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Partner with GoodTherapy.org

GoodTherapy.org partners with select nonprofit organizations, associations, corporations, and websites that provide helpful content and services associated with mental health, psychology, therapy, counseling, wellness, and related fields. The ways in which we partner are flexible and diverse, and each partnership is developed to meet the specific goals of each organization, to maximize value, and to create lasting and trusted resources for site visitors.

In maintaining high standards for partnerships, GoodTherapy.org gives primary consideration to partners who possess:

  • a credible, ethical, and positive reputation
  • a highly visible and strong-ranking online presence
  • alignment with GoodTherapy.org’s mission and vision

In addition to on-site advertising opportunities, GoodTherapy.org offers unique partnership opportunities including (but not limited to) an affiliate program, a postgraduate training directory for therapists, a GoodCause directory for nonprofits, email and social media promotion opportunities, and more.

We are committed to developing partnerships that are collaborative and mutually beneficial in nature and which contribute to our primary goals of reducing harm in therapy and educating consumers about ethical therapy. If you are interested in partnering with GoodTherapy.org, please contact us today.

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