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  • I recently decided that I would check out my advertising and see where my referrals are coming from. I canceled several of them that do not send me clients on a regular basis. I did not even consider dropping for more than one reason. Of course, the first reason is that you send me clients often. The second is because you offer so much to the therapists who advertise with you. The articles and information on this site are wonderful. I have used so much of it with my clients and have helped them to improve their lives. You do a great service for therapists and clients.  
    – Beverly Mason, LPC, PC

  • is by far the best site on the web to find good counselors and learn about counseling. 
    – Theo Wilcox, PhD

  •, led by founder Noah Rubinstein, is one of the brightest lights guiding the psychotherapy field into the 21st century. Its credo boldly defines standards for therapy at its best: a nonpathologizing, deeply respectful, collaborative process in which people experience their innate capacities for well-being. I hope you will join and support 
    – Bruce Ecker, LMFT, coauthor of Unlocking the Emotional Brain: Eliminating Symptoms at Their Roots Using Memory Reconsolidation

  • The most aggressive, and most impressive to me is They've rocketed to #2, and are much more innovative than PT, offering CE's, marketing webinars, media relations, audio and video, and lots more. 
    – Peter Hannah, MS, LMHC

  • The world of psychotherapy can be a confusing, even overwhelming, place for the person seeking competent help and credible information. provides an excellent starting place for gathering key information to make informed decisions about mental health care. I'm pleased to have been invited to be a presenter, and I'm glad to have their network available for all those interested in advancing mental health care knowledge and practice. 
    – Michael Yapko, PhD, author of Depression is Contagious and Mindfulness and Hypnosis

  • LOVE your counseling and psychotherapy ideas and principles. I think when we talk about the need for universal health care plans like Canada has, we are missing this point, of empowering the individual to be connected to and understand of themselves so they can be in charge of their health and wellness. I LOVE your site! 
    – Julia Cameron Damon

  • Whether you're someone looking for help or a clinician interested in sharpening your skills, has it all. Finding a therapist, viewing interesting and relevant articles, and taking web-based CE classes on numerous topics are just some of the resources available to those who visit the site. As part of its mission and vision, strives to 'adhere to ethical principles, and treat all people with the dignity and respect they deserve.' The website clearly and consistently meets that standard, and in so doing has become a valued addition to the online world of mental health. I feel privileged to have been one of their continuing education presenters, and look forward to being a member of the community for years to come. 
    Scott Granet, LCSW

  • I have received a great deal of benefit from being listed on your site - so thank you for the help and assistance in getting referrals that I would otherwise have never connected with. I appreciate it! Keep up the good work! 
    – Neil E. Rand, PhD

  • I love working with The whole organization comes from a place of heartfelt integrity and supreme professionalism. I'm so honored to be part of their essential contribution to health and healing. 
    – Raphael Cushnir, author of The One Thing Holding You Back

  • It is a true joy to discover this wonderful website and means of describing the precious encounter we have with clients in therapy. 
    – Brenda Shoshanna, PhD

  • I'm honored to be among the presenters selected by because I strongly believe in their mission to educate therapists and help potential clients make informed choices. Psychotherapy is an incredibly complex and confusing field and picking the wrong approach can be expensive both financially and emotionally. provides an invaluable service. 
    – Richard Schwartz, PhD, author of Internal Family Systems Therapy Use

  • is an amazing resource for professionals and individuals looking for mental health referrals and information. This website is dedicated to providing education and truly creates a mental health community. I am impressed with the breadth and depth of information and opportunities it provides its consumer base. It offers a great deal more than its competitors at an incredibly lower price. This site also follows up with any emails or questions in an incredibly quick time frame... I even had someone apologize for not getting back to me until Monday when I emailed the Saturday before. That is quite the dedication to consumers which is above and beyond the site's competitors. Thank you so much for creating this and for the wonderful work you all do! 
    – Rebecca Wilson, MSW, LCSW

