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GoodTherapy.org Mission and Vision


  • Reducing harm in therapy
  • Advocating healthy and ethical psychotherapy practices
  • Encouraging therapists to work collaboratively and non-pathologically
  • Depathologizing diagnostic based language and therapy practices
  • Educating consumers about the differences between healthy and unhealthy therapy practices


  • We envision a mental health community in which therapists have the courage to do their own therapy, do not use their clients to get their own needs met nor abuse their power, adhere to ethical principles, and treat all people with the dignity and respect they deserve.
  • We envision a mental health community in which therapists give people the benefit of the doubt by holding to the wisdom that people are born loveable, loving, and vulnerable beings and that everyone is doing the best they can based on their experience and circumstance. What about Sociopathy?
  • We envision a mental health community in which therapists view people as proficient and capable of change. Far too often people are seen as deficient and lacking what it takes to be healthy and happy. Our vision is to eliminate this destructive trend.
  • We envision a mental health community in which therapists and counselors are guided by their hearts as much as their minds; and have the self-awareness and courage to work through the parts of themselves that may interfere with having empathy for their clients.


  • A number of initiatives have been set forth to fulfill the GoodTherapy.org Mission and Vision.


  • The General Public - GoodTherapy.org offers information to the general public about mental health issues and ethical therapy practices, and answers consumer questions about therapy. GoodTherapy.org also provides a searchable online directory of licensed mental health practitioners for people seeking therapy. To find a therapist in your area, please click here.
  • Mental Health Professionals - GoodTherapy.org is an association of thousands of mental health professionals worldwide--psychotherapists, counselors, social workers, psychologists and more. As part of the GoodTherapy.org community, our members can access therapy news, unlimited continuing education web conferences, and other resources designed to support therapists and their clients. For more information about becoming a GoodTherapy.org member, click here.


Last Update: 2013-03-25