The continuing education for therapists’ courses listed below cover topics relating to money and finances. Register today to attend an upcoming webinar to earn live continuing education (CE) credits or view a homestudy course at any time.


The management of money and finances is a sensitive topic for many individuals.  A lack of understanding of how to properly manage one’s finances can lead to high levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and more. This can happen for clients outside of their own realization and is brought to the surface as they seek help for their symptoms.

Individuals have the potential to become greatly overwhelmed by mountains of student loans or credit card debt that they do not know how to tackle. It can be difficult for an individual to admit they feel in over their head when they believe there is nothing that can be done to address such a large roadblock.  When clients avoid addressing the cause of their stress and anxiety, their problems and symptoms will only grow.

With the right tools, therapists can help their clients navigate their finances and make a plan to get out of the hole they feel they are in. Continuing education courses on money and finances allow providers an opportunity to expand their personal understanding of money management and values surrounding money and how they can apply it to their clients dealing with related stress.

GoodTherapy offers continuing education for therapists on money and finances, teaching therapists how to work with their clients to address financial-related stress, anxiety, and depression.

These courses cover topics including how to move toward money harmony for you and your clients, helping your clients create financial health, and the theory and treatment of compulsive buying. Depending on the state you practice in, continuing education may be necessary to fill licensing requirements.

Stress related to money and finances is a common issue for many individuals seeking therapy, whether they realize it right away or not. By participating in GoodTherapy’s continuing education for therapists, providers can learn how to navigate their clients through these struggles.

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