  • I continue to be impressed with the quality of continuing education programs provided by In this fast-paced world of science, clinicians remain current with the newest research and clinical applications with That's a win-win for clinicians and clients who are looking for the most ethical and highest standards of care. 
    – Lynne Kenney, PsyD, author of The Family Coach Method

  • I'm deeply appreciative of's consistent non-pathologizing stance in a field of endeavour awash with pejorative beliefs, labels & protocols. Thank you! 
    Rainey Hopewell, PhD, MEd, CCC, CCHt

  • has become a primary referral source for new patients into my practice. Even more exciting is the majority of referrals turn into returning patients. Besides being a premier referral source, provides me endless opportunities to write articles on a variety of topics which are read by thousands of folks! I even had the pleasure of presenting my expertise in suicide risk assessment to a national audience thanks to I have no doubt that much of my professional and private practice success is thanks to! 
    Andrew Mendonsa, PsyD

  • I like your site and the values it embodies. I think it offers folks an idea of what to expect of counseling. 
    – Dana Locke

  • offers a remarkable set of resource pages. The website cleverly brings therapists and clients together, helping more folks give and get the help they need, resolve difficult challenges, and enjoy life's blessings to the fullest. Most importantly, encourages therapists and clients to focus forward, envisioning the emotional and relationship health and happiness we are aiming for. Too many therapists look excessively backwards, at what's been wrong and where those mistakes came from. encourages therapists instead to clarify what healthy functioning looks like and how to help our clients to get there. Three cheers for! 
    Susan Heitler, PhD, author of The Power of Two

  • Currently, I am a crisis worker in a psychiatric hospital. Time and time again I hear from clients that they will never return to outpatient therapy because they spent years and endless amounts of money receiving treatment and they felt they never made improvements. In my field of work I also see firsthand that there are too many therapists who seem to blur the boundaries of their relationships with clients or abuse the power they hold as the ‘expert.' It is so frustrating that those very people we are trying to heal and help end up disgusted and dismayed by the entire field of mental health professionals. I was overjoyed when I discovered your website and read why your organization was created. Thank you for practicing the ethics that I myself strive to follow. As I recently obtained my clinical license in social work, I will soon be expanding my work experience. I plan on practicing individual and family therapy in addition to the crisis work I currently do. I look forward to learning more about your organization and cannot wait to join. 
    – Julia Sebian Magrow, MSW, LCSW

  • I have been a member of since its inception and have observed the steady growth. Being listed as a credentialed therapist on this site brings me to the first page of Google in my local area for several of my keywords, such as 'marriage counseling.' When I presented a continuing education seminar on the webinar platform, it was a delightful experience. I received all the technical support that I needed and Noah Rubinstein, the site creator, was right there asking questions and helping me to feel relaxed so I could make the best presentation possible. provides a high level of ongoing, professional seminars and trainings. Noah is a professional who has persistently shown that he cares about his clientele by providing immediate and personalized service. I highly recommend affiliating with this site to help you build your online credibility as a qualified professional. 
    Dr. Erica Goodstone

  • Your customer service is excellent!! We have had good referrals from your site and appreciate the chance to participate. 
    – Paula Smith

  • I've been a member of for almost three years, and I have found it to be a valuable resource. Not only is my profile listing on competitive with other profile sites, but I also have access to a large library of continuing education programs at no additional cost. Those are just the practical items, however. The ethic of is a match for my ethic. They don't have the mercenary feel of many of their competitors. When I presented for's continuing education program, I found the staff to be approachable, professional, and accommodating to my needs. I often recommend to colleagues, and will continue to do so. 
    Roy Huggins, MS, NCC

