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Sacramento, the capital city of California, is located in the northern region of the Central Valley, in Sacramento County. Offering residents culture, academia, and the arts, the capital is a thriving city of more than 475,000 people1. As the economic epicenter of the metropolitan area, Sacramento is able to provide its residents with a wide range of resources.

Mental Health Statistics
According to a California Department of Mental Health report, 7.6% of all area youth had a serious emotional disturbance in 2000, and just under 6.5% of all adults living in Sacramento County were reported to have a serious mental illness2. The county offers residents numerous services to aid in identification and evaluation of mental health problems, and in 2008 and 2009, approximately 8,600 county residents took advantage of 72-hour holds for psychiatric evaluations3.

Behavioral Health is Politically Correct
Residents of Sacramento benefit from living in the capital city. Policies and procedures related to mental health and human services are vast and extensive. The Sacramento Behavioral Health Services Department oversees all programs for county residents and is dedicated to providing a culturally inclusive model of care that fosters health, recovery, and resiliency. The department is a safety net for mentally ill individuals and those unable to take care of their own basic needs.

The Sacramento Behavioral Health Services Department provides family and client-centered services in accessible settings. Every program promotes compassion and respect and integrates community and private resources to deliver innovative, evidence-based services that maximize positive outcomes. Department staff members and community affiliates work in collaboration with clients, family members, and consumer advocates to reach all county residents in need. The department is overseen by the Sacramento County Mental Health Board, whose responsibilities include advocating for the mentally ill, assessing the county's overall needs, evaluating cost-effectiveness and barriers to services, delivering drug and alcohol information, and making consumer rights resources available. The board also oversees the implementation of Sacramento County's 24-hour mental health crisis hotline which is available to all residents.

The Children's Mental Health Services Department offers comprehensive mental health care to all county residents under the age of 21. It provides intervention, education, prevention, outpatient care, case management, emergency and crisis care, and if needed, inpatient mental health care and stabilization4.

Adult Mental Health Services focuses on the integration of emotional, social, cognitive, and physical treatments. Working with contracted providers, this division is able to reach adults with serious mental illness and provide them with acute care, outpatient care, inpatient care, and even residential services, despite the barriers to treatment they may face. The Adult Mental Health Access Team is a fully staffed group of professionals that identify the needs of residents over the age of 18. The team provides phone interviews, intake assessments, and referrals5.

Sacramento County also offers an extensive range of services for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. In partnering with community, nonprofit, and private organizations, the county is able to give residents a number of options for outpatient, inpatient, perinatal, and detoxification treatment. The Alcohol and Drug System of Care staff is the first point of contact, and they direct the recovery process for any residents in need of treatment6.

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