members of the media. As a member, you will have exclusive access to various media relations inquiries, from television and radio interviews to printed publications.’s Media Relations page is updated daily to feature new media inquiries from international, national, and local publications and programs seeking experts on a variety of health-related topics. This collaboration can involve significant exposure for therapists and mental health professionals who are interested in working with members of the press.

Examples of media relations inquiries that have been featured in the Media Relations Room include:

  • Better Homes and Gardens - Child Psychologist Needed: "Looking for a child psychology expert Ph.D. affiliated with a major university or research center (or an independent expert who has written a highly regarded book for parents) for a feature about how to raise thankful children."
  • The Biography Channel - Psy.D Needed: "New true crime series for the Biography Channel that will focus on people who are killed by their romantic partner after this partner has also engaged in an affair. We will be examining the signs and types of relationships that can lead to this tragedy and hoping to provide our viewers with valuable information on said topic. Requirements: Preferably, you would be in the Washington DC area but we can also fly people into our office from other locations. Must have a PsyD and specialize in relationship/couples therapy. Must be camera ready and portray likeability and seriousness simultaneously."
  • Social Work Today - Social Worker Needed: "I am working on an article about older adults and their families turning to various technologies to keep them connected in familial and social ways, but also in terms of tracking caregiving information and resources. I am looking to speak with companies that develop such technologies, and particularly with social workers who work with these companies and/or who can comment about older adults becoming more technologically savvy."
  • The New York Times - Celebrity Psychologist/Psychiatrist Needed: "I need a psychologist or psychiatrist based in LA or New York who has extensive experience with celebrities as patients and a deep background in talking with the media as an expert source. We can do 5-10 mins by phone, or I can email you questions. Requirements: Please be a licensed therapist with a Psy.D or Ph.D An academic psychologist could work as well, particularly if you have some research background in the psychology of social media."
  • Mental Health Magazine - Anxiety Expert Needed: "Writing a general story about anxiety: how it's diagnosed clinically, difference between anxiety disorders and stress, relationship between anxiety and phobias, implications of being diagnosed. Looking for experts in both Canada and U.S., as well as individuals willing to talk about their own anxiety, diagnosis, and healing process."
  • Seattle Radio Show - Autism Expert Needed: "I'm looking for an autism expert to join me on my local Seattle radio show. The show will be a discussion between myself, a parent of a child with autism, and an autism expert. We'll discuss what autism is, what it's like to live with autism, etc."

Accessing the daily media relations listings is as easy as logging in to your Member’s Area and clicking on Media Relations at the left of the page. 

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