  • I am a psychotherapy client. This is just a note to express my gratitude for this website that seeks to promote high-quality, ethical psychotherapy and dispense related information. The linked articles and blogs are very helpful. Thank you for allowing lay people access to this evolving collection of useful information. My first psychotherapeutic relationship started out well, but gradually degraded into an interpersonal mess that violated ‘good therapy' on several levels and promoted perpetual psychotherapy. The personal consequences of that therapy were such that I later established with a second psychotherapist to process what happened with my first psychotherapist. Had I read the Warning Signs of Bad Therapy, I would have run screaming into the night, years before I left my ‘bad therapist.' Again, sincere gratitude for this website. 
    – Anonymous Therapy Client

  • is one of those special organizations that offer a wealth of resources for both the layperson and the mental health professional: referrals, blogs, articles, CE workshops, and more. Speaking as a psychotherapist, I can attest that the CE workshops they offer are top notch. Each one that I've watched or listened to is full of useful information. I have also received excellent referrals to my private practice, and have enjoyed their highly informative blog. more than fulfills its mission to educate and support--it succeeds in giving psychotherapy a good name. 
    Ashley Davis Bush, LICSW, author of 75 Habits for a Happy Marriage

  • I am very impressed with your mission statement. The world needs more of this full-on belief that each person carries an inner wisdom that is always ready to help them in their healing, change, and growth. 
    – Mary Disharoon, MFT

  • I had the opportunity to present ‘Food and Addiction Spectrum Disorders,' a web conference for and its members. The entire experience was very positive--not only did I speak on a topic about which I am highly passionate, but I had the privilege of interacting with many diverse colleagues throughout the question and answer segment.

    Perhaps the best aspect of the web conference was simply the chance to associate with and its members. As the Medical Director of a residential treatment center, I share a profound commitment to many of the ideals espoused by this organization. Just as stated in the Hippocratic Oath, I believe we all want everyone in the mental health field to “do no harm.” Those at and I both want the mental health community to be populated by empathetic, compassionate, and dedicated professionals, those with absolute integrity and the highest commitment to maintaining ethical standards.

    Additionally, it is so important to have an informed public. We want consumers to receive the education they require in order to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy therapy practices.The mission, values, and vision of are perfectly aligned with what mental health care should look like. I am proud to be affiliated with this group and hope to conduct more web conferences in the future.  
    – Kim Dennis, MD, CEDS

  • When clients contact me from out of state seeking a therapist using cutting-edge techniques, I always recommend as the place to begin looking. The way the site is organized and the information therapists have the opportunity to provide makes it an invaluable resource. 
    – Gina Campbell, LCSW, MDiv

  • My experience with has been nothing short of wonderful. The website is one of the most complete and accessible mental health websites I have seen. I've taken advantage of many of the presentations and I am happy I did. And then I did a presentation myself. Noah Rubinstein was so very helpful as we discussed what this presentation would look like and how it would be most gratifying for both audience and presenter. This is a top-notch professional organization and I am honored to have my name associated with it. 
    Dan Gottlieb, PhD, author of Learning from the Heart

  • I just wanted to say that I love the counseling philosophy of your website. Thank you for putting the energy in taking action to make a positive difference. Your description of good therapy and counseling is right on target with my views. 
    – Natalie Masson, PhD

  • I have finally taken the time to explore a fair amount of the website, and I am really impressed with the fantastic resources for therapists. I am loving the archive recordings and very much appreciate the work and effort made to give therapists free CEs. Thanks again for all the great resources. It is appreciated! 
    – Monica Ramunda, MA, LPC, RPT

  • I'm thrilled you got APA approval for continuing education! That's great. 
    – Debra Marks, PhD

  • Your site is the BEST and I'm thrilled to be part of it! 
    Sarah Chana Radcliffe, MEd, CPsych, author of Raise Your Kids without Raising Your Voice

  • I just became a member of and I have been happily perusing your website. I am just blown away by how thorough it is. I am so grateful for all the thought and work you have put into making this website so user-friendly, and, moreover so USEFUL!! Thank you. 
    – Julie Scher Nebel, LCSW

