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Partner with GoodTherapy.org

GoodTherapy.org partners with select nonprofit organizations, associations, corporations, and websites that provide unique content and services associated with mental health, psychology, psychotherapy, counseling, wellness, and related fields. The ways in which we partner are flexible and diverse, and each partnership is developed to meet the specific goals of each organization, to maximize value, and to preserve and maintain trust.

In maintaining high standards for partnerships, GoodTherapy.org gives primary consideration to partners who possess:

  • a credible, ethical, and positive reputation
  • a highly visible and strong-ranking online presence
  • alignment with GoodTherapy.org’s mission and vision

We are committed to developing partnerships that are collaborative and mutually beneficial in nature and which contribute to our primary goals of reducing harm in therapy and educating consumers about the differences between healthy and unhealthy therapy. If you have questions or would like specific information about partnership opportunities with GoodTherapy.org, please contact us here and select "Affiliates and Partnerships" in the department drop-down field.

Partnership Opportunities with GoodTherapy.org:

Become an Affiliate
Affiliates of GoodTherapy.org help promote the most trusted brand in psychotherapy while generating revenue for their websites. Affiliate partners may receive payment for zip code search traffic, email referrals to therapists, and/or therapist member sign-ups sent to GoodTherapy.org. These leads are generated via strategically placed banners on your website(s). At the end of each month, affiliates receive a report and payment from GoodTherapy.org based on performance.

Guest Blogging and Content Exchanges
GoodTherapy.org publishes content on a daily basis to The Good Therapy Blog, partner websites, and various social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

  • Become a Topic Expert: Therapist members of GoodTherapy.org are eligible to apply to contribute articles in their areas of expertise and/or provide responses in our reader-generated Q&A column, Dear GoodTherapy.org. This is a chance for therapists to share their wisdom and heighten their credibility in the mental health community.
  • Share Your Story: GoodTherapy.org is seeking bloggers and writers who have firsthand experience with mental health issues. Share your nonfictional mental health story with our rapidly growing audience of 7 million-plus readers per month.
  • Article Exchanges: GoodTherapy.org considers publishing reputable content from partners that are aligned with our mission and vision. In some cases, GoodTherapy.org may provide quality content about mental health and therapy to partner sites.

Postgraduate Training Directory for Therapists
GoodTherapy.org features select postgraduate training opportunities for therapists in our Postgraduate Training Directory. Therapists interested in expanding their clinical skills or seeking additional credentials search this directory to find applicable training programs. To have your training services included this directory, please provide us with:

  • An original-content description of your program. Original content is defined as that which does not appear elsewhere on the Internet, including personal blogs. GoodTherapy.org does not accept content for publication that has been published elsewhere on the web.
  • A biography of the founder(s) or lead developer(s)
  • The model of therapy
  • The year of origination
  • The executive director's name and title
  • The address of the organization
  • The website URL (address)

Psychology Graduate School Programs
GoodTherapy.org is creating a Psychology Graduate School Directory for students interested in graduate-level psychology and mental health education. Only accredited programs which prepare graduates to go on to clinical supervision and receive their license in the state, region, territory, or province in which the school is located are eligible to be listed.

If you would like your graduate program to be listed on GoodTherapy.org, please submit:

  • An original content description of your program. As outlined above, content which appears anywhere else on the Internet will not be accepted.
  • Degree provided
  • Name and title of the program director
  • School mailing address
  • School phone number
  • School email address
  • School website URL (address)
  • Proof of accreditation

Social Media
GoodTherapy.org has a large and ever-expanding social media presence. We share helpful, interesting, and authoritative content related to mental health and wellness. GoodTherapy.org will consider sharing content from partners, as well as promotional announcements. We also encourage partners to circulate GoodTherapy.org’s social media content. Follow GoodTherapy.org on:

Resource Exchange
We have a growing Resources Directory for therapists and counselors, with plans to expand into state and local resources as well as resources for consumers. If your site is aligned with our mission and vision, it may be eligible to be listed as a resource on GoodTherapy.org. To be considered, please submit a paragraph-long description and your website URL (address). You may also submit a banner (450 pixels wide by 55 pixels high). If you do not have a banner, a GoodTherapy.org designer may be available to create a banner based on your website's color scheme and logo.

If you have an idea for partnering with GoodTherapy.org or would like more information about our partnership opportunities, please contact us. Please note: Not all partnership proposals will be accepted. Partnership with GoodTherapy.org is subject to the GoodTherapy.org Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


If you are interested in partnering with GoodTherapy.org or have questions, please contact us here and select "Affiliates and Partnerships" in the department drop-down.


Last Update: 2013-02-22