Psychologists everywhere are constantly searching for ways to get psychology patients to partner with their practice. The way this is accomplished is constantly changing as the availability and accessibility of services is much different today than it was even 10 years ago. More individuals are open to the idea of utilizing behavioral health services than ever before and more professionals are entering the field each year. The biggest question is how to stand out amongst other providers in the field and get psychology patients to partner with your practice instead of going somewhere else in 2020.

How to Get Psychology Patients into Your Practice

1. Market Yourself Online

Whether it is on social media, psychologist directories, or increasing your value on search engines, growing online is one of the best ways to get psychology patients into your practice now and in the future. This internet is now the very first stop in an individual’s quest for a behavioral health provider who will help them. Plugging your practice into these areas is a fantastic and affordable way to build brand trust and offer encouragement to those individuals that are in the middle of their search that there is, in fact, a psychologist who can help them.

2. Invest Time in Your Community

Part of building brand trust is that the brand of your practice is recognizable above others in your area. A great way to get psychology patients and to stand out is to engage in your community. This breaks down the wall between the public and the behavioral health community, helping you seem accessible and available. This could be sponsoring community events, or it could be as simple as having an advertisement in a high traffic area. The more your brand shows up in the community, the easier it is to get psychology patients to partner with your practice.

3. Increase Referrals

Referrals are a fantastic way to get psychology patients through your door. Referrals are often a result of a patient needing services that their current provider does not offer or cover. That patient is then referred out to a different psychologist who specializes in those services. The best way to increase the number of referrals that your practice has is to network with other professionals. By connecting to other psychologists who have different areas of focus, your practice can fill the gap and get psychology patients.

4. Answer Questions

Many patients start their search with a lot of questions. Even though the stigma against mental health is slowly improving, many are still hesitant to dive into services. A great way to combat and resolve those hesitations and get psychology patients to partner with your practice is to answer those questions they have. You can do this by having a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on your website, or even a contact form online that allows the patient to ask questions and address their concerns.

5. Eliminate Barriers

A huge reason many individuals are not engaging in behavioral health services, even if they want to, is the fact that they have barriers keeping them from providers. Two of the most common barriers are transportation and time. Providers can eliminate these barriers and get psychology patients to partner with their practice by offering an online solution like teletherapy. This way patients can visit from their computer whenever it is convenient for them.

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