  • is a wonderfully rich and thoughtful resource for both the therapist and the consumer, committed to upholding the highest standards for ethical and best clinical practices. This extensive online organization provides therapists with a wealth of learning opportunities from top experts in their respective fields, at the same time striving to educate consumers about ethical practices and therapeutic process so they can make informed decisions about their own treatment and find a therapist who understands their needs. 
    Diana Lynn Barnes, PsyD, MFT coauthor of Journey to Parenthood: Myths, Reality and What Really Matters

  • Thanks for all the work you are putting in this tremendous and wonderful project. What you started reaches many more people than you'll ever know. 
    – Daniel Araoz, EdD, ABPP

  • Hi Noah. In your last email you thanked all of us for all the good work we do--you're welcome; but, thank YOU for providing such a great site about counseling. It's unlike any other counseling referral site online, and I appreciate what you have created. 
    Nicole Urdang, MS, NCC, DHM

  • Congratulations! Your website is wonderful, and I'm honored to be a part of it. Thank you for this phenomenal service. 
    – Julie Holcomb, MA, MFTI

  • One of the things that impresses me about is its commitment to supporting therapy that assumes that people are capable of real change. Too often people assume that those with ADHD cannot change much - that they must be victims of their ADHD. This is simply not the case! supports programming that helps therapists learn how to support couples impacted by ADHD and help them make their lives so much better. Thank you! 
    – Melissa Orlov, author of The ADHD Effect on Marriage

  • I'm writing just to say that I completely agree with your description of good therapy and counseling. I'm so glad to know that there will be a network of therapists who think alike. I call the ‘doctor within' the ‘Inner Healer' and often use Jungian archetypes as healing metaphors. I also use the word respect… Respect for the life Journey of the individual or couple and its meaning, which I know is much bigger than my therapeutic language. I believe that my job is to align the work with the ‘Inner Healer' every way that I can and help the developmental, spiritual, emotional process to unfold. 
    – Bedford Combs, LMFT

  • Congratulations, Noah, et al! This site has really taken off without sacrificing its community feel. Beats PT hands down! I've also used to find therapists in other states and countries for referrals— provides an accessible, expert, and compassionate community of practitioners. 
    Mary Wallach, MFA, LCSW

  • I just found your wonderful site... Your page on what constitutes good therapy is absolutely fantastic. 
    – Colleen Kelly, MFT

  • Noah Rubinstein and the staff created a warm and welcoming environment for me as a featured presenter for their online continuing education program. Their commitment to providing therapists and counselors with high-quality continuing education that supports the mission of shines through in their collaborative spirit, professionalism, and attention to detail. That commitment to excellence enhanced the training experience for us all. 
    Patricia Burke, MSW, LCSW, author of Psychological Trauma and Addiction Treatment

  • I love your idea of having this site, so that people can find the kind of therapist or counselor they are looking for. Thanks a lot for setting this up, it must have been a lot of work. 
    – Joanna Lawson, EdS, LMFT

  • I must tell you that I love, love! I am so happy to belong to such an amazing community that offers such a comprehensive website with so many opportunities for learning in addition to being able to market myself as a therapist. Thank you! 
    – Susan Mannheim

  • I want to commend you all on your creation. is a marvelous site and a great service to our communities. 
    – Douglas Neils, PhD

  • I am so impressed with the number and nature of referrals I've received from your site. Most of them have materialized, too, which is great! When someone contacts me whom I don't feel I can help, I always assist them in getting to the right resource in the community. Having been here many years, I fortunately know the resources or who to call if I don't serve that given population. I'm very excited to hear you're page ranked seven on Google and that you're syndicating clinicians into a wider network, too! I recently discontinued my membership with three other therapy sites because I am getting such great results from! I really want to commend you on your excellent creation! Bravo! 
    Karen Christopherson, MSW, LMSW, CAAC

