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The formation and recognition of one’s gender identity is a complex emotional process that many individuals are trying to navigate for themselves in the United States. Breaking down our most basic sense of self-identity is a fragile experience for anyone in the process of determining who they are and how they fit into this world. Individuals navigating gender identity can be emotionally vulnerable during this time. According to the American Psychology Association, “Some studies demonstrate high rates of substance abuse, depression, and suicidal ideation, or suicide attempts among transgender people.”

Developments are being made every day regarding how therapists should be working with patients navigating gender identity. There exists a wealth of factors that can positively and negatively impact these clients and mental health providers must be educated on the best way to assist them. Depending on the state you currently practice in, there may be licensing requirements for therapists or social workers regarding continuing education for therapists.

GoodTherapy offers continuing education for therapists looking to further their understanding of gender identity. Courses offered on GoodTherapy include topics like clinical skills for gender diversity in children and adolescents, best practices for working with parents and families of transgender clients, affirmative therapy with LGBTQ individuals, and more.

Continuing education for therapists is essential as the development of gender identity as it pertains to mental and behavioral health continues to develop each day. Continuing education for therapists helps providers gain knowledge and insight on how to best assist their clients through the duration of their engagement.

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