  • Fantastic idea, and extremely well-executed on all levels: content, intention, site organization, technical process for joining. I joined and forwarded info to a listserv I'm on. Thank you for doing this, and I hope your counseling directory mushrooms. 
    – Jason Seidel, PsyD

  • Thank you for the support and openness to feedback. My experience with and the support offered has been very positive. 
    – Keith Kapash, MFT

  • I was pleased to find your counseling website. I really connect with your vision and definition of good therapy! Thanks for the listing! 
    – Abba Jepsen, MA, NCC

  • Just wanted to give you feedback on what I think is not only a wonderful idea, but a fantastic site about psychotherapy and counseling. Very easy to understand; the writing is friendly and clear; the instructions were easy; uploading my info was a breeze; and I appreciated the ‘back' feature, which allowed me to work on my listing in both directions, without losing any content. I wish you the best of luck. 
    Betsy Sansby, MS, LMFT

  • I am very glad that you Noah had the idea and the dedication to put together this amazing website about healthy therapy! Congratulations! I am impressed and excited by your initiative. 
    – Monique Vazire, MA, LMFT

  • I just wanted you to know that I was impressed with your site, and the opportunity to list my counseling practice with you. 
    – Murray Kaufman, MA, LMFT, CHT

  • I have just signed up as a member of your counseling directory. I very much support your philosophy of therapy and the respect it accords people. 
    – Michael Greene, MA

  • As a therapist and ongoing student of continuing education, I am so happy to have a professional connection with I have had the honor of presenting a webinar on one of my areas of expertise, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Noah Rubinstein, the founder of, is a very warm, engaging moderator, and I felt the forum was helpful to share knowledge on this aspect of psychotherapy. As a member of, I contribute every month as a Topic Expert on special needs parenting and maternal mental health. I so appreciate this opportunity to share my knowledge with others in the field and those seeking support for their mental health. is a wonderful resource for clients seeking help and therapists who are in alignment with the strengths-focused philosophy of to market their business. I have been fortunate to receive exposure and referrals through my profile, Topic Expert article posts, webinar, and email. Furthermore, the staff at are top notch and work with therapists to market their business and publish their articles. I am honored to be a member of, and I recommend it highly to all practitioners of the strengths-focused approach. 
    Andrea Schneider, LCSW

  • I congratulate you for creating such a great website about counseling! 
    – Andreea Ionescu, LCCE

  • is directed by good-hearted people who provide a much needed resource for our community of therapists and consumers alike. The content is stellar: informative, culturally sensitive, and state of the art. It is delivered to address all types of needs ranging from continuing education audio visual webinars, to articles and blog posts. I love the design of the page; it is easy to navigate and a visual pleasure. I am so pleased to refer my students, colleagues, and clients here as a one-stop-shop for all things mind, body, and spirit. 
    – Leslie Korn, PhD, MPH, RPP, NCB, ACS, author of Rhythms of Recovery: Trauma, Nature and the Body

  • Your explanation of cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, (and the disclaimer) as well as the Elements of Good Therapy document were impressive to me and consistent with my own philosophy. As someone who both practices and teaches CBT, I am often surprised at the profound misunderstanding of this theory and application. I believe you hit it right on and the ‘Elements of Good Therapy' echoed the philosophy from a non-theoretical point of view. Thank you. 
    – Gregory Cason, PhD

  • I applaud what you are doing! 
    – Arnie Morgan, PsyD

  • I love your good work! Continued success to you! 
    – Arnold Mindell

  • It just feels like such a great thing to know that there are many counselor and therapists like you believe in something other (more healthy and humane, I think!) than the medical model system currently entrenched within the mental health field. Thanks again for letting me know about your wonderful counseling site. Keep up the good work! 
    Julie Fischer, MSE, LPC

  • Thanks for a great referral engine. I've had more appointments in the past 5 weeks than I had all year last year. 

  • is wonderful! I love their passion about empowering clients and therapists to be collaborative partners for deep emotional healing. Their strong advocacy of the nonpathologizing model of treatment is a powerful contribution to the psychotherapy community. Focusing Resources is 100% behind the mission and vision of, and I am proud to be a presenter and supporter. 
    – Ann Weiser Cornell, PhD, author of The Power of Focusing

  • I joined because I shared your hope and purpose for the profession; getting referrals would be a bonus. I am proud to affiliated with and wish its visionaries the best. 

  • is quite simply a good resource. Having been a member and presenter since the very beginning, I have seen this site grow from a basic therapist referral site to an extremely rich resource for guidance in choosing a good therapist, excellent free webinars, and diverse and pertinent articles. As an ethics Topic Expert my monthly articles get more and more comments indicating a growing readership. is a high integrity company. 
    Cedar Barstow, MEd, CHT

  • I could not let another day pass without commending you on all the hard work you have done to get this site up and running. I have a website and I actively market in on the Internet through various directories and other therapy sites. I know how much time it takes to input information and to get listed so that my site is visible, and I know how expensive fees are for listing on various sites. You not only provided me a free site to get started but almost overnight you got top visibility on the search engines. Anyone who attempts to get visible on the Internet knows how difficult it is. I want to tell you I was astonished to see within a couple weeks of listing with you that on a search for therapy I was coming up in the top three as a member of Without my website gets zero visibility and it has been online for two months now. 

  • As a presenter I was honored to be able to bring the most cutting-edge material from my own work to a very receptive audience. I very much appreciated the open-minded way in which the participants engaged the material and the thoughtfulness off their questions. I believe serves a vital purpose in helping to bridge psychology and psychotherapy with the growing field of awareness-based transformative practices. In science and practical spirituality are allowed to dance with each other in a way that is respectful of both and helps therapists bring a greater inclusiveness and depth to their healing practices. 
    – Richard Moss, MD, author of The Mandala of Being and Inside-Out Healing

  • I have received two or three referrals already, and I am very happy with this. I also am in agreeance with the philosophy behind it. I plan to continue with your website. 

  • I so appreciate, Noah, the opportunity to work with and your wonderful team to bring much needed healing to our world. And I thank you for helping both other therapists and laypeople who visit your site to explore and learn more about what therapy is meant to be, and what it needs to be if it is going to truly serve people. I hope we have many, many years ahead to bring 'good therapy' more and more into a world that so needs it. 
    – Judith Gruber, LCSW, CCET, EMM

  • You guys are doing a great job. 

  • It has been my true pleasure to work with and present for them. As critical as I am regarding the field of psychology, I find to be open-minded and truly caring in refreshing and important ways, as they apply critical thinking and ethical understanding to psychotherapy and education. They definitely did not buy into the fear approach to risk management and are advocating thoughtful and caring ways to look at 'ethical risk management', as well as non-dogmatic healthy and ethical ways for practice in psychotherapy and counseling. I especially appreciate their determination to depathologize diagnostic-based language and therapy practices and their effort to educate consumers about the differences between healthy and unhealthy therapy practices. 
    Ofer Zur, PhD, author of Boundaries in Psychotherapy

  • I REALLY appreciate your prompt response. Great customer service. 

  • I am always amazed at the quality of the speakers (example: Francine Shapiro) and the events. 
    – Darlene Hardy, MS, NCC

  • You demonstrate the beautiful support and good work that Good Therapy seems to stand for. I am so happy to have found you all. 

  • I checked out your website again and was once again impressed. I just wanted to give you that feedback. I really want to support your organization because I think it's such a good idea! 
    – Robin Miner, MACP

  • The site that you have set up is really a good thing and it is perfectly obvious that you have put an enormous amount of time into it. Thank you. 

  • As someone who has worked with since its early years, I was delighted to find you, Noah. And to find in you someone else who was called to help heal the abuse of power in psychotherapy, and in our world. I am honored to have had your support all these years to present my work to your members in a variety of ways, some of which were new and unique. My teleconferences and web conferences, as well as my writings for The Good Therapy Blog, have been warmly received by members, who have brought, through their participation in my online talks and through their blog comments, new thoughts and ideas into the discussion. 
    – Judith Barr, MS, LPC, MHC, author of Power Abused: Power Healed

  • I am so glad to be part of an organization like What a shining example you are setting. My colleague encouraged me to contact you, and she is thrilled as well. She speaks so highly of you. May you enjoy great success with your good works. 

  • Keep up the good work. I am thankful for your CE offerings and being in 
    Jean K. Tracy, PhD

  • I am sooo grateful to Ya'll have really helped my practice! 

  • Before I presented a webinar about how therapists can improve their outcomes via PCOMS--a SAMHSA evidence based practice--my only exposure to was their incredible website and comprehensive CE library. My overwhelmingly positive impressions proved predictive of my presentation experience which was at once professional, focused, and handled with kind consideration way beyond my expectations. 
    – Barry Duncan, coauthor of The Heart and Soul of Change

  • Again, thank you for the prompt service. I am exceedingly pleased with the service I receive from your company and I have referred you to some colleagues. 

  • Thank you so much for the obvious thought, energy, and dedication you put into this site and endeavor. I am so pleased to be part of Good and have enjoyed the benefits on many levels. It is so refreshing to feel one's business is truly about the ‘good' one can do and share. 

  • I commend for its content and attempts to bring forth counseling ideas and ethics in a positive way. 

  • Thanks for a great referral engine. I've had more appointments in the past 5 weeks than I had all year last year. 

  • I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I feel to have found your website. All the things you say are exactly how I feel and what I am looking for in a therapist which seems to be nearly impossible to find right now. You have it right... Maybe your website can be a part of a path back to what healing is really all about! Thank you so much! 

  • Why would I choose your site from the dozens of other sites I could list on? Because the client I am looking to work with/and who is looking to work with me, is self-selecting by going to We generally share a certain sensibility, which is a good first step, and just a step, towards good working fit. 

  • I just wanted to congratulate you on your website and wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. Your sincerity and commitment to this profession is clear and your approach is refreshing. 

  • Let me express that you provide a wonderful service. I have gotten wonderful referrals from you. My partner is convinced that it is because you have the word 'good' in the name. But I think it is because you set out to provide a helpful and needed service to the holistic therapeutic community and those who are in need of their services. 

  • We got another call from just last Tuesday, so we couldn't be happier. Thank you guys, for your hard work and passion. 

  • I just wanted you to know that I appreciate all the things you are doing to ensure clients rights to receive good quality therapy. 

  • We have received two good referrals (weekly clients) and joined one month ago. That's more than we got in our first month with PT. comes in high on the searches in my area as well. Higher than other sites. We plan to join and really support the mission of the site. The first session from our first referral more than covered our membership. 

  • I love your site, and have gotten two referrals from it so far. Thanks for all you do. 

  • Wonderful that you anticipate questions and give factual statistical information regarding possible referrals, etc. This is an unusual degree of transparency. 

  • I went back through my records and found where I had received four referrals through your site. Two were looky-loos, one was a conflict of interest so I referred the case out, and one has been an on-going and wonderful client who is making great progress. To me, that is an awesome ratio for having been listed a little over two months. I will gladly support the cause as I have a relatively new practice and every referral counts. Please continue to keep up the good work. Many thanks to you. 

  • I've been happy with… I really like that the site is helping to inform and empower consumers and I want to support that effort. 

  • I've gotten one referral from being on your site so I definitely believe that it's worth the money… I love being part of a web community where the therapeutic ideals are apparent and trainings are a big part of creating community. 

  • Thank you,, for your continued excellence in offering clinicians a place to evolve and to practice the highest standards of clinical treatment. 

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